6 Word Day 20

No explanation needed. I’m sure the noise of your own family needing dinner will ring true with this one. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could throw a bag of family chow on the table with glasses of water and call it dinner?

Prompt Word: Ding!

Impatient, starving family… DING! Silencing salvation.

From a Bartender to Their Patrons:

I wrote this really quick for my customers at the bar. There is more I wanted to expand on but needed to keep it a decent length. This was a writing exercise card from boot camp.

When you come in we are excited to see you and genuinely interested in your day or week as ours aren’t that glamorous. When you need a shoulder, friend, advice, an ear to listen, to sit in peace, medical assistance, mother, sister, brother, father, or a genuine person to spend a couple of drinks with-we’re gladly there.

We hurt when you’re hurting and will cry with you. We’ll be strong for you when no one else can be. We will protect you from harm whether it be from another patron or yourself. We love seeing your kids and grand kids grow (fur babies too). And worry when we don’t see you. We’re proud of your accomplishments however big or small. Your stories both good and bad are always welcomed.

Why you may ask? You, a stranger in the beginning, has touched our families and us in ways you can never imagine. You’ve helped us put food on our tables, roofs over our heads, gas in our vehicles. Birthday gifts for our little ones, school instruments that nourish our kids dreams of the future musician. Strength to get through the day through your advice and stories. Shoes on a little one’s feet during a growth spurt. Courage to follow our passions. You’ve taught us humility, loving another human beyond our own blood, acceptance of faults, and sense of community. There’s so much that we have learned and come to love and appreciate about you, more than a patron. A friend.

So thank you for coming to your local bar, from a bartender to a patron.

Ugh....I need to really crack down on my writing! I sound like a juvenile! 

May 22nd, 2017

Meat and Matters and Questionable Acts

I know I haven’t posted anything in a few days and I will own that. BUT I have been writing and working on my Writers Boot Camp and will post that shortly. My journal entry for Friday the 19th to Today is going to either be a 2 or 3 part series simply because so much has happened. Let’s start with Friday.

Friday morning most of the office staff left for a trip to New Jersey and some had taken personal vacation days. This left the old and the new CSRs, both require an extreme amount of patience. The older individual is wise but also set in her ways which means no budging on the fact that her mistakes are just that, mistakes. Instead, she believes her experience excuses her from ownership of mistakes and that I should do what is asked in the art spec ONLY to have to change it several times causing more work and time spent on correcting a mistake rather than completing the artwork the first time the indiscretion was brought to her attention. So, I didn’t react like I really wanted to, I just did my work and moved on.

I not only did this because I didn’t need the stress but also because the younger, newer CSR was left alone without proper training. She was left without proper training because and older CSR decided that it was better to train her by having her watch the older CSR do the job that she was hired for with minimal explanation. So, I received an email with the art spec request with a message attached (which usually doesn’t occur unless it’s an edit to an at spec) saying, ‘I don’t have a book showing what this product is. I only have this years catalogs.’ How can she do her job when she doesn’t have all the material? I was able to hunt down PDF versions of our older product catalogs from 2013 and email them to her. When asked why I was running all around the factory and explaining the situation, I was then told, ‘That is not your job.’  I have been in her shoes and received the same treatment but I’m a lot tougher than this new CSR and continued to help her through the rest of Friday.

At lunch, an employee was telling me about how her husband was just in a wreck because they couldn’t afford the repairs and her car is in need of repairs. Plus on top of all that, it was their son’s birthday. They didn’t have anything to extravagant planned because the boy only wanted to fishing. Her husband sent her a text, ‘I can’t even afford to buy the worms.’ I could feel the heart break in the text. I threw out my cigarette and went inside. Looking back I’m pretty sure she thought I was the bitch that everyone claimed I was. Little did she know, I wanted to get to my wallet and back out to her before break was over. I wouldn’t have another chance to do what I wanted to do (and in front of everyone was not a time or place to do it). I handed her $40 which was all I had left and quickly walked back to my dungeon of creativity. I knew she was going to try to hand it back or say that she’ll pay me back and I didn’t want either.

I’m not bragging about my kindness on Friday, my reason is that I hope that you, the reader would do one act of kindness everyday. It makes a difference. The new CSR never turned in her 2 week notice because she is finally understanding her job. The birthday boy was able to go fishing with his dad and that it sparked a new interest to continue to be able to fish together. I was told today that he and his dad are learning to start their own small worm farm. Sometimes all it takes is a ripple. I also find that when I am able to help someone, however small, my depression subsides. So my question is: Does helping others aid in subsiding your C-PTSD or PTSD related depression?

I would love to hear about it.

Part 2 coming tomorrow.


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