Adventure Class 3: Clover Gets Harnessed

Last night’s class went really well. She is still her stubborn self but all in all she did great. So far we have


  • Acknowledging her name when called (we are still working on that-it’s just her being a brat)
  • Sit (she’s adding this to other commands and doing good)
  • Focus (which she doesn’t do)
  • Wait/Stay (getting better)
  • Leave it (along as it wasn’t a toad)
  • Down (she’s getting better)
  • Heel
  • Walk
  • OK (her release command from stay/wait)

After 35 minutes she wanted to shut down. I have worked with better acting mules than this little girl. We switched things up and played with her a little and we were at it again. I only wish she wouldn’t be so stubborn or easily distracted. BUT this is where we have to work on ‘focus’ a bit more.

I had purchased her a really nice walking harness and we were working on her heel command and walking like a lady on my right side. NOPE! The harness that I bought for her allowed her whole body movement. So, the trainer put on a training harness. My heart broke because it looked so uncomfortable but I need to be more firm with her. It was harder than I thought. I want her to walk on my right side, so we are training her to heel and walk on my right side. When she get’s stubborn-basically so do I and just stop. I also have to do sharp left turns to train her to heel to my right. Ugh so much to remember but she doesn’t succeed of I don’t. Tonight it will be an around the block training session in short bursts and some focus training as well. I already warned my husband that dinner will be cheap and quick because I do need to invest more time with my girl.

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