Instead of working…growth

Today, I came into work allowing myself 5 minutes to clock in before I would be considered late. Let me tell you, it felt SO good to cook an awesome lunch this morning then to ACTUALLY sit and enjoy my breakfast. I said my good mornings, made small talk when prompted and did my job (so far, the day isn’t over yet). I’m not stressed nor did I go out of my way to do all the extra things I normally do for a company that catfished me into doing a job that they never intended for me to do.

Instead of working today I found some tutorials for Adobe and have been working my way through them. It was SO FUN! And the bonus part is because I really didn’t care how well I did my job I’m not as stressed. I did and then moved on.

I’m thoroughly in LOVE with the flat and low poly art. I can’t wait until I get comfortable enough to really venture out and stretch my graphic design legs. Happy Friday guys!

Low Poly Art: Photoshop Version

When I first started my graphic design degree I was an advanced Photoshop user and knew the basics of Illustrator. When I first started working where I am now, I was hired to do all the things that I was doing from my previous job as a ‘Webmaster and Graphic Designer’ but as you know; LIES! However, I can excellent at Illustrator now but my Photoshop skills are rusty. I found a Tutorial to help me figure out how to draw up a low poly art image in Photoshop. Here’s the deal, Illustrator was easy and gives a nice ‘gaming’ effect as you saw from my tree but Photoshop gives a realistic future effect. I’m torn between the two programs and think I need to do more experimenting to decided which one I like best.

Poly Art Tree

I have been IN LOVE with poly art images and it took a bit to realize that is what the geometric styled art goes by, or at least one of them. In my true Jo fashion, I Googled until I found a tutorial that wasn’t blocked (yeah I was at work so I was having to fight the IT nazi’s firewall). After getting used to the process, I’m eager to try more complex images such as a fox or a gecko. Maybe once a month because it is time-consuming but I want to know the process of completing an image even though there are plug-ins that do this in a matter of minutes. I also enjoyed the control of it. So here is my first Poly Art image. Happy Saturday everyone.

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