Weighing In on Weighing In: Week 33

I’m a little happier with the scale’s number this morning. Mind you, I drank more water this week, made sure I hit my 30 points for activity and ATE. I ate more than I normally when it came to points. I was restricting myself A LOT and before that, it was the holidays so I was a little goosey-loosey with all the YUMMY YUMMY pies and cornbread dressing and mead and I need to stop with the food list.  I did also vary some of the foods that I eat but let me tell you…beans with eggs in the morning is surprisingly awesome!

My sample breakfast:

1/2 cup of black beans (or red kidney but pintos are my favorite)
2 eggs cooked how you like (I prefer scrambled)
Fat-free cheddar cheese (I know sounds awful but it’s not so bad)
Bacon (one slice crushed)
Mrs. Dash Chipolte Seasoning

OPTIONAL: green onions or salsa

Heat the beans of your choice (you can mash them a little if you like), scramble your eggs with 1/8 cup of cheese and fry and crumble bacon. I layer my beans sprinkled with a little Mrs. Dash and 1/8 cup of cheese then top with eggs and crumbled bacon. Depending on my time restraints sometimes I’ll add green onion and sometimes I’ll add a couple of tablespoons of salsa. If I’m doing this for dinner I’ll add a little bit of guacamole.

Happy Thursday guys. Oh speaking of which, has anyone noticed that Canada readers aren’t showing up on the stats? Is it just me?


New Year-Same Me

I rang in the New Year with a sick little one. I missed the ball drop as we both fell asleep before BUT we were up at 1:15 AM then again at 2:30 AM then again I was up at 3:45 AM and couldn’t fall back to sleep. But I realized something during the hours of sleep deprivation. I like me the way that I am. There are things that I want to improve on but I don’t want to change me as a person. It took a lot for me to be the person that I am today and I’m learning to fall in love with her all over again. Flaws and all.

I was a busy bee this morning. I created my new page for my 365-Day Project and took my day 1 photo. Learned a LOT in only one day. I can’t wait to see my improvement from day 1 to day 365. At the end of my project, I hope to have a firm grasp of color theory and mobile phone photography. Did you know there are Mobile Photography Awards (MPA) and magazines dedicated to mobile photography?! I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to get that good! I would LOVE to travel and take awesome photos. But for now, I’m going to start with my project and get better.

The color palette portion is to help me create stunning color palettes and I’ve decided to integrate them into my super easy simple quick comic that is actually due this Saturday. EEK! So I’m looking into free to extremely cheap courses in mobile photography to help me a bit and trying to get the funds together to purchase external lenses. I’m being more active in my KO-FI, Facebook, and Instagram. Maybe I’ll even start a Patreon but only if I get better. As in night photography with my phone better. I’m not asking for a new phone just some lenses and a tripod. I’ll do my best to save and hopefully get help from my reading community. Does any of my readers use external lenses? Any recommendations for brands?

I have started the traditional southern New Year’s day feast. Black-eyed peas are in the crockpot, later the collards will start cooking down for about 4 hours, then the golden cornbread. I shared this on Facebook and thought I’ll do it again here:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What New Year’s day recipes are a tradition with your family? Do you follow your family’s tradition of have you created your own. If you’re creating your own traditions, I think New Year’s day would be perfect. I’m going down for a nap (yup even got on the treadmill this morning) and then I’ll finish getting dinner going and maybe some Havamal study. Happy New Years Y’all!


Weighing In On Weighing In: Week 5

This morning was a struggle from the minute I got up and I think what did it was the scale. The first thing I did when I woke up was to get on the scale. It’s weigh-in day after all. According to the scale, I didn’t gain but I didn’t lose. I realized that my hands were a little puffy and decided to get my blood moving and going for a walk. I didn’t want to. I thought what the hell am I doing maintaining and not losing? The negative thoughts just made my body feel heavier and more sluggish. I pushed through wanting to get home and get ready for the day.

I cracked open a cold one (water that is) and sat at my computer to plan out my meals and snacks for the day and write my 6-Word Story. I thought about maybe lose the low-calorie bread (1 slice for breakfast) and that would get rid of the olive oil butter. But it tastes so good and it’s a healthy fat. Then I got back on the scale and SURPRISE!

I’m down to 186lbs. This is great and makes the little sacrifices and turning down awesome food almost worth it. I said no to BBQ, cookies, peach dump cake, and angrily chewed my rabbit food in silence after ordering cheesy, gooey, oh so delicious pizza yesterday and didn’t take one bite.

The one thing that WW changed about my points is that the program lowered my weekly points from 42 to 35. I’m ok with this since I rarely dipped into them. My daily points are the same but my activity points I agreed to the raise from 64 t0 69 points. I managed to go over my points to 67 so I think if I add an evening walk 2-3 times a week I should be ok.

My favorite foods and finds so far are the premier shakes. I use the caramel shake (2FL ounces) mixed with an iced coffee concentrate and one packet of Stevia totally a 1 point iced coffee. Smart Ones Classic Favorites Ravioli Florentine at only 7 points is actually pretty good.

I consider this week a really good win. I’m going to continue what I’m doing with my foods but I’ll stop weighing myself right out of the bed on weigh-in day. Class lecture and writing on the menu tonight.

Quote of the Day

I’m only here for the food…and I’m on a diet!

I said this today because too many people were asking me to do so many things when I only have two hands. My anxiety was through the roof by 7:30 am this morning and I had to make a point. Part of the quote came from a movie, ‘Ever After’ and I still enjoy watching it.

S.O.S and Depression

Lately I have been forcing myself to cook more. Something that will keep my hands busy and the derailing of the depression train of though. On top of dealing with the aftermath of being fired from the bar and Tom slandering my name now I’m also dealing with my marriage and the lack of relationship that we have. All of this combined made the perfect recipe for horrible thoughts and the aches and pains of depression.

‘So what’s for dinner? is the question that was being asked last night. ‘What the hell do I care? Y’all are capable people that can problem solve and use BOTH hands’ is what I wanted to respond with but didn’t. I did manage to remember to take the hamburger out of the freezer but nothing else. I didn’t even go to the store after work or pick the kids up for school. I came straight home and flopped on my bed.


S.O.S is what I was making everyone but instead of putting the hamburger gravy on toast or rice I made mashed potatoes (there was my effort for cooking dinner). So here are some tips that made it super easy.

  • Use the grease from the cooking the hamburger. Don’t even worry about taking the meat out.
  • Add enough flour to soak up most of the grease and cook with the meat to pull that raw flour flavor out.
  • Dissolve a beef bouillon cube to add more flavor

There isn’t an exact recipe just a method. Add flour to meat to make a roux and cook until flour has browned a little. Add beef water (haha from the bouillon cube) and milk until you reach the desired consistency wanted.

Mash your taters up and pour your beef gravy over and voila! S.O.S. dinner is served. It did help me feel better to have real cooked food in my system instead of chips that I eat for lunch during the week (no appetite).

No it didn’t fix any problems but I was perked up a little and interacted with the kids rather than hiding in my room.

So S.O.S did save my dinner so give it a try when you feel like crap or no motivation.

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