Random Doodle Blizzard

I should’ve been doodling Friday evening but my husband surprised me with a movie. We actually went out to the movies. Something that I haven’t done in a long time that wasn’t a kids’ movie. I wasn’t disappointed by our choice, ‘A Quiet Place,’ (I recommend that you at least rent it when it comes out. I was hoping they followed ‘No Country for Old Men’ approach and was thoroughly satisfied.) but more worried about the impending snow storm. We made it home safely, it was only a minor precipitation of frozen mix. In the early morning of Saturday, I was awoken by a pinging sound against the window. It was a full-on sleet and snow coming down. We were already ready for this since we got to the grocery store early and back before the weather got worse. I heard on the news that it was going to get even more worse during the night.

It was 4am this morning the sound of the scraping snow plow woke me up. I looked outside and couldn’t see anything. Turning the new on, I learned Winter Storm Evelyn was upgraded to a blizzard! A blizzard in the middle of April! I’ve had it with Spring playing peek-a-boo with the state. My husband dug out the porch so our four-legged family members could go out. That was 3 hours ago and now it looks like another 5 inches has fallen.

My doodle catch-up is about the weekend and the blizzard.

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