The Nothings

I had a dream that left me inspired but sad. Not sad but heartbroken. Not heartbroken but empty. This could be due to the current feelings I went to bed with or a situation or the fact that I can feel other people’s emotions. The only problem with this is I can’t let it go.

There’s a darkness that escapes only to feel the light for a second.
This escape is a leak of nothings.
It’s feeling a loss that was never found or buried.
It’s feeling cold in a warm car.
It’s a memory that never happened.
It’s being lonely with someone sleeping next to you.
It’s feeling empty after a meal.
It’s pretending to be happy when all you want to do is cry.
Let the darkness escape to feel the light.
Feel all the nothing feelings.
And when you’ve felt all that you can feel of the nothing,
Seek out the why and give the nothings something to hold and feel.

6 Word Story: 2/17

I am exhausted and I almost didn’t write the story today but forced myself to get up and write this. With a sick husband and everything that needs to get done, I’m just exhausted. I guess this is a form of self-care for me. I do feel how someone’s nature is before even speaking with. My grandmother said it’s a gift I had since I was a young toddler. Wish I had listened to it more.

Prompt Word: Useful Skills

She felt the evil before introductions.


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