Coming back from what was supposed to be a relaxing weekend to work was a shift in mood. I get back to my computer, ready to work, and my computer is covered differently. Jon, the IT guy was on it over the holiday. Much rather like a mother disguising ‘cleaning’ her child’s room only to really be snooping. When I got my machine booted up and running that’s when I noticed that there were icons missing including the one for my resume folder. WTF! I also couldn’t access some basic networking sites such as LinkedIn. What could I possibly do on that site that would be detrimental to the company? Oh, wait. Possibly find another job. Then I try to go to my dashboard for my blogs and it’s now blocked! I’m pretty much or better yet, definitely all caught up on work so I will be using a pen and pad of paper to write and will come home and finish posting. Happy Tuesday everyone! Let’s stay positive and get through the day. The picture just made me smile so I thought I would re-post it.

The Decline of a Portfolio

First off let me just say making the holiday’s memorable for the kids SUCKS! Running around trying to find the perfect wreath, wondering if we need more lights, what’s for dinner?  All the questions and errands are tiring and compound that with deciding on what to feed these people is all around draining. If there was a magic elf that could just come in, read my mind, and make everything appear right where I want it PLUS make a dinner that EVERYONE will eat that would be great! Since there isn’t no such a thing I’m stuck pretending that I can do it. No, we haven’t put anything up but per our family tradition, it goes up the day after Thanksgiving.

bird singing in cageOutside of running pre-holiday errands, I started rebuilding my portfolio. OH MY OVERWHELMED! I did a little research and apparently what the new younger designers are doing 365-day projects. Umm…I couldn’t even do a 30-day project that I was SUPER passionate about! Does keeping my kids alive count? Or figuring out what to feed everyone for a year count? I did, however, realize how much my current employer has kept me stuck in one spot doing one thing. I haven’t worked on coding, websites, or really anything personally digital or for me. I have updated my website designing skills at ALL and so much has changed, obviously.

Then putting in what I do have to offer is a pain in the arse! Making sure all the important details are correct and images are formatted correctly then there is the whole hierarchy of how to organize everything! UGH! I thought that if I got up SUPER early, didn’t turn the TV on, I could have time but my son must’ve been able to smell me breathing downstairs. He was up too. My husband arranged for him to play at a friends house so I could have some time to myself but I’m nowhere near done. I’m hoping it’s dead at work so I can sneak an add and edit to my portfolio then there is the 365-day project. I also need to add ‘dream clients’ work. Basically, this is where I make up pretend clients and complete some branding projects. I would need to start paying monthly again for Adobe which is an expense that I just can’t do with the holidays. Sounds like I have some goals to make and crush!

  • 365-day project (I need ideas that pertain to graphic design)
  • Update Coding skills (enrolled in a few courses)
  • Add Google Ads certification (currently in the process-taking forever)
  • Get some freelance work

Here’s to a productive Monday one way or another. Going to try and stay positive and get this IMPORTANT task done (hopefully this week). Do you have any short-term goals? Happy Monday Y’all!

Ending September 6 Word Story 9/29-9/30

This weekend was both fun and mentally tiring. I took a mental health day to myself and called in a vacation day. I think they can do without me for a day. If not there are other people there that can do a quick graphic. Today is October 1st and also the beginning of Inktober and weekend road trips to haunted locations this month (or so I planned). Let’s start with catching on my last two 6 word stories for Septemeber. Stayed tuned for October’s 6 Words, list, and Inktober beginnings. Happy Monday everyone.

Prompt 9/29: Flower

Caution! Poisonous petals still hold beauty.

Prompt 9/30: Grind

Don't let society widdle your spirit.

6 Word Story: 9/28

Yesterday was a decent day all things considered. I did have an amazing cup of coffee but I had to get a chamomile tea to help sleep. The coffee is made by Death Wish and it has one of the most intense, smooth, robust flavors I have ever tasted. I was able to push through the rest of my day designing and even decided to share with a couple of people one of which was a woman that I caught talking about me. Finally Friday…we made everyone!

Prompt: Instrument

Don't settle for playing second fiddle

6 Word Story: 9/12

I’m not enjoying this new Gutenberg template for writing.

After yesterday, I decided to apply to several jobs and received a callback. Yes, it’s from an employer out of town but a commute is better than staying here in a toxic work environment. I know I gained weight (checked the scale even though weigh in is tomorrow) and combine that with my coworkers-I’m feeling not myself. Let’s try the 6 words. Prompt: Animated  Be animated instead of stagnating stillness.

6 Word Story: 7/21

I had a refreshing walk after waking up to a less stressful home. The storms have moved out of the area for the most part but the sky still looked like it was ready to deliver another bout of rain. Tons of errands to run and things to do but I’m actually feeling less stress this morning than I have in a while.

Prompt Word: Distance


6 Word Story: 7/2

I checked to see if the list for this month’s prompts were posted and nothing yet. I’m so far behind on everything else and my day yesterday was consumed with Fenton. I had so much anxiety wanting to produce something worth reading. I will also draft a monthly prompt list for anyone wanting or needing a little inspiration. I know that there are a lot of bloggers that have stepped up to the plate after the Daily made the decision to stop theirs. So here’s my daily prompt.

Prompt Word: Passenger

6 Word Story: 7/1 (no prompts posted)

I’m feeling a little lost this morning. Part of my morning routine is posting my 6-word story based on the prompts provided by Page Flutter. Last night no prompts were posted and nothing so far this morning. If I wait any longer I’ll have to sacrifice something later. I already had to skip painting last night due to all the daily errands and a ‘boys are fearless’ episode. I’m catching up (sort of) I still the first Fenton episode to post and work on something I think is exciting for the Friday Fenton Project. But I’m still here without a 6-word story prompt. I guess I’m going to make mine up. If there still isn’t anything posted I will create a list for everyone to try their hand at a daily 6-word story prompt. You can start with this one. Use the tag #jos6words, pingback, or comment below. Here goes nothing.

Prompt: Photograph


6 Word Story: 6/22

I have never heard of this phrase…words? I looked it up and found that I don’t have a problem with owning my own faults and I think that there needs to be more of this in this day and age. Instead of everyone blaming everyone else for their mistake, own it, learn from it, and move on.

Definition of Mea Culpaa formal acknowledgment of personal fault or error

Prompt Word: Mea Culpa

Weighing In on Weighing In: Week 2

So, it’s week two of my diet. I should be embarrassed but I’m posting anyways. I have not strayed from points, haven’t cheated, and have continued to walk daily. In a previous post, I mentioned that I gained 2 lbs and thought I had been doing everything right. I was concerned with how I was doing the program and was given a little advice to try.

What I’m doing: Eating below my daily points.
Suggestion: Eat ALL the dailies. Your body feels like it’s starving so try fueling it.

What I’m doing: Not dipping into my weekly points. (I’ll hoard them but not use them, I don’t know why)
Suggestion: Eat some weeklies. It’s ok they are there for a reason.

Some other suggestions are that my walks are putting on muscle which weighs more than fat, water bloat from salt intake, and drink water. I’m drinking water but I do love my salt. I’m going to try the eating techniques. If that doesn’t work I’ll keep trying but at least I lost what I gained. So, I’ll try harder and hope that next week’s weigh-in experience is a little better.  It’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok. You’re in it for the long haul (just wish the distance wasn’t as long).

As for the recipes I tried, I didn’t get to take pictures but one of my favorites was the Slow Cooker 3 bean chili, blueberry sauce and yogurt, and chicken with veggies on a corn tortilla. The awesome find would have to be the chicken and apple sausage. 2 points for one link and it filled me up with scrambled eggs.

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