365 Day Project: 40

This morning while running errands my husband thought it would be best to feed me. I was hangry and he thought it would be a public service. I was trying to capture one of those awesome moody ‘lifestyle’ coffee moments. I’m not quite there and will find more information but I did pull out my phone and let everyone in this small town stare at me while I tried to capture the perfect shot. I like the coffee palette of warm colors that were available from this picture.

#8C4A50, #59323C, #261720, #B8BEBF, #F0F2F0

Oh Oh…I have some new action toys/figures to use when I’m running out of ideas. I was so excited about the flood of ideas that came to me that I wanted to shoot them all today. I practiced restraint. Now, I’m on a mission for more cool little toys and figures. Happy Saturday Y’all and be creative or do something that brings you calming happiness.

Doodle Commitment

I know, I know. Here I go again making more commitments off of ideas that I will probably drop in a week or so. But I’m going to try a doodle a day. Nothing fancy and nothing erasable. All done in ink so I can’t erase…embrace mistakes. All done in 15 minutes or less without picture references. My goal is to get more creative on my own and in my head. Oh, I also have to pick a random word. I used a word generator, chose 10 random words, and picked one. I’m using a small lined notebook. It’s easy to carry around and have ready when I am but it also keeps me working small so I don’t take up to much time overthinking the subject or spending time on to large of a piece.

Randomness: Cake

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