6 Word Stories: 9/8-9/9

Have you ever wished life would give you a break? The kind of break where you can sit and do nothing and not worry about anything? I would kill for the opportunity to go for a hike or even just bask in the sun (now that it’s not storming anymore). My daughter received bad news and isn’t doing too well, emotionally. She had a miscarriage and what’s worse the doctor will not do anything until Monday hoping things will happen naturally. This morning, I learned that my cousin was in a bad wreck last night. Lost control and rolled the vehicle. She and her boyfriend are lucky to be alive. I was going to do nothing today. I wasn’t going to go outside, answer the phone, check social media, or do my stories. It feels like it would open the floodgates but I figured that living in that frame of mind is what will turn into me not leaving my bed for a few days. I talked to my daughter and cousin now I’m trying to write. Here goes nothing.

9/8: Offer

Offer commitment to achieve your goals.

9/9: Pets

Small paws can deliver unconditional love.


6 Word Story: 9/2

I have a LONG day ahead of me. I need to go a town over and rescue the puppers from what I now believe to be an abusive situation then drive another 2 hours to his new foster home. If it means saving this dog’s life then I would probably drive to the ends of the world. He’s, how do I put it? He’s a grand-fur-baby. My baby is his mommy.

Today’s prompt couldn’t resonate more with me. I feel immense guilt for allowing this innocent pup to be treated and live like this.

Prompt: Immense

Keep an everlasting wonder and learn.


6 Word Story: 8/10

I really wanted to just lay in bed and not walk this morning. Not really doing much in the last few days my body begged for me to become one with the bed. I walked. I could feel the prompt word on a personal level from the get-go.

Prompt: Struggle

Struggles are opportunities to understand strength.

6 Word Story: 8/9

Today I got up and walked for the first time in a few days. Every muscle in my body was telling me, ‘NOPE’ but at least I made an effort. Today is also weigh-in day but that’s a different post for later. I made it into work and decided I needed to take a moment for today’s prompt and remind myself of a few things.


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