January 16, 2018

Resolution Progress

I thought I would mention the progress of operation ‘Quit Smoking’ resolution. Following the prescribed Chantix medication recommendations method of quitting I’m now on Day 4 without a cigarette. Now, all the people I mentioned it to gasped expressing concerns over my mental health status and then the issue that some patients have with dreams.
First off my doctor and I discussed the medication and my other CPTSD medications and both well aware of what could happen, warning signs, and what needs to be done if the side effects are too much for me. Second, my dreams are already horrifying to the point I wake up crying reliving past abuse. I’ll take my chances.
I didn’t have dreams the first week of taking the medication but the minute I stopped smoking I had my first dream. I swear it could be the best Sharknado installment. Personally, I haven’t seen any of them but would definitely watch this one.

With all the weather situations turning the sharks into killers that can fly through the air OUR human species came up with this brilliant idea to turn Islands into habitats which are surrounded by motes and a dome on the top with controlled weather inside. Imagine our own greenhouse. The motes separate the shark-infested waters from our dome. Now, inside these motes are genetically modified sharks to kill normal sharks that get to close or inside the mote. Let’s see, there was a clown shark, angler- hammerhead shark (you guessed it…the angler shark would fish for other sharks with his lighted fishing pole at the end of its head. But because it is shaped like a hammer there is one for each side.) You get the picture. What I did love about this is that the shark hybrids weren’t too outrageous.

There were weddings, family picnics, iconic American dream stuff and the mote also served as a way to deal with criminals so the crime rate was really REALLY low. Then one day an oceanic floor earthquake busted our dome and sharks from the outside got into the mote and started to school with the mutated sharks then you know what happened…they came after us, humans. We were able to makeshift secure our dome but were cornered by our own stupidity if you will. My mom was getting married to her boyfriend and why my dream state made him out to be Napoleon was beyond me. But the little guy was eaten by the clown shark. I thought that was kind of poetic. The dream ended with us figuring out how to kill off the surrounding sharks and get to a neighboring dome. It was my simulating another oceanic earthquake drying up part of the ocean (don’t ask me how) and killing the sharks. Then I wake up.

Now if the producers would like to discuss the future Sharknado movie…they can email or contact me. And yes…I did use Photoshop and haven’t used it in a while so deal with it. Oh, I have another dream that I could write about but this one was better and I’m sure I’ll have more.


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