I did my workout this morning and my body hates me. I’m in a puddle here but fell in love with the short story I was able to come up with. Positive thoughts and vibes today. Maybe another short story later.

Being a piano teacher I thought this piano would make a great yard ornament.
‘This is being sold as is and still plays. Will not deliver.’ I thought that was a reasonable request.
‘Must be of Christian faith and have a priest present at pickup. NO RETURNS.’
I called the number provided because this is EXACTLY what I am looking for, faith or not.
‘Do you have a strong faith and priest?’
I said, ‘I’m not much of a churchgoer.’
The seller said, ‘your choice.’

Demonic notes played all night that first night. My ad started, ‘FOR SALE’

© Jo Creative PTSD Gal
Word Count: 100

Freshly Baked Secrets

I had the hardest time with this photo and I ended up in the weirdest place for the story but I ran with it.

Ana’s home has a bakery, ‘Fresh Baked Secrets’, in front where she sold secret recipes baked into sugary confections. On the table next to her register sat a vase full of gold trimmed roses. Customers had nothing but compliments about the arrangement when purchasing cookies.

We all know the darkest of secrets are behind closed doors and the basement was always locked. ‘EMPLOYEES ONLY’ warned the sign. This was Ana’s space where she honed skills in the darkest magic imaginable. Her cookie recipe would enchant her next victim never to be seen again. Each rose represented the innocent soul captured.

Word Count: 100
© Jo Creative PTSD Gal

Fenton Friday: Week 4

Happy Fenton Friday everyone. I’m slowly getting back to myself. I did a lot of writing yesterday and my goals for today are posting Fenton details (and calling on ALL ideas and asking to please share the Collaborative Fenton Friday project) and to catch up on my doodle(s)washes. I finally got a new doodle book (it took so long because I couldn’t handle the anxiety of going to the store) and will catch up.

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There are some great ideas floating in these collaborative posts even one about tunnels that we can work with. There are suggestions for names of the town and the characters as well.  I encourage anyone that has an idea of what to add or something to include in the second episode for Fenton you can leave it in the comments, pingback, or send a message.


Grotesque Angel: Pt 2


Minnie giggled then her face went blank holding a photo.
‘Minnie, what’s wrong?’ I asked with all the concern a friend would have.
‘This guy right here looks like the one in the schoolyard. EXACTLY like what’s in the schoolyard.’ She said.
‘Oh him? He was on the Brittania at 527 West 110th Street and they call him the scholar. I’m pretty sure that it’s a replica of a suitable figure for a school. I don’t think the school could afford the original even if the Brittania was parting with the grotesque.’ I said shoving some southern seasoned green beans in my mouth. Minnie looked through the rest of the picture and we chatted about the news that I missed and I told her more about New York. Then it was back to the office. I decided a walk home would be best as I gorged myself of fried goodness and thought it best to burn off the million calorie dinner. I took the photo out and thought that the gargoyle did look exactly like the one in the picture I held. Shrugging it off, I did my daily routine at home and went to bed.

I was woken up by what I thought was thunder but when looking outside there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I turned on the 24-hour weather station out of curiosity and the doppler didn’t show anything in our area not even a blip of green on the screen. I listened closely but this time it didn’t sound like thunder. It sounded like something heavy was thrown from a high distance. This time I stood on the porch but couldn’t see anything. There wasn’t even a breeze. I waited just a few more minutes for the thuds to gauge distances but nothing happened. I fell back to sleep surprisingly quite quickly. When I woke up the next morning I had faint recollections of a dream. It wasn’t a nightmare but I remember feeling scared then safe. There was a beautiful blonde man but I couldn’t remember the face. I was distracted the rest of the day playing the dream over and over in my head. Like lightning hitting the water, a small movie clip from my dream played in my head. The blonde man was standing in front of me but behind him was a gargoyle with his head bowed then in the next sequence he looked as if he was lurching in my directions and wings spread. I realized I have seen this gargoyle in New York but his head was tucked as if to graciously bowing. Another tiring day behind me as I collapsed in the bed when arriving home. I didn’t even eat dinner or water my plants.

