Which Box?

I don’t know about you guys but when I’m applying for jobs online, posting resumes, and customizing cover letters, when I click ‘apply’ there are the voluntary self-identification questions. There are ones asking about race, gender, and then there’s the disabilities section.

So, thinking back, I DID check the box next to yes and maybe that’s why I was judged right out the gate with my first failed interview. Should I have checked that I don’t wish to answer? If I had checked ‘no’ and in the future had an anxiety attack or needed more therapy appointments could that have been grounds for future firing?

Just wondering thoughts and opinions about this. To identify or not? That is the question.

Once Bitten

Yesterday I opened my email and seen that the job posting site I use recommended two jobs. Still, a little shaken (you know the whole once bitten, twice shy scenario) I reluctantly clicked the ‘apply’ button. Then I started remembering my interaction with the last interviewer. I remember feeling like I was less than the person interviewing me. Was I imagining it? Probably. But there was this air around her that she thought she was better than me because she was interviewing me. Her actions, the way she acted bored, how she didn’t shake my hand. All in my head? Maybe. But this is what I do. I overthink EVERYTHING about ANYTHING. It’s like a piece of gum. I chew all the flavor out of it then make everything worse by sticking it in my hair.

My interview is next week. I’m going to dress comfortable but not so casual that I look like I’m just going to the mailbox. I’m going to try and make it as comfortable for me to sit there. I’m going to remember that Facebook ads can only be 20% text and I’m going to remember what a damn pixel is. I’m going to be confident and I’m going to be me. I think my problem was last time was I was pretending to be someone like my interviewer. I’m not better than anyone else. The last interviewer felt cold and decided when first meeting me that she didn’t like me. Still, probably all in my head.

So, YAY! Friday! YAY! Interview. The weekend is going to be full of class work and planning (looks like we have snow moving in meaning I’m not leaving my house). Happy Friday everyone!

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