Change (advanced)-Section 2: Lecture 13

Trying to get back on track with my writing and need to make up a lot of work both class and personal. The last lecture/writing exercise was about character flaws. This lecture is about changes. How the character overcomes his/her flaws. I went back to refresh my memory and my character was a pirate that hated conflict and now he needs to overcome his issue with conflict. To refresh your memory as well here’s the pirate that couldn’t handle conflict-Oh and I only have 10 minutes.

The pirate captain, Mamoon sat in his room cradling his forehead in his fingertips worrying about the next raid. He could over hear his crew bantering back and forth followed by laughter. He knew deep down they were laughing at him and planning a mutiny. Mamoon decided that his ship and crew will travel the seas tonight in search for a ship to raid. With all the courage he had he busted through his door onto the deck and yelled at his men to prepare the ship and lift anchors. The men scurried about trying to get the ship in order. He could see that he took the men by surprise and was pleased with the hustle around him. The ship sailed into the darkness only the moonlight leading the way. In the distance the captain could see a larger ship; one he knew was too much. He hid his fear well. Deep down he knew this ship had to have twice as many men as he. He looked and he didn’t recognize his crew’s expressions. It was fear! A lack of confidence! He saw that his men didn’t want to battle anyone from this ship. He sneered at how the tables have turned and in that moment he found courage. Mamoon quietly told his men what to do and before he realized it, he was the first on the ship. He stealthily entered the captain’s room to find him passed out belly down obviously due to the empty rum jug on the floor. He carefully roped the captain’s hands behind his back and quickly shoved a gag into his mouth. The wide-eyed captain couldn’t warn his crew. Mamoon rushed onto the deck to find his crew quietly scuffling with the other ships’ crew into submission and binding their hands and feet. As the men sat tied up Mamoon and his men took all the booty they could plunder. As Mamoon boarded his own boat he could feel his crew respect. (I ran out of time.)

Uniqueness (advanced)-Section 3: Lecture 9

I haven’t really ever given a lot of thought into a character’s uniqueness. This exercise helped me explore and see past a stereotype of a character. The writing exercise is to take a character that people stereotype the list 5 surprises hence the 5 Surprises exercise.

A Professor of Chemistry

  1. Graduated with a 2.3 GPA
  2. Doesn’t like to be hands-on
  3. Plays pool every night while drinking beer
  4. Doesn’t like teaching
  5. Eats processed foods

A Cheerleader

  1. Afraid of heights
  2. Doesn’t like to be social
  3. Isn’t popular
  4. Stays up late painting
  5. Loves to eat chocolate everything

You think I nailed the exercise? This has given me something to think about especially for our character Fenton or the short story serial Grotesque Angel.

I hope you’ll give this exercise a try because it helped me realize a few things.

What’s New For August?

hobbit going on an adventure image

What adventures do I want to go on? Trying to plan ahead and figure out what to write, write about, keep doodling, not doodle, paint, not paint, explore other interests? These are difficult questions to answer as I had a spell of not being me or having any ambition. I think I have it today (ambition that is).

Doodle or not to doodle? I’m going to keep my daily doodle routine but this month I’m going to try and do one-line doodles of (insert drum roll) insects. Will they be cute? Will they be creepy? Who knows but I hope to have some fun.

The daily 6-word stories are a must for me to complete. It’s a small accomplishment that makes me proud at the end of the day. I have posted some prompts for everyone to dabble in. Speaking of prompts (it’s kind of a prompt), I’m going to continue with Fenton’s Fridays. There aren’t a lot of people participating but I like where it’s going and hope other’s will share (share and pingbacks are awesome and it helps Fenton) and dive in.

Watercolor, this is a tough one for me to give up but I’m having a difficult time doing one every day. Can I do a few a week? I don’t want it to feel like a chore so I’ve come to the decision of this: At least one urban sketch (watercolor and ink) a week, an herb or plant of some sort (you’ll see here in a minute why) and something random.

I still have my writing classes to finish and some new interests. Herbal medicine/apothecary study. I managed to get herbs to grow in my yard and now I’m just enamored with the thought of apothecary study. But where to start? Do I purchase rarer herb seeds? Do I start making my own teas? So much to think about. Writing erotica. Am I comfortable with the genre? I like to think I am but do I post my writing on here or submit it to certain forums geared towards just that subject? Norse religion/Norse paganism/Heathenry. I am a pagan by definition (no I don’t cast spells or curse anyone) and have been a solitary believer. My husband has been asking A LOT of questions here lately so I took him to a festival where we BOTH learned a little something. We were both drawn to the previous mention Norse. With that being said, people judge other people for ALL sorts of reasons including their choice of faith and beliefs. I’m not converting ANYONE but I do believe everyone has the right to believe and belong to something that is personal and meaningful to them. And the diet…YES! A MUST! I have lost 17lbs and counting. I don’t see a difference personally and that’s because it’s a slow process for my body but others have.

I know long rant but there will be some new things being posted, some familiar, and probably creepy.

