6 Word Story: 6/10

It was a rough night and my walk this morning suffered. Flashbacks are not for the squeamish. Imagine living your worst life experience, amplified while you sleep without having control over what’s in your dream. Well, maybe other than jerking awake covered in sweat and tears but nothing else. I’m going to paint and write today. Those are my only goals (other than counting those points) and I need to prove to myself that I can get past the last couple of days. I also want to thank everyone for the encouragement to find the courage to continue sharing and practicing creativity.

Prompt Word: New Heights




Delayed Doodle(s)wash: 6/6-6/7

Truth, I let my head get the better of me and I can’t help it. Last night it took everything I had to cook dinner for my family and I was satisfied with an egg. I sat in the chair without any desire to do what I love. Even with my husband’s encouragement I just couldn’t. Today was also weigh-in day and that was just another blow for a later post. This morning, even though I was running late, I knew I wouldn’t have any work to do I packed my art stuff. My watercolor markers, a new travel sketchbook, water pen, pencils, pens all that and sat here at work and painted.

The thing is, I was so frustrated with the watercolor paintings. I have used my Winsor and Newton watercolor pens and have learned how they handled but on a DIFFERENT sketchbook. The paper kept piling and the paint wouldn’t flow like I could get it too on the other papers. Live and learn. What I am going to do is NOT throw the learning experience away and pretend that it didn’t happen, then just repaint tonight after errands. Nope, I’m going to share them. I won’t let it eat away at me as it was completely out of my control.

Doodle(s)wash Prompts:
6/6- Parks (everyone was painting playgrounds I went a different route and the doodle is still one line.
6/7- Fish (nothing special to report just a fish)

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6 Word Story: 6/7

There are times that I wish that I was in a new place even a different time but I have to make the best out of what and where I am. Today is weigh-in day, yesterday was awful, and I’m not looking forward to dinner with a friend. I’m going to try and turn things around. Try…

Prompt Word: New Kid


6 Word Story: 5/18

I typed and deleted. Type and deleted. There is so much going on in my head both positive and negative (mostly negative at the moment). I did get up and take my walk and I think I’m ready to add my walk to every morning instead of every other morning. I hope that I can imagine another page or two for my project.

Prompt Word: The Visionary

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