6 Word Story: 8/6

Have you ever really looked back at certain situations and thought, ‘How did I even survive that…?’ I have a LOT of those that are not to be confused with, ‘What the hell was I thinking?’ moments. I’m up this morning and trying. My jaw is still extremely sore and I have a call into the dentist. Something doesn’t feel right so we’ll see. Until then, I am posting rather late, my 6-word story.

Prompt: Resilient

Resiliency is found after a situation.


6 Word Story: 7/11

Today’s prompt reminded me of the quote, ‘What a dangerous web we weave.’ I never understood that until my husband joined a motorcycle club. Yes, the brothers were crafty but the women, the ones that called themselves my family, were the masterminds. The lies, the backstabbing, the hierarchy that they thought were there.  So, how do I turn this prompt into something beautiful? Something that doesn’t remind me of a time knowing true hate and jealousy?

Prompt Word: Weave

6 Word Story: 7/2

I checked to see if the list for this month’s prompts were posted and nothing yet. I’m so far behind on everything else and my day yesterday was consumed with Fenton. I had so much anxiety wanting to produce something worth reading. I will also draft a monthly prompt list for anyone wanting or needing a little inspiration. I know that there are a lot of bloggers that have stepped up to the plate after the Daily made the decision to stop theirs. So here’s my daily prompt.

Prompt Word: Passenger

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