Section 2 Lecture 6: Action

Well, I’m having the most difficult time wrapping my head around my class writing exercise. They’re covering, ‘don’t tell, show’ aspect of writing and how actions play a key roll in character building. In this exercise, timer set for 10 minutes, I choose a character (they provide in lecture notes) and the setting of a busy coffee shop when a really angry/unhappy stranger starts yelling at them. This is where I’m supposed to show not tell how my character reacts. Ugh, here goes nothing:

The constant chatter, the banging of cups against their mismatched saucers, customers ordering their skinny lattes with half pumps of flavoring, and baristas yelling customers by their misspelled names was almost too much for Agent Wayne Tanner. He just needed a quick pick-me-up boost before going back to work on Tabitha’s case. The missing girl case turned into a murder case. The crime scene was brutal and the photos did it too much justice. Taking in a deep swallow of caffeinated nectar his chair was pushed and coffee spilled all down the front of his new tie.
‘Get up! You’ve been sitting there long enough! There are other people here wanting to sit!’ the stranger yelled at Wayne. He just groaned and rolled his eyes as he wiped the coffee off. The coffee shop suddenly went quiet. The chair was hit again. The violence of the crime scene came rushing to the forefront of his thoughts and without realizing Agent Tanner stood while simultaneously kicking the chair out from underneath him. The agency badge now visible to the angry impatient stranger.
‘I understand that your hipster needs outweigh that of others as you would like to sit and enjoy your double foam extra shot of BS in a cup. I can see how your world is now turned upside and you will need a hug and a social media prayer chain. It’s more important that you feel all warm and comfortable in your natural surroundings than say a detective taking a much-needed break from finding a little girls killer. Heaven forbid if it was someone like your sister or mother but I’m sure you would understand that an important piece of evidence was overlooked when the detective wasn’t able to take the break needed to regroup long enough to drink a coffee and go back with fresh eyes. Who knows, maybe the killer is in here right at this moment and is overlooked because the detective was interrupted.

Shoot, my time is up! What do you think? Did I make the assignment? Did I tell or show?

Section 2: Lecture 5 – Writing Class Exercise

Someone just tap danced on my last nerve and instead of losing my temper (or rage eating) I thought I would catch up on one of my lectures. For this exercise I was supposed to pick a character in a situation and write about what they could be thinking for 10 minutes:

I think my companion forgot about me. I can’t get through the front door no matter how much I try to grasp the handle.  I’ll check the windows. Damn, can’t even see in them I’m so short. I’ll run around to the front door. Still can’t get in. The sky is really dark and the rain is starting to pelt me on my back. I think the neighbors are home, I can smell home cooked food and can hear them talking. I hope they don’t mind if I come in from the rain. I’m starting to get soaked to the bone and would like to find my companion. I’m starting to get worried that they might be in stuck in the same storm or worse.  Oh, hey, I’m glad you opened the door. Can I get some help and shelter from the storm? This is great! It’s warm in your house and thanks for letting me use this towel to dry off. I forgot! My companion’s name is on my jewelry. Can you call and let him know that I can’t get in the house?

My character was a  dog finds shelter in a rainstorm. I’m going to try this exercise again because I think it will be valuable in the Fenton Friday project.

Writing Course: Write Badly

I’ve decided to take a fiction writing course to help me along with my skills and to also better equip me to keep Fenton Friday’s alive and growing, hoping to capture more bloggers and artist to help him grow in his adventure. I finally reached my first writing prompt in my lecture and the instructor wants me to write badly. Prompt: Write a terribly long boring description about a character from the prompt list. I’m going to apologize now because I had to do this for ten minutes but it gave me an idea to help bring Fenton to life. You won’t offend me if you skip over to my idea for Fenton.

My Chosen Character: A Drunk (seen quite a few of these characters when tending bar)

I just got done wiping down the bar when a man walked in the back door. It was dark in the corner but when he came into the light I recognized him to be one of the local frequent flyers. He must have just got off work and could tell by his obnoxious body odor surrounding him. His toothless smile requesting a Busch light from was seen through his thick mustached full of mechanical grease. The teeth that he had left were yellow and also smudge with grease. I opened his can for him careful not to touch his hands as the drink and money exchange happened. His greasy mechanic shirt had yellow pit stains the size of his boots underneath each arm and it even wrapped around to his worn out name tag. The red embroidery on the tag was frayed in places, had missing letters, and permanently stained with what looked like ketchup. He sipped his beer dripping some on the bar, ‘grab another Jo’ and he greedily gulped down the first cheap beer handed to him. I obliged and knew it was going to be a long night when he told me to turn the jukebox up then asked if I was so old that the music hurt my ears. With the music blaring ‘Big Green Tractor’, he headed towards the pool table. I knew I was going to have to clean the cues after he was done. His calloused, cracked, blackened hands rubbed up and down the cue getting ready to break leaving little balls of grease all over the shaft but also the felt of the pool table. Third beer, fourth beer, and the fifth beer went down without a problem. He was at beer eight when he started to slur. I cut him off causing him to call me everything under the sun but a child of God. His friend ordered another beer but slid it to the drunk. 2 hours and 15 minutes later he was ready to leave.

Was that badly written? I was asked to write badly and think that I could have added more bad detail. Where I’m getting at is a writing exercise, a prompt if you will.

Prompt: Write a terribly long description of Fenton. Give yourself 10 minutes. What do you see?

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