Long Overdo Echinacea Watercolor

I haven’t really had a chance to sit down and do any painting and I MISS it. I had a chance this afternoon to get in a quick doodle of echinacea. I thought it was fitting since I’ve taken an interest in apothecary. Echinacea is one ingredient in so many remedies and tinctures. Now, I just have to figure out how to grow it. Can it be done inside? Do I have to wait until next summer?

Doodle(s)wash: 7/24 (belated worthiness)

As from my previous post, yesterday was one of my bad days both mentally and at work. The two went hand in hand. The owner of the company snapped at me over a question and I immediately shut down and went into autopilot. I went home feeling the same and cooked dinner and even painted without feeling. I debated a long time (into this morning) on whether or not to post my images but here it goes:

Prompt: Monochrome Moods

I couldn’t figure out how to do monochrome in only black ink. Instead, I did a quick one line Zen doodle and I thought it actually fit nicely.
This didn’t turn out like I wanted and started to throw it away and decided NOPE! It’s worth the post. Or at least to me it is. It’s supposed to be trees with a morning mist feel. 


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