Doodle(s)Wash: 6/1

It’s June 1st. My head is still swimming from excitement about the Fenton Friday idea that I nearly forgot to do my doodles. I’m going to make things a little simpler on myself and instead of going back and forth between two prompt sites, I’ll take one prompt and use that for both exercises.

I’ve always been envious of the people who can doodle amazing images with one line (human etch and sketches let me tell ya) and decided that I’m going to practice that this month with my doodles. Outside of one line, there will be a few dots and squiggles. And I’m sticking with Doodlewash. Hey, it keeps me painting.

This is what I came up with. Don’t forget to check out Fenton and share to spread the word (we need your help). Have a lovely Friday.

Prompt: Sun

Another Challenge…Punishment?

I know. You must be thinking, ‘Poor girl needs to know when to tap out.’ Here’s the deal. I love to challenge myself. It’s like I need to prove someone in particular that they’re wrong (even though 1000’s of miles that separate us logically and legally). That I’m just not no one. That no one cares about what I write or draw. That I’m more than meant to be in the kitchen (this was after I cooked two desserts, one for work and one for the family plus dinner). Truth is, I care. I care to prove this person wrong. I care to keep practicing whatever brings me joy. I don’t pretend to be good at watercolors but I don’t pretend to be a quitter. I used the Winsor Newton Watercolor markers and a watercolor pen and quickly figured out I have a lot to learn. I could be better but that’s why I’m not listening to the permanent negative voice in my head. Not this time. So here it is, the Doodlewash’s watercolor/doodle May challenge. A daily watercolor commitment is what I need.

Prompt Word: Flowers

I chose Columbines.

Playful Techniques

My insomnia was horrible last night. I think it was a combination of the anxiety of having to go to work on Monday and the cabbage. He took me out for breakfast on the river (absolutely beautiful) before the amateur St. Patrick’s day drinkers woke and the church attendees adjourned. So we enjoyed a quiet meal. He actually asked about my writing and painting and wanted to know more and was looking through the social media accounts I set up. It was encouraging and so was he.

Playful Birds

This little guy happened because I got angry with how he was turning out then I fell in love with the happy little bird. I worked with wet on wet and bleeding techniques. That’s when I noticed that the water was building up and not bleeding anymore. So I slid the notebook-OK I flung it, and this splatter (I guess is what you call it happened) and after a bit of research and stealing the straw out of my husband’s drink I duplicated it! This little guy makes me happy. Will try this with other animals.


This little guy was me attempting white space and fewer colors. I decided that I need to practice this more just by basically loosening up a bit more and relaxing. It’s watercolor painting, not surgery.




This little guy was just experimenting with a water bottle and bleeding. But What I have noticed at the end of my exercises that I am developing a sort of style, something I can’t NOT do. That’s adding details either with my brush pens, gel pens, or micron pens.



So, loosen up, patience, practice, and have fun. Those are my goals in watercolor painting.

Watercolor Trial and Errors…and More Errors

I wanted to try some new techniques that I saw in tutorial videos. All I wanted to do was crumble the paper up and go into Netflix mode. Why did I feel so damn adventurous? I tell you why. I want to get better and get to where I am comfortable with doing loose watercolor painting, paint vibrant animals, paint fluff, and practice. After ripping myself apart (I am my own worse critic) I decided to try another then another.

Masking Fluid and Landscapes

I haven’t painted landscapes before and I have never used masking fluid. First I tipped the bottle over and it went all over the table (insert minor cussing meltdown here). I started using it before reading instruction and the awkward ‘nib’ that came with it sucked. Any suggestions on using masking fluid I would greatly appreciate. This project felt muddy but I will attempt another later.

Monochrome and Fluff

Yeah, this was a fail but I learned a new technique. I also need to learn when to stop. Will try another later and no masking fluid used here. Is there a better way to get cute and fluff? My poor panda ended up looking like a tired old man watching young kids and not understanding why they can’t pull up their pants.

Rooster and Wet on Dry

I haven’t really tried wet paint on dry paper. Kinda like it and definitely need more practice. I’ve been wanting to paint roosters and chickens for a while and will try one with more colors and maybe on a larger canvas. It looks like it’s really cocky and out of proportion giving it the ‘strut’ look. More practice needed.

I am open to advice, recommendations, and tips on watercolor animals and landscapes.


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