Give Thanks for Life, Love and Laughter – The Thanksgiving tag

IT’S DONE! I completed a basic online portfolio. Now I just to take the time over the days that I have off and build it up with projects that I can create on my own.

I haven’t participated in one of these in a LONG time and since I’m kind of boycotting work at the moment I thought I would do this. I would like to thank Kristian for this Thanksgiving Tag that was started by My Namaste 365. Now it’s no surprise, according to my children, that I have ruined the holiday with one click of the mouse but they’ll be ok. This is something of a list that kind of get’s my mind off of things and try to focus on the task at hand. I literally drew a blank on most of these 🤔

List your thankful ABC.
Add one theme clip art to your post.
Tag 3 people you hope would participate.

  • A- Art, in any form.
  • B- Brushes, as in all sorts of paint brushes for me to paint with (when I steal time).
  • C- Coffee, yup I’m addicted and drink it every day.
  • D- Dogs, if it wasn’t for my dog I would know what to do with myself sometimes.
  • E- Evening time, this is when my family is together the most.
  • F- Frustration-I know weird but if I didn’t get frustrated I wouldn’t set some of my goals.
  • G- Goals, they help me be a better me.
  • H- Havamal…there is so much wisdom in the words.
  • I- Ink, to both use to write and draw.
  • J- Jeans, a good pair can hide a multitude of sins.
  • K- Kids, mine specifically. They are the reason why I push myself.
  • L- Love, learning to love me, others, and to be loved in return.
  • M- Music, sometimes all you need are good tunes to get you through the moment.
  • N- Naps…I’m a mom. I’m happy if the kids get ’em or I do.
  • O- Okaying…pretty much what it sounds like and that’s what I’m doing. And that’s okay.
  • P- Projects. If I don’t have one these planned, in the process of, or just finished I feel off.
  • Q- Quiet, something I need in the mornings to get ready for the day.
  • R- Routine, I am a creature of habit and without some of my routines, I’m not myself.
  • S- Spirituality, I love that I can form my own path in the direction that I’m comfortable with.
  • T- Time, however I use it, I’m glad I have it.
  • U- Uncanny County, this podcast is awesome and lifts my spirits.
  • V- Vices, I have them and without them, I wouldn’t be suitable for public consumption.
  • W- Waffles, without them my son wouldn’t eat breakfast.
  • X- Xendochy…hospitality. I had to look this up. X was difficult.
  • Y- YUMMY food…this brings my family together.
  • Z- Zappers…the electric bug zappers. It’s a southern thing.

Nominations (it’s OK not to participate, I promise):

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The Decline of a Portfolio

First off let me just say making the holiday’s memorable for the kids SUCKS! Running around trying to find the perfect wreath, wondering if we need more lights, what’s for dinner?  All the questions and errands are tiring and compound that with deciding on what to feed these people is all around draining. If there was a magic elf that could just come in, read my mind, and make everything appear right where I want it PLUS make a dinner that EVERYONE will eat that would be great! Since there isn’t no such a thing I’m stuck pretending that I can do it. No, we haven’t put anything up but per our family tradition, it goes up the day after Thanksgiving.

bird singing in cageOutside of running pre-holiday errands, I started rebuilding my portfolio. OH MY OVERWHELMED! I did a little research and apparently what the new younger designers are doing 365-day projects. Umm…I couldn’t even do a 30-day project that I was SUPER passionate about! Does keeping my kids alive count? Or figuring out what to feed everyone for a year count? I did, however, realize how much my current employer has kept me stuck in one spot doing one thing. I haven’t worked on coding, websites, or really anything personally digital or for me. I have updated my website designing skills at ALL and so much has changed, obviously.

Then putting in what I do have to offer is a pain in the arse! Making sure all the important details are correct and images are formatted correctly then there is the whole hierarchy of how to organize everything! UGH! I thought that if I got up SUPER early, didn’t turn the TV on, I could have time but my son must’ve been able to smell me breathing downstairs. He was up too. My husband arranged for him to play at a friends house so I could have some time to myself but I’m nowhere near done. I’m hoping it’s dead at work so I can sneak an add and edit to my portfolio then there is the 365-day project. I also need to add ‘dream clients’ work. Basically, this is where I make up pretend clients and complete some branding projects. I would need to start paying monthly again for Adobe which is an expense that I just can’t do with the holidays. Sounds like I have some goals to make and crush!

  • 365-day project (I need ideas that pertain to graphic design)
  • Update Coding skills (enrolled in a few courses)
  • Add Google Ads certification (currently in the process-taking forever)
  • Get some freelance work

Here’s to a productive Monday one way or another. Going to try and stay positive and get this IMPORTANT task done (hopefully this week). Do you have any short-term goals? Happy Monday Y’all!


Morning Readers…
I started yesterday on a short story and POOF! Gone! I don’t know if our IT guy at work has now blocked simple Microsoft Office programs or if my computer crashed. With my Adobe work still fulling intact, I’m betting my money on him being a prude and blocking most everything. What I have been doing is starting my writing in Word and pasting in my draft. Now, I’ll be using Google Docs. Why this is going to be short, I’m doing more adult tasks like setting up my portfolio to better my chances at getting a different job. Why didn’t I have one before? I was using iPage with all the backups bells and whistles when it CRASHED 2 years ago. I didn’t worry as I paid extra for their recovery services and that was a waste of money. This means I need to start over. The other problem I’m facing is the fact that I signed a confidentiality contract due to the clients the company work with. This means I need to get creative or take a 3 year hit. Creative it is.

I will try to get more writing in between building my portfolio back up and running plus I’m also working on my Google Ads certification. Fingers crossed I can get this done by tonight. I know this is a lot of mundane information for my readers but this is where I’m at and I’m trying to stay positive. This is also where my head cues my anxiety to join the party and sabotage my goals. Happy Friday everyone.

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