Prompt: August The Doll Maker

Back to my goals of writing and plan on catching up on my classes here soon. This means I have to push myself instead of curling up in my recliner brooding over bullshit that I can’t handle. Yes, this isn’t my best work but it’s something. I took August’s prompt words and created a short story.

August the Doll Maker
lawyer justifies beliefs

‘The headline read: Lawyer Justifies Beliefs.’ It was difficult not to follow the doll maker’s story. Growing up we were told not to go in the north woods where a society of witch crafting people dwelled. It was rumored that the witches that lived in the woods would steal children and keep them stored in their cellars like we would keep pickled vegetable and jam for the winter months. I turned the page to read about the wide-eyed doll that was the key evidence in the crime.

The doll creator, August, being charged with murder was a feeble man that everyone in our town felt sorry for and purchased his creations as often as possible. They weren’t your run of the mill homemade crocheted dolls or something that you see everyone on a Pinterest DIY mom board try to recreate. No. For a man living in the woods created beautiful, delicate, yet resilient dolls that stood the test of time. I actually have one of his sitting on my mantle that was my mother’s. I cringed looking at the doll and back down at the paper.

The doll maker’s picture in the paper made him look more domineering than weak and I found an absence of sorrow for him. ‘The bodies of 3 missing kids and cow were found during the search of the property.’ I felt betrayed more than anything as I’m sure the entire town was feeling, reading the same paper. We trusted this man believing he was trying to launch a business so he and his family wouldn’t go hungry, but that wasn’t the case. He didn’t have a family to feed he had crimes to cover. ‘The surviving victim stated that he was supposed to be part of the next line of products. Lamps were something that his kidnapper would work on almost every night by the light of his own old coal oil lamp. August wanted to bring back the antique light sources.’

The paper continued ‘August struggled with creating a voice box that mooed for his farm animal line of dolls and was some of his most recent unsuccessful creations.’ I remember those mooing dolls. They were hideous cow shaped monstrosities that he was very pushy about selling. The sound after pulling the cord on the animal’s back wasn’t a moo but more of a cow being slaughtered. I nervously laughed that day, struggling with politely refusing the purchase. I crossed the street that day and turned to see a child clinging to his mother as the doll maker realized that he was losing another sale. The image of the survivor that was pictured in the paper was the same child that clung to his mother that day. The child looked as if he aged overnight full of wisdom and advice.  I guess a traumatic experience would do that to any person.

I finished my cereal while reading the article. ‘The doll maker believed that sacrifices had to be made to live in today’s society stated his lawyer. While the lawyer curved this reporter’s questions of black magic and the death of children he did state that his client was mentally unstable to stand trial and his medical team will ensure that his client will get all the medical treatment necessary and are diligent in his care. He is asking for the death penalty to be removed as part sentencing and a life without parole be considered instead. The lawyer also stated that his beliefs are justified as many people pray for survival in this world. He shouldn’t be persecuted for his religion and solely on his crimes that don’t warrant death as he was delusional about how to worship. The doll that was gathered for evidence was created from his previous victims discovered through forensic testing and the police are asking that anyone with a doll created by the defendant to bring it to the police station.’ I clapped my hands together afraid to touch the poor soul sitting on my shelf and instead ran and dialed the local PD to remove the doll.

6 Word Story: 8/15

I tossed and turned all night last night. Receiving news that your 18-year-old daughter is pregnant will do that to a person. While my husband wanted to kill the boy I had to be the voice of reason, ‘She is an adult and she had sex too.’ She lives in another state first with her father (when she got into trouble here) and then with her boyfriend when her dad kicked her out at 17. There are a lot of moving parts to this story so instead I’m just going to say I tossed and turned.

Everything I wanted to do yesterday came to a hault so I will be finishing my loom today and trying to plan my indoor herb garden. There are so many things to plan I don’t even know where to begin. I also need to go and get the raw milk to make cheese for the Asatru event Saturday. With such a busy list of things to do and so much distracting my head from tasks I thought I’ll just start here with today’s prompt. Today’s prompt was difficult for me but I like where it took me.