Weeks passed with only a few dreams and the only difference was that my gargoyle would be just a smidge closer. At the end of the month, I noticed more stone creatures showing up all over our small town. First my neighbor Sal, then it was the school but now the library, grocery store, and even the bars were homes to these statues.
I was walking to work when I saw my neighbor sitting on her porch drinking coffee,
‘Morning Sal, so, where did George find that beautiful specimen?’ I nodded down towards the stone figure.
‘You know it’s the damnedest thing. George told me he didn’t buy him,’ she said puzzled but not all that concerned. However, I felt uneasy.
‘Oh, you’re not the least bit curious as to where he came from? Worried some random serial killer could be marking homes with these things?’ I asked.
‘How do you know it’s a boy?’ I just looked at her in response to her odd question.

‘I’m only guessing? Wouldn’t you think the gargoyle would be a male? Men can be scarier and more threatening,’ I said with a smile.
‘I think I can top the scare scale when I haven’t had my coffee,’ I giggled and waved as I headed into work.



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Pat York, Pat. “Front View of House.” Flickr, Jonesboro,

The Story that’s Getting Away: Grotesque Angels

This started out to be a short story and it feels like it has a mind of its own. I had characters developing in different ways than imagined and characters I didn’t even know were there. It’s becoming a bigger undertaking than I thought and I’m going to try and limit myself to sharing 500 words at a time.

Gargoyles have been around for an eternity and possess a wealth of history, meaning, and tales. Now visitors viewing these stone creatures post pictures on social media sites and not give them a second thought. I was once one of those people not so long ago on a trip to New York taking pictures of all the old churches, parks, and the gargoyles. We don’t have them in our small town just some old churches and a couple of bars. The trip was a success and I have beautiful pictures to prove it.
I had been home a week when I noticed a gargoyle perched on my neighbor’s porch as I walked by.
‘Hey Sal, when did you get that cute little guy?’ I asked her pointing towards her step.
Sally looked down with a puzzled expression, ‘Hmm…I didn’t get him, maybe George did.’
‘He’s great, have a good day.’ I waved and continued about my daily errands. I did my marketing because being gone on a trip I didn’t have any food and needed to stock up.
‘Oh, son of a…’ I danced around holding my foot.
Sal must have been proud of her new statue and moved him to the end of her pathway because I almost tripped stubbing my toe on the damn thing walking back home. Groceries spilled out all over the sidewalk. I cursed more very graphic language and when the stinging went away I packed up my staples and headed home but with a little hitch in my giddy-up.

About a week later, staring out my office window, I noticed that the schoolyard has adopted three of their very own stone gargoyles. They didn’t look as mean but more fatherly.
‘Oh, hey Minnie,’ I exclaimed as she walked past my office.
‘When did the school get their new sculptured friends?’ I asked as she stepped in and pointed her gaze in the direction of the schoolyard.
‘Oh I don’t know, I never really noticed those before. Maybe they’ve had them and we never paid any attention. Think about it, how often do you survey a school playground when you don’t have kids?’ She raised her eyebrow and pointed at me implying that I should think about that.
‘You know, one of the legends that surround these pieces of art is that they are to protect people from evil. That’s why churches have them, to protect the congregation.’ I said just as a matter of factly as she brought up not having kids. First, you need to have a husband or at least a boyfriend to produce offspring. Truth be told, this small town doesn’t have that many bachelors seeking mates. They are either too immature and or aging to concern themselves with those ideologies. I always wanted a family and she knows that’s a sore spot for me. Sure she set me up on blind dates or a friend of a friend type of date but they weren’t my type. She knew what I was saying without saying it.
‘Lunch?’ Minnie asked but what it really was is a change of subject past the awkward silence.
I packed mine today but it’ll keep in the fridge. Are you thinking Buck’s or the deli?’ I asked taking her proverbial olive branch.
‘You decide, she replied and disappeared.
‘Noon?’ I hollered and off in the distance I think it was a ‘yup,’ for her reply.

