Fenton Friday: Week 4

Happy Fenton Friday everyone. I’m slowly getting back to myself. I did a lot of writing yesterday and my goals for today are posting Fenton details (and calling on ALL ideas and asking to please share the Collaborative Fenton Friday project) and to catch up on my doodle(s)washes. I finally got a new doodle book (it took so long because I couldn’t handle the anxiety of going to the store) and will catch up.

For all my new Fenton readers here are some links to catch up on:

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There are some great ideas floating in these collaborative posts even one about tunnels that we can work with. There are suggestions for names of the town and the characters as well.  I encourage anyone that has an idea of what to add or something to include in the second episode for Fenton you can leave it in the comments, pingback, or send a message.


Fenton Friday: July Week 3

I had a mini-heart attack when I was listening to a podcast that sounded like the same idea that I’m trying to do for Fenton Friday. I almost scrapped the whole project idea but decided that I really am passionate about Fenton and he has a different adventure. The difference between Fenton and the podcast is that one single author writes the next episode but with Fenton, we use a collaborative approach and use several ideas.

We have this week and next week before I put together another episode. Even though the first falls in the middle of the week I’m aiming for Friday, August 3 as the deadline to get any and all ideas in and the second episode to be posted on August 5th. I’m super excited for this episode as I would like to introduce more of the town and the setting in which Fenton is putting the desk.

My question for this week:

Is there anything specific about the town setting that we should include that is needed for future episodes?

As always you can leave a comment or send a message.

Happy Friday Everyone


Fenton Friday: July Week 1

The first episode for Fenton has been posted and I can’t thank everyone enough that has helped with contributions and ideas. We introduced Fenton and the shopkeeper, the founder of the town-a craftsman, Abigail the shopkeeper, and the desk.

Questions are:

  • Is Abigail an important character? Does she become friends with Fenton? Does she offer valuable education about the town and or desk? Does she know the true secrets of the town?
  • We need a name for Fenton’s town. Something foreboding and mysteries. A hidden secret much like the contents of the drawer. A mystery to be solved. There are many town name generators but let’s come up with something awesome! A fitting for a town holding secrets.
  • What does the town look like? Is it busy? Is it small? Is it completely being bought out by big box stores and the desk/secret society hold the key to its survival?
  • The town’s founding mother-she needs a name. Does the town’s name have her name in it? Is it an anagram?
  • And why is Fenton purchasing a desk? Does his grandmother have anything to do with it? Is his grandmother, even though passed away, hold secrets?
  • Does the desk’s previous owner have any significance to the story? Is it a generational tradition?

I still needing help constructing the written episode (writers help!), copy editor (yeah, Grammarly only does so much for free), a possible anagram expert (if we go this route), and researcher.

I would also like to add some visuals to the posts. We need a desk. Picture or painting something mysterious and possible ominous looking. I would also like to add pictures of our made up town. This means-artists, doodlers, photographers, hobbyist you name it, submit a piece and voting will commence.

As always, submit in comments, by email, or form on the Fenton’s very own page. If you would like to help in a different way please share and reblog Fenton’s Friday project.


Fenton Friday Deadline Approaching

I have made the commitment for the first episode for Fenton Friday to be posted on July 1st. Am I committing to too much? I would like to think no and hope that I have more writers and artists volunteer the skills, opinions, and expertise along the way. If there are any last minute additions that would like to be added in please email or comment below. IF this is your first time following, search Fenton Fridays or Fenton and read from the beginning. I’m sure this will be the beginning of a new adventure…for everyone including our Fenton.

Got to squeeze in some writing lectures and there will be an announcement with the first Fent Episode. Happy Friday!

Fenton Friday-Week 4 Collaboration (last call)

Please be patient. I’m having to do this on my phone because of some utility worker’s mistake.

Wow, I can’t believe it’s the end of June (or the end approaching). I would like to thank everyone that has helped in the collaborative project adding a little bit of their time and imagination. My goal is to get the first ‘episode/post/installment’ of Fenton for everyone to read by July 1st.

Please read Fenton Project Updates and what was added so far to date and if you would like to add to our Fenton Project please do so either in the comments or email (really it’s whatever you are comfortable with).  Also, I’m still looking for a few individuals that would like to help put the final monthly pieces together. More explanations in previous posts listed:

I have to cut this short (utility worker talking to my husband and I’m going to go put my 2 cents in). Happy Fenton Friday everyone. I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with for Fenton’s first appearance.

Prompt Resurrection …Better Explained

I have been scouring our wonderful bloggers for daily prompts and this is worth a checking out. Also, don’t forget to read about Fenton Fridays.

Originally posted on Cyranny’s Cove: ? A week ago, WordPress’ Daily Prompt gave its last breath, leaving many orphan bloggers, mourning the daily inspiration. Seeing how this affected the WordPress community, Dee, Kate, Kristian and I teamed up to offer an alternative to anyone who’d like to join our little adventure! Everyday, at 7am (Eastern Time), one…

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