Poetry-Sensory Exercise

Practice using descriptive words to describe the sights, smells, and sounds around you.
Use the places listed below and tell what each place sounds like, smells like, looks like, etc.

I chose an emergency room.

My quick notes: Sound of beeps, metal banging, hurried footsteps, running fluids, and clicking. Smells like sanitizer, soap, blood, and latex. See bright fluorescent lights, glare from tile floors, worried expressions.


Beep, B E E P, B–E–E–P,
they get longer and more drawn out.
Swooshing of fluids and the clanging of the bed rail lowering
usher in more rushed footsteps.
Pungent aromas of latex mixed with perfumed alcohol dance.
Worried expressions mirror off tiled floors lit by buzzing florescent lights.

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