We sat at a booth in Buck’s Diner because I wanted some real home cooked food. My father and mother had their first date here. Hell, I think everyone’s parents had their first dates here. The mashed potatoes didn’t come from a box and the rest of the food didn’t taste like it was commercially made. The waitress set down our lunches; Minnie a salad, and the fried chicken and mashed taters for me.
‘How was your trip? Meet anyone interesting?’ Minnie asked as I was shoveling a huge forkful of taters and gravy in my mouth. I held up one finger and handed her an envelope of the pictures that I thought looked the best for print. She daintily took a bite of her salad and delicately took the photos out of their protective sleeve.
‘Not really but I was only there for the art. But one thing I missed was this right here,’ I took a huge bite out of my chicken leg.




Pat York, Pat. “Front View of House.” Flickr, Jonesboro,

Infecting Impact

Thank you for tuning into Fox23 News this morning. We are continuing to cover the story of the situation in Impact, Texas. This is the last known transmission to come from the small town as of last night. What you hear may be disturbing to younger audiences.

911 Operator: 911, what’s the address of the emergency?
Caller: (Screams) Shh! Quiet! They’ll know we’re in here. {whispers} Yes, we need the CDC or military or something. The officer outside didn’t make it to the door. The street is a river of blood and very small footprints (inaudible crying) We’re at…(banging)
911 Operator: Sir, what is your location?
Caller: {whispers} Don’t send any more officers. We need bigger help. Melissa…shh shh shh.
911 Operator: Are you alone?
Caller: My wife and I are stuck in the house. We have towels shoved under the doors. I don’t think they’ve figured out that they can fit under the doors.
911 Operator: (screaming) Sir? (muffled yelling) Sir? What is your location?
Caller: Oh God! No no no no no shh-get upstairs (banging)
911 Operator: Sir? What is your location?
Caller: They’re in the house! They can camouflage! I don’t know where it went! Shhh (muffled crying). Melissa, it’s going to be ok baby.
911 Operator: Sir, is the intruder in the house?
Caller: {whispers} Yes, we are in the bathroom on the second floor. The window is facing the street. We live in the house on the corner of Roosevelt and Clinton.
911 Operator to Police Dispatch: Caller states that there is an officer down and I believe we have a possible breaking and entering in process. Please be advised the owners are in the home in the upstairs bathroom.
911 Operator: Sir, just stay in the bathroom, I have help arriving.
Caller: NO!! They won’t be able to see them. They blend into the ground or surroundings. I can’t even see them.
911 Operator: (muffled screaming and banging) Sir?
Caller: Melissa? Honey look at me! (gurgling) Mel! Oh God! (inaudible)
911 Operator: Sir?
Caller: (inaudible) The blood! She’s still alive and they are in her! I can see them moving around in her stomach! There’s blood everywhere! Oh god ple…
911 Operator: Sir, apply pressure to the wounds. Can you tell me what caused the wounds?
Caller: (gurgling)
911 Operator: Sir?
Caller: (gurgling) {faint clicking}
911 Operator: Sir, Are you there?
Call terminated by the caller at 22:36

Areas surrounding the town of Impact, Texas are now under quarantine. The national guard will be going to other towns to evacuate residents. If you are in the northern counties of Abilene, in the towns of Hamby, Hawley, Stith, and Tye you are in the quarantine zones. You are instructed to stay inside locked doors of your homes. DO NOT go outside until a National Guard escorts you out. Details of the situation as of 8am, Dyess AFB is ground zero. Individuals infected with these unidentified parasites, please isolate yourself from anyone else. If there is someone infected please call 911. Please stay tuned to local Fox23 for updating details.

