Week 3 Comic: Jo Has a Cat

I have been working on this comic here and there all day. I couldn’t nail a concept then the idea of what was going on in my character’s world kept changing. I don’t have a cat but I feel like my anxiety is like a cat sometimes and today I wanted to illustrate the stealthiness of it.

This week I ‘fleshed’ the character out a bit more and gave her hair that literally has a mind of its own. Mine has so many layers from different stylists that I may need to cut it into a short bob just to even everything out. I wanted that for the girl in the comic. This is a way for me to make light of my C-PTSD at times and I’m hoping to introduce new characters throughout. I have committed to 52 weeks (a year’s worth) of comic doodles. I don’t quite have a name for my little comic yet. Any ideas?


365 Day Project: 14

I’m really wishing I had lenses and a tripod for my phone. UGH! What I see and what my phone see are two different things. Especially now that I have my new prescription glasses. I’m trying to take photos in such a way at night that doesn’t have to much grain. If I try to edit the grain out then I lose detail so it was several attempts and an hour screwing with editing to get what I was somewhat pleased with the bridge and lights image tonight. Being from Texas I will FULLY OWN being a winter weenie and will not get out of the car unless it was an emergency. I’m hoping as it warms up I’ll get out of the car and perhaps improve the grain on night photos. As always the hex codes for my complimentary color theory palette portion of my project are listed from left to right. I’m finding that it’s getting to become rather easy for me to pick that palette out and need to try to push myself for other palettes. Happy Monday everyone (if there is ever such a thing).


Another Challenge…Punishment?

I know. You must be thinking, ‘Poor girl needs to know when to tap out.’ Here’s the deal. I love to challenge myself. It’s like I need to prove someone in particular that they’re wrong (even though 1000’s of miles that separate us logically and legally). That I’m just not no one. That no one cares about what I write or draw. That I’m more than meant to be in the kitchen (this was after I cooked two desserts, one for work and one for the family plus dinner). Truth is, I care. I care to prove this person wrong. I care to keep practicing whatever brings me joy. I don’t pretend to be good at watercolors but I don’t pretend to be a quitter. I used the Winsor Newton Watercolor markers and a watercolor pen and quickly figured out I have a lot to learn. I could be better but that’s why I’m not listening to the permanent negative voice in my head. Not this time. So here it is, the Doodlewash’s watercolor/doodle May challenge. A daily watercolor commitment is what I need.

Prompt Word: Flowers

I chose Columbines.

Avocado Warm-Up


I decided that I was going to do some warm-up watercolor practice before getting completely adventurous. A fellow blogger, Kristian suggested avocado mixed in egg salad on toast. I already had a huge breakfast this morning so I substituted the toast with pretzels and it was amazing!

I was halfway through my creature painting when I decided to try this snack. My picky 8-year-old even liked it. The avocado added an extra layer of creaminess without taking away from the texture hardboiled egg. I think I found a good protein pick-me-up during the afternoons that run me down. I find that after a panic attack or overwhelmed protein helps a great deal.

If there are any culinary suggestions from near and far I look forward to hearing about them.

Watercolor and Self-Care

I promised myself that I would add better quality paints, inks, pens, etc…little by little. Yesterday before sitting down and working on a longer short story I wanted to purchase a better quality gel pen. I have been working with cheaper quality and it showed in my art. I really wanted a white gel to gain better highlighting details. So, I did just that. The really good white gel pen was in a locked case so I went with the second recommendation that I received-the Gelly Roll. I am in LOVE with the pigment and water resistance.

I watched movies with my husband last night so I didn’t do much else. But this morning, I woke up and realized daylight savings time occurred while we slept so I rushed to get ready and do the weekly grocery trip. Even though I was early I ran into a LOT of old customers from my bartending jobs. I heard about how much they missed me, that I needed to return to clean out the bar and get better people in there, that the whole town suffered…the list goes on. All that did was stress me out. I wanted nothing more than to get out of there but I had to finish the marketing. I did and I also forgot some things which I will send my husband to get. I was anxious and on the verge of a panic attack. I came home and cleaned out my writing/art area because my kids just can’t understand that it’s my safe space but they’ll get there. Now that I rambled on about my CPTSD and how my flight overran my fight here’s something I did to help calm me and get me back to a healthy frame of mind.

This is a watercolor Strawberry Finch. Fun fact, I have finches next to my desk because their songs help me relax.

The supplies I used:

  • 140lb cold press (it’s a journal and I’m not ready to move to large projects plus I like the texture of the paper which is also soothing for me to hear the brush against)
  • Gelly Roll gel pen (white)
  • Faber-Castell pen (fine point black ink)
  • Indian Ink (still learning to play with the ink)
  • Watercolors (right now Daler and Rowney tubes-they’re affordable for me at the moment)
  • Brush Pens (cheap and learned they don’t work well on wet paper)

I want to attempt a colorful rooster and something fluffy but that’s for a different day. Completing this small bird was an accomplishment for me. I was able to relax and focus. My heart rate slowed and my mind wasn’t overthinking anything. It was my self-care. I took time to do something that made me feel better.

