Morning Readers…
I started yesterday on a short story and POOF! Gone! I don’t know if our IT guy at work has now blocked simple Microsoft Office programs or if my computer crashed. With my Adobe work still fulling intact, I’m betting my money on him being a prude and blocking most everything. What I have been doing is starting my writing in Word and pasting in my draft. Now, I’ll be using Google Docs. Why this is going to be short, I’m doing more adult tasks like setting up my portfolio to better my chances at getting a different job. Why didn’t I have one before? I was using iPage with all the backups bells and whistles when it CRASHED 2 years ago. I didn’t worry as I paid extra for their recovery services and that was a waste of money. This means I need to start over. The other problem I’m facing is the fact that I signed a confidentiality contract due to the clients the company work with. This means I need to get creative or take a 3 year hit. Creative it is.

I will try to get more writing in between building my portfolio back up and running plus I’m also working on my Google Ads certification. Fingers crossed I can get this done by tonight. I know this is a lot of mundane information for my readers but this is where I’m at and I’m trying to stay positive. This is also where my head cues my anxiety to join the party and sabotage my goals. Happy Friday everyone.

July 28th, 2017

All I can say, my patience was stretched very thin this past week. Not because of my family or errands or even my job. It’s because of the people I work with or rather one individual in particular. I have been a graphic designer for over 5 years and worked with the Adobe suite even longer. Let’s jus say I know my stuff. I have now also been trained to work on certain machines throughout the factory since we’ve been so slow.

Monday’s Fiasco

A company sent something for us to imprint because they just couldn’t do it. I was trained on this certain machine last summer. I’m not only accurate but proficient, so when these 492 pieces came to us they knew who would do them. I haven’t gotten any work in almost two weeks and have been doing odd jobs where they needed help, so it seemed like I was the logical solution.

The Problem

The Thursday before, I was warned by a CSR that a major project for a certain team was in the works and to expect it by mid afternoon. So I waited and waited but nothing landed on my desk. I trimmed and filed paperwork to kill time. Friday morning there were 4 color-ups on my desk. To say the least, I was excited to have work. I’m reading through the specs and realized the CSR writing them up basically left me to do his job for him. I felt that if that was the case then I should get paid his salary too. I brought it to my supervisor’s attention about the necessary information was missing along no with the file name to save the art. She promptly took it from me and reassured me she will get the specs that I needed. She came back later that day and said that she will talk to his supervisor about it on Wednesday about not only his attitude (as he was constantly harassing me about artwork and snapping at her) and the how to properly write a color-up form.

Monday, I woke up and dressed for the day to work with this particular machine, got my coffee (and good mood) and headed to work. I arrived, clocked in, checked my emails for any artwork that was needed (surprise-none) and headed to the floor. I checked in the garments, set the machine up and away I went. I had a great rhythm going knocking out almost a full hundred WHEN the CSR comes to tell me about the artwork project. What he fucking failed to mention was that there was a meeting that this team manager had and needed the artwork to present to the owner. KIND OF A BIG THING TO KNOW! I looked him square in the face and explained how the pieces had to be moved quickly. Bile started to build in my throats as my anxiety wrapped around me like a blanket. The only solution I had was to ask for overtime knowing I could do both with a quick turnaround. HE FOLLOWED ME!  He had the audacity to eavesdrop on a conversation between me and my supervisor! I was told no obviously as he was the one that dropped the ball. I got the pieces done and the meeting happened between the two supervisors. As of this morning no color ups were to be found. I took a 1/2 day of vacation to decompress as now he blames me for his mistakes. It was for my mental health.

Is that wrong? Nope. I paid bills, spent time with my kids, got a chance to write this entry and will even catch up on some sleep because I didn’t sleep well at all this week. One good thing this week is that my family has been pre approved for a home loan. Which means I can move our family away from a town known for meth labs and the cops driving through our neighborhood with lights flashing at 2 am in the morning. Now the dream of staying at home with my kids, writing, painting, and taking care of our own home is in the first stages.

So…take a break when you need. It’s ok to say enough is enough. Have dreams and get everything in motion. It’s ok to take care of yourself and your aspirations.



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