Noises Heard

It can be loud,
and it can be moving.

It can harden your soul,
or soften your heart.

It can make you run,
or cause you to freeze.

Noises have made me scared,
cry, and love.

My advice is to listen and
not to listen.

This is me trying my hand at poetry for the Daily Word Post. I tried to capture what noise does to me with my CPTSD.

Randomly Relaxing

I was doing good until I got home and had to wrangle an 8-year-old, chase a dog, and tell my adult daughter that murder is frowned upon and helped her calm down. All I hear was noise…EVERYWHERE! The dogs, kids, and TV. I decided that my doodle would help.

Random Word: Relaxing

6 Word Story Day 23

Now I know that this is something that almost everyone has been from time to time. Most of my problem is learning to say, ‘NO’ or ‘When I get to it.’ This is kind of difficult at work but I do spread myself thin. But it feels like that word has gotten me no where before.

Prompt Word: Over-tasked

Ringing, dinging inbox, “Please?” I can’t.

6 Word Day 20

No explanation needed. I’m sure the noise of your own family needing dinner will ring true with this one. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could throw a bag of family chow on the table with glasses of water and call it dinner?

Prompt Word: Ding!

Impatient, starving family… DING! Silencing salvation.

6 Word Day 17

The stress of doing everything in a modern society sucks…especially when you are raising a millennial minded teen. The usual ‘raising teen’ horrors are fine but adding the mentality of entitlement takes the cake. I’m constantly on top of that attitude. Then throw in work and trying to write. Don’t get me started or even ask what personal projects I have completed lately. Feeling less than super.

Prompt Word: The Juggler

Work, family, creativity, mind…stressed mother.

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