A Quick Daily Study: Stanza 5

I’m was up super early preparing a pizza dip for my company’s snack week and while stirring I realized that I spent way too much money to feed people that don’t know me. I’m not even in the holiday spirit when I walk in those doors. I only hope that the job interview goes well today so the people that don’t know me will know me as ‘that girl that used to always bring the awesome pizza dip.’ I think I can get right with that. Fingers crossed I land this job 🤞🤞🤞🤞

Here we are with stanza 5 of the Hávamál. We are still in the ‘guests section’ (Gestaþáttr) and so far it’s been good advice and most I’m already comfortable with (hospitality). I have to admit the different translations of this stanza was quite amusing but one I think we have experienced in some form or another:

Chisholm Translation Stanza 5:

Wits are needful to he who travels far.
The dull should stay home.
He will be mocked,
who cannot sit with sages.

Pocket Version:

Wit is needful to him who travels far:
at home all is easy. A laughing-stock is he
who nothing knows, and with the instructed sits.

I’m not going to lie the pocket version sounds a bit more poetic whereas Chisholm isn’t really beating around the bush with pretty words. Either way what I understand is that you cannot afford to travel (anywhere) without having a good head on your shoulders. But it is also needed to travel and gain experience because sitting at home it’s easy. It’s comfortable. It’s something you’ve always known. Don’t go out all willy-nilly thinking you know everything. Be cautious in your activities when someplace foreign (including a holiday party). The second part basically tells me that when sitting among the better-traveled people or the older individuals that have more experience be aware that they can see a fool or someone less experienced. They know. Sit, listen, and learn.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Navigational Weekend

Normally when I’m doing a daily practice, it’s daily. This weekend, on the other hand, was more than just my normal errands. I had to go interview clothes shopping. Let’s rewind back to Thursday. I got an email through my Indeed messenger to set up a phone interview for a ‘Social Media and Creative Specialist’. I cannot express enough how badly I want and need this job. Want-because it’s what I want to do. I was hired where I’m at now to work and create social media, monitor stats (I LOVE THOSE BY THE WAY), write, photograph, comment, and design uniforms. But that’s not what happened. We all know what happened. A family run business was just that. Need it because not only would it be better for my mental health but back into my career field and learning new skills. Back to my phone interview. I scheduled it right after work and during wait time to pick up the kiddos from school (YAY Bluetooth technology set-up in the car). The interview went awesome and right after she scheduled an in-person interview…for tomorrow. I was glowing and ecstatic.

Arriving home I opened my email as instructed to complete 2 action items. I’m so grateful that Adobe had a black Friday sale so I could get my programs back on my laptop because I needed to create a FaceBook ad and poster. I went beyond that yesterday with a video slide presentation music and all. In the email, it was specified ‘business casual’ interview. I didn’t panic until I realized I didn’t have anything that fell in that category. This brings navigating the business casual world. Some pictures showed with jeans some showed with slacks and cute canvas shoes but I didn’t have anything that fell in that category. My clothes, especially now where I work are all casual. If I get this job I’ll need to go shopping for work clothes that are business casual.

This brings me to navigating Christmas and Yule shopping. Crazy doesn’t even cover what it was like. I made the mistake of going to Bath and Body Works. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to just shove someone to the side. The rudeness of people was just absurd. I walked in there with a good mood and I walked out a hating EVERYONE. I walked in two different stores trying to find business casual attire and was immediately overwhelmed but my husband helped. Before you wrinkle your nose he has always helped me pick out clothes (he’s a clothes snob if you will). In fact, before he was with me he was a great dresser then kids happened but that’s a different story. He noticed that my mood was changing and said the magical words, ‘ Let’s go get something to eat.’ Music to my hangry ears.

6 hours later I had to outfits to choose from and most of my holiday shopping complete. Outside of candy for the stockings and something for my mom, I have everything done. I need to dye some grey out of my hair and get things packed for Yule this weekend but my interview tomorrow will have me in a state of anxiety until I hear either way if I have it or not. My regular daily Havamal study will continue this afternoon. Happy Monday everyone!

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