Quick Daily Study: Stanza 27

Weather aside, I decided NOT to let my anxiety ruin my weekend and was even able to control an impending attack. My husband and I went to the kindred’s Disting celebration and even though I told my husband I wanted to leave before 9 P.M. more than a dozen times, we followed through with staying the night. Proud mommy moment (because yes, we brought our son and why wouldn’t we people bring their children to their church/faith of choice) and he went out of his way to make a little girl feel included in the games that all the boys were playing. She started feeling sick and fell asleep on the couch in which he covered her up with his blanket.

There were a couple of new guys there and one asked me, ‘How did you know that this kindred and Asatru was right for you?’ I explained that I was new as well but it was my first event when the people speaking during Sumbel that moved me. The rituals after still had the same effect and I knew that I was where I was always meant to be. The look on his face made me feel that something hit home with him. But here we are back with a quick study of stanza 27.

Pocket Version:
A foolish man, who among people
comes, had best be silent; for no one
knows that he knows nothing, unless he
talks too much. He who previously knew
nothing will still know nothing, talk he
ever so much.

When the fool fares among folk
it is best he stay quiet.
No one knows that he knows nothing
unless he talks too much.

Well, this was a doozy of a stanza. I chose Chisholm’s translation as it’s not as long as my pocket version and a little better to understand. I think the first two lines are stating if you don’t know the subject matter people are talking about then doesn’t speak up. The last two lines remind us that if we don’t speak in those situations people won’t know you don’t know. Now the other two lines were difficult for me to understand even after researching OTOOHG’s website. It seems to be that lines 5 and 6 were difficult to translate from Old Norse to English. Maybe the last lines mean that rattling on in circles about, well, really nothing trying to sound smart won’t work.

Stats Check and New WP Color Scheme

Since the new color change with WordPress, I’ve been checking my stats more often. I’m kind of digging the darker blues and pinks. I noticed this morning though that I have new readers in Germany. HI GUYS!

But then I noticed a place I’ve never heard of, Kyrgyzstan. Officially the Kyrgyz Republic. Where is this place?  I quickly did some research and found that there is an online travel guide and some of the most beautiful landscape in online photos. I read about security measures visitors should take when visiting the area and some articles of crime. FYI this doesn’t devalue the beauty I’ve seen in the phots.

Where am I going with this? Hi to my readers in Kyrgyzstan and thank you for stopping by! If you have photos that you would like to share or a recipe to share with me that would be awesome as I can’t visit myself.

Photo credit to Ninara

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