Prompt: North

You're imprisoned by your own doubt.


6 Word Story: 8/9

Today I got up and walked for the first time in a few days. Every muscle in my body was telling me, ‘NOPE’ but at least I made an effort. Today is also weigh-in day but that’s a different post for later. I made it into work and decided I needed to take a moment for today’s prompt and remind myself of a few things.


6 Word Story: 8/4-8/5

I had my tooth pulled in what I thought would be a 30-minute procedure. What no one, not even me counted on was that it would take longer. When the assistant needed to add counter pressure I immediately went into panic mode. No one has held my chin in such a way in a very long time and it caused a horrible flashback. The tooth was stubborn and apparently, my nerve path took more numbing medication than originally thought.

I’m out of bed and doing my best to catch up on my blog. I would like to thank everyone for the awesome advice and support. I will take breaks throughout the day because the more I’m upright the more the pain radiates through my jaw and into my lower ear. I never thought pain could be so distracting.

I have taken even just a 1/2 day off from work to recuperate from a barrage of verbal abuse or gaslighting from certain individuals from work. Then I’ve taken full days off to enjoy a good thunderstorm and some scary movies. What I’ve learned is that it was helpful for my mental health.


Truant from work; mental health downtime.

The very definition of today’s prompt could be a prompt in itself.


Trust, a valuable and fragile virtue.


6 Word Story Prompts: August

I wanted to make sure I had these ready before tomorrow. I know that there are some people out there like me that would like to get a head start when they can. I hope I put some tricky ones on there to get the creative muse dancing. Even though I use these for 6-Word Story prompts they can be used for longer stories or even subjects of doodles. The information for the prompts will also be in the Alt-Text so screen readers are able to read the text to even more awesome people. Please feel free to leave your story in the comments section on the day of the prompts or a pingback. Don’t forget to share for other to use along with the Fenton Friday project for collaborative ideas. Happy Prompting everyone!

1. Photgrapgh 2. Passenger 3. Rule 4. Light 5. Voyage 6. Desire 7. Comfort 8. Aftermath 9. Withdraw 10. Misuse 11. Weave 12. Forgive 13. Locket 14. Shoes 15. Temper 16. Boundary 17. Hands 18. Maniacle 19. Soar 20. Dark 21. Distance 22. Lake 23. Crave 24. Aftermath 25. Flame 26. Admirer 27. Filter 28. Hostility 29. Mischievous 30. Thud 31. Ruse

6 Word Story: 7/29

I almost forgot about my 6-word story. I was super distracted while on my walk thinking about all the information from yesterday’s activity. It’s hard for me to admit my beliefs as they are judged or automatically used as a platform for some people to try and save my soul.

Prompt: Mischievous



6 Word Story: 7/26

I would like to thank everyone for the inspiring comments of encouragement. Last night I decided to rest but it was more for my mental health. I worked hard on a filling meal for the family, cleaned up, and sat down. Didn’t worry about bills, what happened at work, or anything else just cuddled my dog. This morning I forced myself out of bed for a walk. I watched a beautiful almost full moon set and the sunrise and in between that precious moment, I saw a shooting star (more than likely a meteor but beautiful nonetheless). How many people can say they saw that this morning? I feel pretty lucky to see such beauty.

Prompt: Admirer 

6 Word Story: 7/25

Ever thought about punching someone while they were talking? The owner of the company bit off my head for asking a question. All I could think about was shoving the paperwork at him and walking out the door. This was followed by a day-long of self-doubt and feeling unworthy of working at this place. I’m a graphic designer and there are times that questions are warranted for correct artwork. I painted last night but questioned everything I did. I’m going to post it anyway to prove to myself that I am worthy of what I do.

