365 Day Project: 2

I’m not happy with today’s photo one bit. It’s grainy. UGH! I used a photo editing app after capturing the image in ‘pro’ mode. From there I used the Adobe Capture app to find the colors for today’s palette.

The con that I find with the capture app is that it doesn’t allow me to add the Hex color codes right on the swatches AND I also had to do a screenshot on my phone. **Note to self** more research is needed for swatch apps. So I will include Hex codes below in order from left to right. I really REALLY need a tripod for my cell and some external lenses. I also went with the custom palette again but I’m trying to step out of my comfort zone. It’s only day two…that’s my mantra. I have 363 more days to practice and get better.

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How do I take better photos in darker lighting? Need to look into those courses ASAP!

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