Art of Following Dreams

‘She’ll NEVER make money as an artist! It’s a hobby, not a career that can sustain her! Plus I’m not wasting the money for her to just lose interest!’ My mother yelled at my father after I asked to join an art class. ‘You can be anything you want in this life. If you want to draw and paint then I’ll go and get what you need. You have real talent Jo. I believe in you,’ my dad gave me a hug and walked away. Years later I’m now a graphic artist, painter, writer because my father supported me.

I hope I made the deadline for Carrot Ranch’s 99-word story prompt. Backstory: This was an argument that my mother and father had. I submitted a portfolio to an art school doing a trial for younger individuals. I was chosen for them to do a home visit and seen that what I created was with a #2 pencil or Crayola watercolors. I was then accepted into the program at 13. My father was so proud, my mother, on the other hand, didn’t want to spend anything even though I was granted a scholarship. Needless to say, my father’s support helped me to where I am today.

6 Word Story Day 11

I had to do a little research in the abbreviation and it being accepted as one word and so far from what I have read it does. My father passed away years back and he had a huge impact on the person I am today…or was before and need to find her again.

Prompt Word Day 11: Role Model

“Father, I’ll follow your example.” R.I.P

6 Word Story Day 10

The story for this came flooding to me when my children didn’t receive anything from their father (my abuser) for Christmas. Come to think of it-he didn’t call on their birthdays last year either. Now I’m left wondering what’s the reason? What does he have planned. Even though they are teens and can make their own decisions I asked them if they wanted to call him. Let’s just say the answer was, “NO” but the conversation that took place afterwards took longer.

Prompt Day 10: Seedlings

Legacies are the children he abandoned.

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