Prompt Word: Flame

6 Word Story: 7/23

I haven’t been feeling myself the past couple of days. I’m trying to catch up and fight like to keep interest in what I’m doing. Depression is something that doesn’t go away…no matter how hard I try to will it.

There are many ways to use today’s prompt word and can be used in all genres referring to all sorts of things.

Prompt Word: Crave


6 Word Story: 7/20

If these people don’t leave soon I will more than likely lose it. I cooked dinner and instead of letting me feed kids first they just dug in. I said something, of course, took their heaping piles of food and put everything back. Fed my children and then put some aside for my husband and told them, ‘Now you can eat.’ Why didn’t I feed my guests first? They put themselves in their situation and I know that they have money but would rather spend it on other things instead of helping out with the meal. It’s raining on top of everything so I couldn’t walk and feel just blah.

I thought today’s prompt was a great word. It can be used in so many instances and a lot of people have their own personal experience with it.

Prompt Word: Dark



6 Word Story: 7/1 (no prompts posted)

I’m feeling a little lost this morning. Part of my morning routine is posting my 6-word story based on the prompts provided by Page Flutter. Last night no prompts were posted and nothing so far this morning. If I wait any longer I’ll have to sacrifice something later. I already had to skip painting last night due to all the daily errands and a ‘boys are fearless’ episode. I’m catching up (sort of) I still the first Fenton episode to post and work on something I think is exciting for the Friday Fenton Project. But I’m still here without a 6-word story prompt. I guess I’m going to make mine up. If there still isn’t anything posted I will create a list for everyone to try their hand at a daily 6-word story prompt. You can start with this one. Use the tag #jos6words, pingback, or comment below. Here goes nothing.

Prompt: Photograph


6 Word Story: 6/24

I have a lot of fears and some of those cause anxiety and panic attacks. I have learned to deal with most but some are unshakable due to a past life. However, I do try and get past them or move forward but at the very least I’ll remind myself of who I’m with or where I’m at. This prompt actually should go with tomorrows. Maybe a part 1 and part 2 prompt idea?

Prompt Word: Biggest Fear

Doodle(s)wash: 6/8

It was a hectic day and my head is still full of noise from work. I was able to post Fenton Progress and took time to do really quick painting and doodle.  I was only busted one time.  I wish I was at today’s prompt.

Doodle(s)wash Prompt: Beach

Saving River

Every day at lunch I would sit outside to eat and soak up some of nature’s vitamin D. And every day, I would see this animal nosing roaming around. There were days that he would run from the animal control, or dodge cars, growling to protect himself from horrible individuals, or just sit and stare at me from across the street. I would yell at the teens wanting to harm him, or yell at the mongrel to get out of the street but he just stared. I called him river because the markings on his head looked like the mapping of a river.

After watching him for a few weeks I realized he was more than likely hungry and started bringing a bag of kibble in my lunchbox. I would eat my sandwich and as I got up I would dump the bag of kibble where I sat. For a few days, I would have to scoop away the old kibble and replace with fresh. Over time I noticed that the pile of kibble would get smaller and smaller until the piles would be gone by the next day. I spied on the filthy beast to make sure it was him I was feeding and not the birds. The dog would never come when I was present but made sure his presence was known.

Our relationship lasted for six months, just like that. I would bring kibble, he would eat it and repeat. One morning everything changed. I had just got done eating and started to pour his kibble out when he was standing in front of me, growling.
‘Shhh…river…go..good boy.’ I stammered and started to look down to appear submissive to him. I didn’t know what I had done to bring on this show of aggression. We NEVER interacted. River’s growls got lower and louder. He started baring his teeth and a barking that sent chills down my spine.
‘Ok…ok…shhh. Please be a good boy.’ I pleaded with tears running down my face.

