Random Flash

I’m drawing a blank after writing a very emotionally difficult story to be posted tomorrow. It’s more cartoonish than anything. I’m reminded of a story that my grandmother told me about when she was leaving the grocery store. A man had stepped in front of her and opened his coat to reveal his nakedness. My grandmother said she laughed and told the man that he should be handing out magnifying glasses before trying to offend someone with his small toy.

Random Word: Flash

Random Grill

In honor of National Grill Cheese day…I happen to live these by the way.  Ultimate nostalgic comfort food.

Random Word: Grilled

Random Currency

I realized my mistake after I finished the 15-minute allowance of doodle time. My random word is currency and I drew clams. Get it? Clams? But instead of writing currency on the paper I wrote clams. I guess it was exciting for me to complete my doodle after a trying day at my job and then writing about something I only think about every now and then.

Random Word: Currency

Doodle Catch-Up

I’m sad that I haven’t been able to paint and even worse that I slacked on my daily doodle. My husband brought me my doodle journal. I feel lightheaded when I sit up but I really needed to catch up on my dailies.  I want to stay somewhat in a theme.

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Random Crack

I asked my daughter for a word, any word and what do I get? Crack. Yup, I should have known better when she’s nose deep in memes. But I thought of taking a word that sounded crude and turn it into cuteness. She wasn’t impressed.

Random Word: Crack

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