Uniqueness (advanced)-Section 3: Lecture 9

I haven’t really ever given a lot of thought into a character’s uniqueness. This exercise helped me explore and see past a stereotype of a character. The writing exercise is to take a character that people stereotype the list 5 surprises hence the 5 Surprises exercise.

A Professor of Chemistry

  1. Graduated with a 2.3 GPA
  2. Doesn’t like to be hands-on
  3. Plays pool every night while drinking beer
  4. Doesn’t like teaching
  5. Eats processed foods

A Cheerleader

  1. Afraid of heights
  2. Doesn’t like to be social
  3. Isn’t popular
  4. Stays up late painting
  5. Loves to eat chocolate everything

You think I nailed the exercise? This has given me something to think about especially for our character Fenton or the short story serial Grotesque Angel.

I hope you’ll give this exercise a try because it helped me realize a few things.

March 24th, 2018

Life Happens…I guess?

I had a wonderful day yesterday with writing and doodling. Lots of ideas were just running in through my head. Both beautiful and dark images, stories outside of my normal writing, and cake baking. By the way, the cake was something that reminded me of the chocolate cakes filled with cream from when I was younger. Ding Dongs were awesome once a week treat that my grandmother snuck to us kids.

Being on cloud nine handled every emergency that the company threw at me until an hour before I had to leave for my creative weekend. This person walked in with 20 art requests for customers that she had been sitting on for a week! While I was sometimes needing work or overwhelmed with it, she was walking around talking and having a great time as her supervisor was gone. Furious wouldn’t be able to describe how I was feeling. I ended up having to work late with my anxiety level at a 10.

My husband had a surprise when I came home which made my evening a little better. He had purchased the watercolors, inks, and markers I had been wanting since I first started playing with paints. I was like a kid that just got her deluxe box of crayons. He managed to pull me away long enough to take me out for a burger. Now, I’ve had a gastric bypass and there certain things that I stopped eating since and burgers are one. Let me tell you the rare burger with bleu cheese and caramelized¬†onions cooked perfectly rare hit the spot. When we got home it was late and that’s when I learned that I would either need a bigger area to write and paint or get better organized. That’s when I announced to the kids if we are going to go out to breakfast it would have to be early in the morning so I can get back in time to play with the paints. It didn’t go as planned.

I was the only one that woke in time to a still sleeping house. I was actually woken by a flashback. I painted my¬†dream took a minute more to myself and wrote my 6-word story. I crawled into bed when my husband decided to get up. I told him it was getting too late and I wouldn’t have time to do anything. I was really pouting because where he wanted to go was an hour drive. Let’s just say we didn’t get home until after lunch and I still had to set up my desk. Now that everything is in place I plan on working on some writing and then paint tomorrow.

So, life happened and I didn’t get to do things how I planned but it all worked out. So far if all goes well my plans are to paint tomorrow and minor writing.

July 5th,2017

Surviving the Festivities

Let me tell you, it was a hell of a 4th of July celebration this past LONG weekend. I was happy to get a 4 day reprieve from my day job but think I would have liked it better IF I had gone to work. It would have kept my mind and hands busy. Not having my medications and thoughts of worthlessness is just overpowering. Let’s start with the night at the bar, July 2nd, that the town I work nights in was putting on their celebration. It wasn’t as big as last year which believe it or not was VERY disappointing. I ended up having to send my back up bartender home. The bar cleared out when darkness fell. I opted to stay inside. I could barely handle the loud booms and cracks that were roaring in the bar. I didn’t want to experience watching them and having flash backs all at once.

I was able to make it through that when the bar started to fill up with drunk belligerent people (that weren’t my regulars) and all I could think, ‘It’s going to be a bar close type of night.’ It wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle until one of my trigger came walking in the bar. That’s right, the bar owner. He was ok at first but I still couldn’t make eye contact. Then he tried driving home and as much as I don’t care for him I tried to get him a ride home. His refusal was all I needed to not care about his safety.

The rest of the night went well, at 2am I gave everyone their 30 minute warning, then 15, then 10, then 5 and then it was get the HELL out! They left but stood outside for another 30 minutes as I was inside cleaning up their mess. I didn’t get home until 4am.

Monday, the family and I grilled outside and my husband got my son some sparklers (nothing loud as my husband knew I couldn’t watch) and smoke bombs to light and have fun with. I wanted to stay outside but I think the mosquitoes are now IMMUNE to bug repellent!

Tuesday, my husband had a surprise for me. We went and picked up a new family member. We drove two hours and seemed to have a good time when we ended up at a golf course. I don’t play golf and neither did he. When I parked I seen a woman exit her vehicle with a fawn puppy. These people drove all the way from Illinois to meet us in Wisconsin to deliver this little girl. Oh my goodness, love at first sight! Her name is Bailey Pub. I have made her vet appointments and scheduled her for her training. On the way home, I REFUSED to leave her in the car so we could go eat so we went through a drive through and sitting there I found Bring Fido, a site dedicated to place you can bring your fur baby. There are a ton of restaurants and other places your 4 legged loved one can go and I encourage you to check it out.

TONIGHT, My baby girl has her first day of class! Pictures and commentary to follow!


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