Helen turned off the news and told her children to go and pack some clothes and their toothbrushes. She looked worriedly at Tatum.
‘Don’t worry sweetheart. We are in an evacuation town. We’ll get out in time.’ Tatum told his wife. Rumbling could be heard outside. Helen looked out the window to see the troops rolling in starting the evacuation process.
‘Oh thank the stars,’ she exclaimed. Tatum opened the door after a knock,
‘We’re almost ready,’ Tatum told the guard.
‘Sir, I have been informed to tell you that this town is now in the quarantine zone. Please stay inside. We will throw sandbags in front of your doors and bring rations.’
Tatum argued, ‘We just heard on the news that…’
The guard cut him off and leaned in, ‘Sir, the quicker you obey these orders the better your chance of survival.’
Tatum nodded. The guard brought MREs enough for a month worth of food for the entire family. Even diapers, water, formula, and coloring books were provided.
‘Yes, us that we live in a small enough town for such rations to be provided.’ Helen said while rolling her eyes that were starting to tear up.
‘It’s going to be ok,’ He told Helen as they could hear the weight of the sandbags hitting the door.


This was SO much fun for me to write (even though I’m supposed to be working but I had an idea and HAD to get it out) for Discover’s Prompt. The research for this small piece just fell right in with my idea. Could this be a series? Prequel? I don’t know but I had to start here.

Please don’t forget about the small writing contest that I’m trying (yup, I’ll have a one for the artists too). The deadline for that is May 30th for your 150-word submission.

Dark Journal Days

I haven’t written anything in a while and I had to get this idea out of my head. Don’t forget there is still time to enter the writing contest that I’m holding. I wanted to do something different. Visit May 10ths post and give it the 150-word try.

Journal Entry Day 1

I thought this would be as good as time as any to start my journal considering where everything headed today. Went to work as usual. Nothing out of the ordinary happened until we lost phones and internet. Bosses sent workers home as we needed communication capabilities to complete orders. I got home and as I hoped wasn’t true I also didn’t have internet or cable. Not even the local tier channels that run off an antenna. I was, however, able to get a radio signal. Local broadcasts seemed chaotic and it took an AM channel to understand that the entire town was in communication darkness. It wasn’t until after I had prepared dinner that the power went out. Luckily, being the daughter of a southerner I was prepared with candles and oil lamps with plenty of charcoal for the grill. I quickly bagged up the food in my freezer and set them to bathe in the cool lake water. I don’t know how long the dark will last but at least I can fish.

Journal Entry Day 8

I haven’t been to work in a week. Since the loss of communication and electricity life has been rather simple. Luckily, the neighbors and I have been able to hunt, fish, use the lake water for bathing, and cooking. I ran out of charcoal yesterday but there are plenty of dead trees around for us to use for cooking. We have a small community forming on my neighbor’s and mine’s property but everyone is bringing something to the group or working to help keep things clean and in order. That’s what we ask for living with us on our land. No news on the radio about when we will get power or communication back.

Journal Entry Day 17

Our group is getting smaller or so it seems. I swear there is something in the darkness but it could be my boredom setting in. Pens are at no shortage of supply here in town. The local store was able to pull out their old registers and continue selling items. The produce and meat were the first to sell out during a huge sale. I was able to get meats for dehydrating and I dried some vegetables. I hid the items in my house under the floorboards. My neighbor, Minnie, and I have noticed that there are some items going missing. When I find out who it is I’m going to force them off the property.

Journal Entry Day 36

It’s been awhile since my last entry. There is something in the darkness! Our group is down to just Minnie, another couple, and myself. I don’t know where everyone went. I wonder if they were taken by the darkness. Only now, there is no day. It should be 3pm but it looks more like 3am. We haven’t seen the sun in 2 weeks. I went to wake up one morning only to discover there wasn’t a sun. The AM station that we listen to now only broadcasts at midnight. The town learned that between the hours of 11pm and 4am the radio can broadcast and the town’s people can go outside and do chores, swap goods, and hunt. 5 hours doesn’t seem like enough time to complete everything but when we work as a team we are able to get everything done plus an hour extra time.

Journal Entry 56

It’s just me and Minnie here at our lakeside houses. We have decided that we will stay in my house as it has a fireplace but we will cook at her place. The bears are scarce but the raccoons seem to multiply. The theory is that since they can see in the dark they are able to survive whatever is bloodthirsty in the dark. We cook over there because their food source seems to be running low and will scavenge anywhere. After many break-ins, knocked over trash can messes, and the trash pandas running a mock through our house when we are present, we thought it would be best to leave the food smells in one place. We now burn garbage and leftovers and got rid of our compost heap. The sounds coming from the hollows of black are getting worse. A couple of weeks ago the sounds started out as clicking sounds then moved to growls now it’s like death howls. We don’t go out when we hear the sounds and keep everything locked up until 11pm when the sounds stop.

