What’s New For August?

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What adventures do I want to go on? Trying to plan ahead and figure out what to write, write about, keep doodling, not doodle, paint, not paint, explore other interests? These are difficult questions to answer as I had a spell of not being me or having any ambition. I think I have it today (ambition that is).

Doodle or not to doodle? I’m going to keep my daily doodle routine but this month I’m going to try and do one-line doodles of (insert drum roll) insects. Will they be cute? Will they be creepy? Who knows but I hope to have some fun.

The daily 6-word stories are a must for me to complete. It’s a small accomplishment that makes me proud at the end of the day. I have posted some prompts for everyone to dabble in. Speaking of prompts (it’s kind of a prompt), I’m going to continue with Fenton’s Fridays. There aren’t a lot of people participating but I like where it’s going and hope other’s will share (share and pingbacks are awesome and it helps Fenton) and dive in.

Watercolor, this is a tough one for me to give up but I’m having a difficult time doing one every day. Can I do a few a week? I don’t want it to feel like a chore so I’ve come to the decision of this: At least one urban sketch (watercolor and ink) a week, an herb or plant of some sort (you’ll see here in a minute why) and something random.

I still have my writing classes to finish and some new interests. Herbal medicine/apothecary study. I managed to get herbs to grow in my yard and now I’m just enamored with the thought of apothecary study. But where to start? Do I purchase rarer herb seeds? Do I start making my own teas? So much to think about. Writing erotica. Am I comfortable with the genre? I like to think I am but do I post my writing on here or submit it to certain forums geared towards just that subject? Norse religion/Norse paganism/Heathenry. I am a pagan by definition (no I don’t cast spells or curse anyone) and have been a solitary believer. My husband has been asking A LOT of questions here lately so I took him to a festival where we BOTH learned a little something. We were both drawn to the previous mention Norse. With that being said, people judge other people for ALL sorts of reasons including their choice of faith and beliefs. I’m not converting ANYONE but I do believe everyone has the right to believe and belong to something that is personal and meaningful to them. And the diet…YES! A MUST! I have lost 17lbs and counting. I don’t see a difference personally and that’s because it’s a slow process for my body but others have.

I know long rant but there will be some new things being posted, some familiar, and probably creepy.

6 Word Story: 7/24

I just noticed that this word is repeated (ugh and grr). So, anyone who is doing the prompts can do another story with this prompt OR do one using the word I’m doing today.

I wanted to try and do something that I’ve been feeling here lately.

Prompt Word: Door


Jo’s July Prompt List

As you have been reading there has been a little upheaval in my writing schedule as the site that I got my 6-Word writing prompts to complete each morning just stopped. Out of nowhere. No warning, no easing to a transition and no planning. I don’t plan my writing as much as I should but this helped a great deal. First, I lose the Daily writing prompts for bloggers to participate in and read other blogs now this. Brave people have stepped up to offer daily prompts and inspirations to keep us going so here is my contribution.

6 Word Story Writing Prompts


ipad coffeeLogistics and beginning the short story has taken a life of it’s own and I’m afraid that it’s too long to post and no where near finished. I keep adding information and finding mistakes….A LOT of mistakes in my 1st draft. Do I keep it raw and post without edits? Or do I do a semi-polished draft that’s not as hideous as all my ideas being vomited on the page?

Let me know.

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