6 Word Story: 5/25

I am really not enjoying, ‘A year to a better you,’ 6-word story prompts. I think that I am bitter about having to move my entire writing/painting area into my dungeon of a room. I say dungeon due to the lack of windows. I sulked for a few hours last night before going to bed. I didn’t doodle or paint. I’ll try to do it today in my room but it doesn’t feel like me. It’s not airy or light. I can’t stand it. I know, it’s weird to say that about a place that a person is supposed to feel the most comfortable but I’m a creature of habit. I miss my area. I also found myself bargaining with myself about points. I’m just super bitter about losing my creative space to the clunky machine of an AC. Bitter is the best I can be today which is kind of the opposite of 6-word story. I’ll try and take my own advice.

Prompt Word: Pollinate

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