6 Word Story: 9/1

I think today’s prompt is fitting for the situation that fell into my lap. One of my Clover’s pups bit a person. It started with a phone call because the person felt bad because of the ultimatum that was handed to her but with good reason. After the dog bit the person, she was told by the people she was living with to get rid of him or put him down. Listening to the situation it sounded more of an abusive situation the poor dog was in and now acts out of fear and anxiety. She had gone away to school and left the dog in the care of her husband. He rides in an MC and I’m not sure what situations he put this dog through. Point being, he was great when she was home but when she left her husband obviously did something or allowed some type of abuse to happen. The owner then tells me that if it’s possible for me to find him a new home or he’ll be put to sleep on Tuesday. Hours of calling and messaging people later I found him a foster home that is aware of the situation, aggressiveness, and has experience with abused dogs and giving them a second chance. I’m mad at myself because I trusted that she was going to get a home that he deserved. I should have known better.

Prompt: Unadvised

Hastiness can bring about poor decisions.

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