River lunged past me knocking me to the ground. I hit my head on the stone walkway and I could hear a man’s voice. Sounded like he was in pain. The true chill came from metal clinking against the stone walkway. River had just prevented me from being the next victim of the serial murderer that has been claiming lives of women all over the city. I ran to the nearest store and called the police. I returned to the scene to find the cops wrestling the killer to the ground and River not letting go of the man. It was all over so quickly. Law enforcement asked if that was my dog and I had explained that it was a stray that I was feeding on my lunch breaks. They informed me that they would call animal control to capture my saving River. I refused and promised I would do everything in my power to gain control of my wild River.

It only took a week. I would approach River with food and treats. I gained his trust and before I knew it he had allowed me to put a leash on him. I took him to the vet and got everything he needed, then to the pet store and for the first time he was groomed and dressed. We went home where I introduced him to his new life and formed a friendship that lasted for his lifetime.

I wanted to do something different. I allowed myself only 20 minutes to write a story for this prompt before heading home. (Yup, work day is almost over, I’m out of work, and had an urge to write.)


6 Word Story: 3/24

I had a very superstitious grandmother and there were certain times that we had to be aware of such as the witching hour or fairy morns.

Prompt Word: Otherworldly

Be cautious, the veil is thin.

The Inked Talisman

ZZZZZZZZZZZ. I was hooked. It all started with me disobeying my husband. I wanted to feel the freedom of doing what I want and not what I was told. He hated tattoos and I knew he wouldn’t want anything to do with me but on the flip side of that same coin, I would be punished for being disobedient. I sat in the chair feeling nervous and anxious but the thrill and that buzzing. That thrill was something I never experienced before. I felt no pain from the needle just mesmerized by the image coming to life. No, no punishment ever came to me, well at least not that day. The tattoo, on the other hand, empowered me to do so much more and even protected me from my NOW ex-husband.

I now own 27 tattoos or they own me-I haven’t quite figured that out. They have the power to keep judgmental and negative people away while letting the light inside others meet me. They tell me the stories of other people without even exchanging a word. I learn about their hate, their passion, and their families. I know can tell if they are rotten to the core, made mistakes, or possess a memory they can take to their death. Truth is, even before you meet me, I’m already protected.

I used Discovers Daily Prompt: Talisman to give a little more information about myself. I do not post many pictures of myself for safety reasons but I am proud of my tattoos.

Please Don’t

Please don’t look at me,
I only want to walk into the store.

Please don’t watch me,
I only want to get what my family needs.

Please don’t talk to me,
I will stumble over my words trying to reply.

Please don’t stand to close,
I feel uncomfortable and want to run.

Please don’t make eye contact,
I feel obligated to look away.

Please don’t snicker,
I tried to say my coffee order that I rehearsed.

Please don’t shake your head,
I only want to order something to eat.

Please don’t acknowledge me,
I only want to be invisible.

I wanted to attempt a poem for the Daily Post Prompt: Invisible that captures some of my social anxieties. I remember a time when I was a social butterfly and then I was isolated. Now I’m left with the aftermath of my CPTSD. Some days are harder than others.

Noises Heard

It can be loud,
and it can be moving.

It can harden your soul,
or soften your heart.

It can make you run,
or cause you to freeze.

Noises have made me scared,
cry, and love.

My advice is to listen and
not to listen.

This is me trying my hand at poetry for the Daily Word Post. I tried to capture what noise does to me with my CPTSD.


Sometimes I feel like it has been stolen,
That I cannot grasp what I feel and see.
There are times I feel inspired,
and just as quickly they have left me.

I’ll sit with thoughts at the ready,
but the blank canvas allows them to escape.
Is my self-doubt that deadly?
My imagination is waiting for my surrender.

I was attempting something new and frightening all at the same time. I received advice about writing daily prompts and pinging back to the Daily Post. I figured what the hell? I already submitted writing to other places why not? My imagination has been through the ringer and with having CPTSD there are times I need to reign it in, and then there are times that I need to go searching for it.

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