Journal Entry 92

I lost Minnie. Not like I had a funeral for her but I lost her! We were literally racing the clock to get back into the house. As the alarm was sounding throughout the house I was able to jump through the door but when I expected for Minnie to land on me, she didn’t. THere was no sound, no feeling of her grabbing for me, no nothing. Just darkness. I’m so alone and so scared. The AM station is giving an underground route to the station through morse code but I’m afraid to leave. I don’t think I could make it to the nearest doorway to the underground tunnel in 5 hours on foot. I will try to fix the 4-wheeler tomorrow.

Journal Entry 136

I made it to the closest entry point to the tunnel but unfortunately, I don’t have a radio. I’ll navigate the best I can with what I was able to write down.

Journal Entry 139

The tunnel is dark. They are in the tunnel, in the darkness, with me. I don’t know what to do? My only thought is that whatever runs in the blackness also controls the radio station and must have for some time. I have been able to hide in small crooks and sit still without making a sound. I will try to get out of the tunnel and to the nearest home ASAP. I’m out of food and running low on batteries for the flashlight. They don’t like the light.

To the finder of this journal. Coordinates to the radio station are in the back of this notebook. DON’T GO THERE! AVOID THIS AREA! They’re there! The creatures in the dark are hunters and they are probably hunting you right now as you read this. It’s a game for them. I only write this in hopes to save you as I couldn’t save Minnie or myself. Head to the lighthouse at the end of town. Head towards the lake. That’s where I was heading. Good luck in finding the light.

Entry: Hence, the Exorcists

I am amazed by the stories that you guys are writing! So much inspiration in so few words. Here is another doozy of a tale in 150-words and I admire the research and thought of this tale. I had the pleasure of discovering this author through the #AtoZChallenge from last month. The imagination and creativity in his words are great. This story is written by Stuart. Head over and read his A to Z series and much more. If you would like to participate in the contest or share, check out May 10th’s post.

Hence, the Exorcists

Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas, et secta diabolica…
The exorcism was conducted three times by three priests: two blessed by Rome, one who got his degree online. Exhausted, the three stood, facing the evil abode. It looked down on them with disdained amusement.

The Arbor of Solomon they constructed trapped and halted the spread of its demonic ways. Before they came, it got the Weeping Willows, red droplets pooling around the roots. Mrs. Alto’s Victory Garden ate her dog, three cats, and the mailman’s left leg. Shrubbery wilted, foundations cracked, and Vampire chipmunks invaded. Subverting the Women’s Weekly Book Club was the step too far; hence, the exorcists.

After a quick call to the Vatican, all three packed up their bags and began to leave. The Online Priest pulled a sign from his bag, driving the stake into the thorn-laden lawn.

“House for Sale. Terms Negotiable.”

Entry: The Inn of Eternal Rest

Another great chiller in such few words. The author of this story is Kristian over at Tales From The Mind of Kristian. Please click on over and read more of his work. Oh, I do hope he continues this one into something more. How many were there? Were they like this before they were a couple? The goosebumps!  If you would like to participate in the contest or share, check out May 10th’s post.  Don’t want to keep ya’ll waiting…
The Inn of Eternal Rest


It was a beautiful cottage, all innocent and sweet. Appearances can be deceptive. Its windows were like the eyes of a child with nothing to hide. If the eyes were the windows to your soul then these windows should have been blacker than the pits of hell.

It was an Inn once. Not anymore, no one would step foot over the threshold let alone agree to spend a night there. It had been owned by an evil couple who would put their wealthy yet defenseless guests into its main chamber. The bed was booby trapped and suddenly in the night, the occupants of it would find themselves hurled down through a trapdoor into a bubbling cauldron of boiling water in the kitchen below.

The evil pair were caught and hanged but still, their spirits linger, for to this day no one has ever survived a night within its walls.

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