What is your outlet to calm down or something that you do for your self-care? Don’t feel guilty. I’m still learning not to feel guilty and not to give too much of myself because there isn’t anything left for me.

6 Word Story Day 9

I’m having a really hard time focusing on writing with everything that’s going on around me and in my head. I learned something new about myself. The 15 minutes I have to myself waiting to pick up my kids from school a word tree helped. Is it called that anymore? I took today’s prompt word and drew lines to words that in mind had some type of connection to the prompt word. Woot! I felt productive for completing such a small task. Then after playing around with words and editing the sentence 13 times (don’t judge) I was content with the sentence chosen.  I also learned that a lot of my 6 word stories stem from my past abuse, my CPTSD, depression and anxiety.

Day 9 Prompt: ZZZZZ….

Her nightmares dissipated when she slept.

6 Words Day 4

Well…here we are Day 4. The prompt for today enticed several obvious stories except one. I would like to think  that I’m getting better at these but most will probably disagree. But maybe I could also use this as part of a 50 word short fiction? Wondering if this would be of the horror genre? Have you tried any of these 6 Word Stories?

January’s Theme: Mindfulness
Day 4 Prompt: Secret Spot

Clandestine crypt; eavesdrops executioner’s sermon.



Poetry Stanza Practice: A Place from Childhood

This was the stanza practice. I needed to include 2 stanzas of 5 lines and end with a couplet. I completely forgotten about where I spent most of my time as a young girl. These woods are probably gone now and housing was built on top. Sad thought but it’s probably true. Is there a place from your childhood worthy of a couple of stanzas? Try it!

The crows and woodpeckers would wake me up for a day
of playing in the woods.
I remember the slamming of the screen door behind
as I ran out into the humid sunny day.
Perfumes of morning honeysuckle tickled my nose.

The cool damp grass under my bare feet as I ran to the
green mysterious wooded wall.
Welcomed by spotted sun through through the canopy,
and I hadn’t a care for life outside or the meaning of time.
A safe haven from the humidity and heat outside the barrier.

The woods near my childhood home-
a place where I could be wild and free.

Poetry: Simile and Metaphor Exercise

This is part of the simile and metaphor section of my poetry boot camp. Ugh, all I can think is, ‘Fu%*& me, these seem lame!’ I obviously need more practice.

Directions: You will come up with 5-10 similes and then 5-10 metaphors as fast as you
can. Compare each idea or emotion to a concrete object. A concrete object is something
you can touch (a pot, a table, an ocean, etc. Fill in the blanks as fast as you can. If you can’t
think of anything, skip it and go on the next one.

Compare each emotion or idea to a concrete, specific object. The more detailed you can
get, the better!

1 (simile) Anger is like a raging bull impaled by the matador’s sword.
1 (metaphor) Anger is a raging bull impaled by the matador’s sword.
2 (simile) Love is like an owl warm and safe in her nest.
2 (metaphor) Love is an owl warm and safe in her nest.
3 (simile) Fear is like a rabbit racing away from his predator.
3 (metaphor) Fear is a rabbit racing away from his predator.
4 (simile) Work is like a cold wet blanket on a fevered child.
4 (metaphor) Work is a cold wet blanket on a fevered child.
5 (simile) Summer is like a toddler running through a meadow of Blue Bonnets
5 (metaphor) Summer is a toddler running through a meadow of Blue Bonnets
6 (simile) My mother is like the attention seeking hypochondriac in the hospital bed begging for morphine.
6 (metaphor) My mother is the attention seeking hypochondriac in the hospital bed begging for morphine.
7 (simile) Life is like a ball of yarn that is tightly wound and then being played with by a kitten only to be rewound in a neat ball and this just repeats.
7 (metaphor) Life is a ball of yarn that is tightly wound and then being played with by a kitten only to be rewound in a neat ball and this just repeats.
8 (simile) I am as strong as strong and weak as a taught thread.
8 (metaphor) I am strong and weak as a taught thread.
9 (simile) Joy is like being greeted by unconditional loving four paws.
9 (metaphor) Joy is being greeted by unconditional loving four paws.
10 (simile) Shame is like a fog hanging over your heart.
10 (metaphor) Shame is fog hanging over your heart.

I found a meaning full poem at the end of this exercise. One that allowed me to put some emotions into words. I would like to explore more poetry writing soon.



Residual Experiences

My anger is the raging bull impaled by the matador’s sword.
Fear is my rabbit racing away from his predator.
The fog hanging over my heart is shame.
I am strong and weak as a taught thread.


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