Trapping Wings

I didn’t participate last week but I wanted to try my hand at fantasy and possible humor for this week’s Twittering Tales? Or a humorous situation? Either way, this was a fun one. I wonder if I can participate in the A-Z blog challenge doing something like these little shorts?

$10,000 REWARD!
Small songbird escaped May 4th.
She has gold wings, pearl beak…’
Ell recalled the poster when she saw a bird with actual gold wings and beak of pearl.
She thought, ‘The sweet songs are lovely but I think she’s worth more than the reward.’
That day she set her traps.

© Jo-Creative PTSD Gal
Character Count: 280
Word Count: 52

Burning Moons

Epic fantasy or High Fantasy is a subgenre of fantasy, defined either by the epic nature of its setting or by the epic stature of its characters, themes, or plot. A fantasy set in an alternative, fictional (“secondary”) world, rather than “the real”, or “primary” world. The secondary world is usually internally consistent, but its rules differ from those of the primary world. I’m going to try my best to create an epic world in a short story for the A to Z challenge. Believe me, this has taken me all day.

I was born on the eve of burning moons. It has always been an honored night among our people. The seven moons align in a perfect square with one in the middle and catch the light of the sun just right so it looks like they are burning. This is the night that we connect to the universe and learn the secrets of our realm. Unfortunately, me being born on this sacred night also tied me to the universe’s secrets forever. This meant great responsibility to my realm and people. My teacher, our all-knowing elder who was also born on one of these nights is help me learn the art of protecting and providing.

We are not like any other worlds, yes our lands float in the air but they also dive in the deepest, darkest waters. The capabilities to dive and to fly are held in the heart of the burning moon children. We control wind beneath the lands and the bubbles that surround them for diving. I have NO idea how to even begin to do this. What’s worse is that I don’t get practice trials. No, the one time I do it is the one and only time to get it right. If I don’t, my world, our world and everything in it cease to exist. Our lands need to dive and swim in the darkness because of the burning moons. Imagine, the heat from the sun reflecting off of the moons and onto our islands is blinding and the heat can kill all life instantly.

My for years my all-knowing teacher sat with me and taught me the magic of the secrets of our realm. She was strict, kind, and her knowledge was overwhelming but necessary. I learned that the wind is born from the wings of hope and without our people’s hope, nothing would soar. The depths of cool dark waters are reached because our people peacefully dream. I learned that they are able to do this because of the strength and power of the burning moon children, because of me. I learned that everything has a tie to us and we are tied to them.

It was time for the next burning moon holiday and also time for our world to descend from the sky and plunge into the safety of the cool depths of the water. If I’m unable to fullfill any of my duties a great evil and darkness will take over our world as we know it. A slow torturous death would fall upon my people and planet. If one individual stops hoping then a crack in the evil’s prison will start. If one person cannot dream another crack. Slowly these cracks will turn into a hole and then the evil is let loose. There have been years in history that a child of the burning moon wasn’t able to keep all that is sacred safe but was still able to keep the evil at bay.

My turn. My tutor sat knowingly beside me relinquishing all knowledge, control, and faith into my hands. Our people sat fires and began feasting as we waited for the moons to start their alignment. I sat at the top of the highest cliff on our floating land and waited for the last moon to take her place in the middle. All the years of practice and knowledge will be tested. I sat with my eyes closed listening to the sound of the wind and my breath. I could feel my center align when the last moon aligned. The silence was deafening and when I opened my eyes I saw beautiful sea creatures floating all around. I had completed the task

6 words Day 3

This prompt was a little hard for me to complete. I ended up pulling from the fantasies I use to have when I was married to my abuser. It may not seem deep and words on the screen for anyone reading this but it has meaning and purpose to for me. I always hoped he would leave but I ended up finding the strength and left.

The prompt for day three: Open Door

Her wish came true. He left.



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