6 Word Story: 8/11

Good morning. Trying to be positive since it feels like I have misplaced my motivation. I had good intentions of doodling last night but then remembered a commitment that required some recipe and skills experimenting. This, in turn, prompted a hasty trip the grocery store (pick up an order) and purchasing actual raw milk. Any guesses on what I’m going to attempt? The triumph OR catastrophe will be posted later today. I also need to pick up items to build a loom (for tapestry, blanket, or rug type thing)…anyone knows how to warp a peg loom? That will be posted too but first, let’s try to get through the prompt.

Prompt: Lamp

Strength is your beacon for hope.

Chewed Achievement

Now it takes a lot for me to muster any motivation to create any type of artwork so I decided to follow a tutorial. I wanted to paint something

abstract and practice using a pallet knife. I have seen some gorgeous multi-color paintings and would really like to get that good at it but I thought baby steps. What I like about this tutorial was the pop of red for the poppies against a really dark/light grungy looking background. SO I said hey why not. It only took me 30 minutes to complete with the help of my hair dryer and turned out great.

Well, my painting was sitting on the table (waiting for me to give to a friend) when my family and I decided to start deep cleaning. Without thinking, I started to clean the table with the help of my youngest daughter and she asked where to put the painting. My bed seemed like a great choice as I would bring it back out and put on the table. During the chaos, clean clothes were being tossed on top of the painting. How this equaled a chewed achievement was a simple formula. 1 unaccounted for pit bull puppy+clean clothes pile on bed+painting hidden underneath=puppy search and destroy. 

At least I took a picture before it was used as a puppy teething ring and I feel confident enough to do one better. There is always room for improvement. I need to use a larger canvas, brighter red, and more of a rocking motion with the pallet knife.

If you would like to try the painting for yourself here is the link.


Adventure Day 1: Diva

Instructor Meets THE Diva

I was excited and motivated (actually didn’t change into my yoga pants and hide from the world under my blankets) to get to my fur baby’s 1st day of obedience class. Admittedly, I had high hopes but that’s just because I know she’s smart she want her to do good so she can go on to be my service dog. WELL…we started with basics and looking back, I’m glad we did. She was the only one in class so there was a lot of one on one time which meant her getting over worked easily and add a new person plus new setting equals early shut down.

The name game was what we started with and I thought it would be too basic because she already knew and comes to her name. I was wrong. It wasn’t her obedience that was the problem it was me. I allowed her to come to her name on her terms and not mine. I know it was my fault and I trash complete ownership of that. So we are now both being retrained.

We moved on to sit which she knew so we eased into down. After a few gestures she got the motion down. We will add the word and hand signals next week. She was distracted by customers trying out squeaky toys and jingles from collars so we took a lap around the store and then we went back to work. She was doing good until another dog came in and she started barking. The barking was in the list of stuff we wanted to work on and we were introduced to an air horn can without the horn. It was just a loud burst of air and it did the trick.

She was obviously tired and started to shut down so class ended 15 minutes early. This was prompted by her actually tossing her head with attitude and turning away from me. Such a diva move. The only incident we had was while shopping for the horn a little dog aggressively barked and went after Clover. Ask she did was bark but the trainer reprimanded the little dog’s owner and suggested obedience classes. Well, I purchased one of those air horn cans and already used it like the trainer showed me and no barking from her right now! It’s great! Can’t wait for next Wednesday’s class. I will work with her tomorrow. I don’t want to burn her out tonight…she’s exhausted.

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