Soup Pot

I was super inspired by the book that my husband and I have been searching for the past 2 weeks. My grandmother’s ‘reference’ cookbook. I have a great idea but will post about that later. Here is my short story Soup Pot (word count 229).

“2 cups water, check,” Amy called out ingredients as she poured them into her grandmother’s pot. What better way to feel her grandmother around her by cooking her soup recipe in her soup pot? She swore her grandmother’s soup had healing powers.

After hours of gently simmering it was time to serve. She ladled spoonfuls into a soup bowl and sat with a box of crackers. Instead of her first bite taking her back to the days they spent in the kitchen it was just soup. It tasted fine and was very satisfying but not what she had expected. Amy read the recipe again and every ingredient was in that pot. She stared at the soup, stared at the empty kitchen, and stared at the recipe.

All Amy could do was gently blow on her soup and cry. Unknowingly a tear fell into her bowl and with her next bite a warm began in the pit of her stomach and worked its way to her limbs. The kitchen took the nostalgic warm hue and she heard it. Amy heard the voice of her grandmother.
‘A recipe, cricket, are just words on a paper of food thrown in a pot. It’s the love you stir them with that makes the dish so good. Cook with love. That’s the one ingredient you can’t put into words or buy of a shelf.’

Inspiring and Intimidating Inktober

I first heard about Inktober a couple of months ago at a get-together. I thought that would be interesting as I participated in World Watercolor Month (July). I needed a few things and even though money is SUPER tight at the moment I was able to get a few items that were a must. I looked at any groups of Facebook, checked my Instagram (since I haven’t for a while), and did more research. I already saw MANY snide and rude comments that almost sealed the deal for me to back out. My friend that I helped that one morning wanted to do a separate prompt list and asked if I would participate with her. I like the idea of having an accountability buddy and knew that I would definitely need one since ink is NOT my medium of choice. And as my usual ‘bite off more than I can chew’ true self, I decided to do two projects. Confusing? Here it goes:

Inktober’s Offical prompt list is in black and the one that my friend wants to do is in orange. Please be patient…WP doesn’t want me to create any galleries (as usual grr).

Inktober Prompt List
Halloween Prompts

So far my sketchbook for Inktober’s official prompt list looks like this:

My Intro Page
I learned in my study of Asatru that the death of Baldur was caused by Loki and Mistletoe. So for the first prompt, I chose to draw Mistletoe.

Now for my larger project idea. The second list I am going to try and incorporate each prompt into ONE larger image. I already have most of the prompts mapped out. I just hope I can pull it off.

Day 1 Ghost and I added a 2018 ribbon.

Creative Mind Award Nomination (HOW DID THIS NOT PUBLISH!)

WORDPRESS IS WORKING MY LAST NERVE! I had this ready LAST WEEK and even hit publish!  When I say that I’m behind…that’s the understatement of the year. This diet thing is really getting in the way but I made a commitment. It’s all about balance, once I find it I’ll let you know. In the meantime, I’m going to apologize for my rude tardiness and get this going. I am feeling a little disconnected from the community but I think it’s because there isn’t a daily place to visit other blogs.

I was excited to see that Kristian nominated me for this award when there are so many creative individuals out there. Kristian is a blogger and brilliant author that has been creating stories and poems. Sometimes I wonder where he get’s all these ideas. If you would like to read for yourself give his blog a visit (I’m a particular fan of his mysteries).

The award was created by another blogger Teresa at The Haunted Wordsmith. That blog warrants another visit if you want to participate in the 3TC (I’m still working up the nerve to do one) or sit and visit a while.

This award is different. It doesn’t take hours of answering questions or write a short biography that includes your grandmother’s cat’s name. Just a ‘Hey, I appreciate your creativity, ‘ but also the inspiration. There were so many blogs to chose from the decision was a difficult one to come by.  SO the blogs that I want to nominate (Hey, I appreciate your creativity) are:


6 Word Story: 6/16

My sliced nail bed is becoming more troublesome than I thought it could be. Typing with one hand feels foreign. I feel like a gorilla banging on the keyboard with her feet! It’s frustrating, to say the least. I have some chores and errands that need to be completed today in preparation for Father’s day tomorrow.

After everything is set up, I’m going to paint come hell or high water.

Something that I have come to learn is that there are always these invisible front lines that we have to protect or to cross to conquer something. The fact is, we have our own victories that no one else sees and sometimes we don’t acknowledge until after the fact. It could be getting out of bed and taking that shower to completing a marathon. Our front lines have their own stories and victories. Be proud.

Prompt Word: Front Line

Anne’s Lace

I fell in love with this story about Daucus Carota or Queen Anne’s lace. The legend goes, ‘Queen Anne of England (1665-1714) who was an expert lace maker and the wife of King James, was challenged by her friends to create lace that would be considered as beautiful as a flower. While tatting the lace, she pricked her finger and out came a single drop of blood. The drop fell on the lace and this is where the dark center of some of the flowers comes from.’ It is also believed that if given to your mother she will die. I suspect that could be because it looks similar to the poisonous Hemlock and was a case of mistaken identity.

I used a mix of Gelly Roll Metallic pens, Gelly Roll White gel pen, and Dr. Ph. Martin’s Watercolors. On a side note, I was so relaxed and focused on this I almost burnt dinner to the point it wasn’t edible.

