Stats Check and New WP Color Scheme

Since the new color change with WordPress, I’ve been checking my stats more often. I’m kind of digging the darker blues and pinks. I noticed this morning though that I have new readers in Germany. HI GUYS!

But then I noticed a place I’ve never heard of, Kyrgyzstan. Officially the Kyrgyz Republic. Where is this place?  I quickly did some research and found that there is an online travel guide and some of the most beautiful landscape in online photos. I read about security measures visitors should take when visiting the area and some articles of crime. FYI this doesn’t devalue the beauty I’ve seen in the phots.

Where am I going with this? Hi to my readers in Kyrgyzstan and thank you for stopping by! If you have photos that you would like to share or a recipe to share with me that would be awesome as I can’t visit myself.

Photo credit to Ninara

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