I also thought about a great writing exercise: What legend would other’s write about you? I think this is something I would love to play with after my A to Z Challenge.


Quote Challenge Day 1: Havamal Inspiration

I think this is a great challenge and a way for people to share a quote that is inspiring to them in some way that’s special and dear to them. It’s like a story into the encouragement for one’s soul. Thank you Grateful Single Mom for nominating me to participate in this challenge. The writing and wit of her blog will definitely give you an encouraging boost and a little humor along the way. So, stop over and see her quote choices that inspire her as well. It’s a great mental break from the A to Z challenge (and getting over being sick).


  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Post a quote for three consecutive days (1 quote for each day).
  3. Share why this quote appeals so much to you
  4. Nominate 3 different bloggers for each day.

Never walk away from home
ahead of your axe and sword.
You can’t feel a battle
in your bones
or foresee a fight.

Hávámal, The Sayings Of Odin

No, I don’t have a sword or an axe that I carry around. But when I do leave home, I’m aware and cautious at all times because of past experiences. This helps as a reminder to trust my instincts. Most of the time they aren’t ever wrong. This could be interrupting a man harassing a young woman at her first job. The poor young girl just landed her first after school job at the mall. I passed once and I seen a pleading look of, ‘Help me,’ on her face. It was one that I have worn many times. I didn’t need to know about the hydro whatever that she was supposed to sell but I stopped and her this man’s pickup lines. He was twice her age. I interrupted and stood between him and her. The protective mother instinct kicked in. Before I knew it, this man decided that he was going to confront me. My husband stepped, security was called and I made sure the guards walked her to her car after her shift.

So please, remember to trust your instincts in all things. I don’t mean just for safety but in all things.

The three bloggers I nominate are (Y’all have fun with this):

  1. Tales From the Mind of Kristian
  2. The Ministry of Shrawley Walks
  3. Revenge of Eve

Doodle Commitment

I know, I know. Here I go again making more commitments off of ideas that I will probably drop in a week or so. But I’m going to try a doodle a day. Nothing fancy and nothing erasable. All done in ink so I can’t erase…embrace mistakes. All done in 15 minutes or less without picture references. My goal is to get more creative on my own and in my head. Oh, I also have to pick a random word. I used a word generator, chose 10 random words, and picked one. I’m using a small lined notebook. It’s easy to carry around and have ready when I am but it also keeps me working small so I don’t take up to much time overthinking the subject or spending time on to large of a piece.

Randomness: Cake

February 17th, 2018

I have a few stolen moments between caring for a sick husband, running the house, cooking the specific dinner requested by the contagious man baby, errands, and keeping the kids alive to post about my day.

I have my petri dish of infectious husband quarantined in our room which meant that I’m not inhaling the diseased air as I sleep in the living room. In doing so my son was up at 4 am thinking that it was a weekday. I was able to get him to wait for breakfast until 6 am that consisted of scrambled eggs, bacon, and skillet taters (something I thought that would be easy on the hubby’s tummy). From there I monitored the weather and had some errands to run in a larger city an hour away. My oldest daughter and I timed the trip perfectly and were able to retrieve the purchases and then go to the grocery store all before the snow hit. BONUS: I remembered the salt for the sidewalks.

The only ‘slap in the face’ part of my day was a simple question that I asked an individual at the mall. Now it’s very difficult for me to go into crowded areas and need to take my medication for even stepping out of the car but this errand was important to my daughter so we had to go. While in the mall I saw service dogs that were going through training. No, I didn’t touch or even ask to touch the animal. I simply asked where and how do I go about getting a service dog for me. She looked at me as if there was no reason for me to even be asking her this question. I disclosed that I have C-PTSD and could benefit a great deal from a service dog or even an emotional support animal. She said a note from the doctor and $5000. I need to prove that I was abused for years? Can barely live with myself, have night terrors, flashbacks, panic attacks, and have days that I can’t get out of the bed just to name a bit of what I experience in a week. They train for veterans and no further help or advice. I was at a loss for words. I can barely afford decent watercolors let alone that training. Devastated I went home. I shoved it to the back of my mind and have come to accept that I will never be able to have a service dog. I’m sorry I’m not a deserving individual for such a necessity.

One of the items on my list was the movie, ‘Stand By Me’. My daughter heard her friends talking about it and how the kids in the movie find a body. I Scoffed louder than I should have and explained that the movie was more than kids finding a body. So, when we got home we put away the groceries and I started right away cooking lunch. Chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese for my patient and tomato soup and grilled cheese for the rest of us. We sat down to feast on our lunch minus the infected and by the end of the movie my daughter was crying. I just looked at her and simply asked, ‘Do you understand now?’ Red-faced she nodded.

I have dinner in the oven now and Rocky is on the TV, another movie that her friend told her that she needed to see. I now have a running list of movies for these kids to watch. I’ll do my 6-word story after dinner with my time being rather occupied today and hopefully able to start a couple of projects that I have jotted down as I thought about them. Wish me luck that I’m able to do so.

Important Side Note:
Thank you to everyone that is reading and following my blog. It doesn’t go unnoticed and helps me more than you could think. It also gives me the encouragement I need to comment, follow blogs, and write on my own and I love immersing myself in the inspiration that other authors offer on their blogs. Thanks ya’ll.

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