Doodle & Doodlewash: 5/31

This has been an awesome month for me to explore watercolor a little more and find it a very agreeable medium. Since I purchased A LOT of watercolor supplies I think I’ll continue doing small paintings but I really want to fine tune my skills at urban sketching combining more detailed doodles and watercolor. I’ll continue with illomo and Doodlewash but I’m taking on a bigger project which will be announced tomorrow.

I found this prompt fitting as it’s the last day of May.

illomo Prompt: Goodbye









I haven’t had the time to bake anything for my diet and REALLY craving a cake but this was a fun paint. This one is particularly my favorite because I didn’t use any microns to outline anything.

Doodlewash Prompt: Desserts

Doodle and Doodlewash: 5/24-5/25

(I thought I hit the publish button on this! I’m pissed and can’t BELIEVE I did this!)

Yesterday all my anxiety was rearing its ugly head when my writing/painting desk had to be relocated due to summer. Meaning I get cold easily and it has come time for my husband to put in the AC window units. It feels like I’m living in an igloo at the moment and my husband just stepped outside so I will be turning everything up a bit so I don’t need a winter parka.

Dieting, I did well all day until it was time to go out to dinner to celebrate both my daughter’s and husband’s birthday. The only positive thing I can say about the meal is that I did cut back on a LOT of foods. Yummy morsels of meatiness from the Gods! UGH, The banana that I have right now as my dessert is mocking me! I kept myself busy though so that’s good. Right?

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The illomo sports player prompt really didn’t interest me but I did enjoy the giggle seeing my stick figure but the second Fairytale prompt was so fun to do. The Doodlewash fruit prompt I took from my childhood. I grew up eating figs and got spanked for eating so much off of my grandmother’s fig trees. You know what? It was worth it! I tried something new with the leaves prompt and actually kind of liked how it turned out.

Doodle and Doodlewash: 5/29

What a cluster of a morning! And what’s worse, I did it to myself but live and learn. Right? I wasn’t going to bail on my walk even though I didn’t have my alarm set (ok, it was set but not on). I walked faster because instead of making my snacks and lunch for today last night-I fell asleep in my chair. Got home and realized I needed to count points and needed recipes…so I sat at the computer getting sidetracked by ‘Oh look! Shiney!’ moments. I could’ve said screw it and went out to eat but I didn’t give in. I left the house wearing two different colored chucks only to arrive to work a minute late. It was forgiven though so I still got my holiday pay. Then add my art room partner chowing on ALL the things that would derail anything I’ve accomplished but I stayed warrior strong. It’s definitely one of those. ‘I need a drink,’ type of nights. I’ll paint one instead.

illomo Prompt: Warrior








Doodlewash Prompt: Drinks

Doodle & Doodlewash: 5/28

It’s been a trying day. I cooked separate meals from me and the family and I think I was even drooling over their food! I stayed strong but let me tell you my knees were weak when I pulled the bacon out of the pan to drain on paper towels. Instead, I had scrambled eggs with salsa and a slice of low-fat bread (Entire meal equaled 1 point!). I found solace in writing, doodling, and painting. The only problem I’m facing at the moment is whether or not to participate in next month’s Doodlewash challenge and do my own. I just know if I do my own thing then it won’t be daily and I’m loving the daily! I don’t know.

Looking back being upset over my kids drawing on the walls was uncalled for, an unnecessary stress that I added to myself and luckily it didn’t dampen their artistic side.

illomo Prompt: Toddler









Every Sunday, up until today, we would go out for pizza. My family understood that it would derail me really early in my journey to a healthier me. Once I figure out the point system and the best way to handle restaurants then we’ll go.

Doodlewash Prompt: Dinner

Doodle & Doodlewash: 5/27

Today was a kind of busy day and I kept myself busy watching an online class and doing my challenges.

I can’t tell you how many times my kids will roll their eyes at me or me to them. They are learning to walk away because with their eye roll comes to a remark of, ‘Don’t you roll your eyes at me, you’re gonna get it!’ or ‘I knock you into next week if you keep giving me attitude!’ Nothing ever comes from these other than added chores and telling them that they can’t go to their friends’ house. Ah, the joys of being a parent of teens.

illomo Prompt: Teen







For my watercolor prompt, I could have gone several different ways but chose the pinniped variety. I was so relaxed and found myself in my own little world doing creating this cutie.

Doodlewash Prompt: Seals


Doodle & Doodlewash Challenge: 5/26

The husband took one of the offspring to pick up the grocery order, another offspring is at work, and the little offspring is off tearing through the neighborhood with his friends. Yes, I’m one of those moms that lets their kids go outside and play. You know, be a kid? With all the kids out of the house and me being on a diet (food is now on my mind) I thought I would keep my hands busy and do my art challenges. Then I’m going to tackle an idea I had.

My husband just had a birthday is wrestling with mortality. I just want to age gracefully instead of being how awkward I am now. But what will really happen is that I’ll stumble into it without even realizing. This doodle still made me giggle and thought of a couple of horror movies that I’ve seen.

illomo Prompt: Old Age









I would kill for a 3 Musketeers bar right now but when the prompt was candy I wanted to practice using masking fluid and layering colors. I used a total of two colors, Faber Castell small pen, and white gel pen. This was fun.

Doodlewash Prompt: Candy

Doodle & Doodlewash: 5/23

I thought I would never get my challenges done and only hope to have my short-ish story done tonight. I planted the herbs and vegetables before the thunderstorms and humidity set in, cooked dinner, cleaned the kitchen, then unstuck my dog’s paw from a glue trap. This in-turn qualified for an entire dog bath. I’m covered in soil and dog water but I got what I wanted to be done. Here’s to hoping for the story.

illomo Prompt: With Angel







I wanted to stay within just using a few of colors loosely and hurried through my turtle. In the end, I loved the lack of detail but still can tell what the image is.

Doodlewash Prompt: Turtle

Doodle & Doodlewash: 5/22

Today was an off day for me. I did not care about my job at all today. I don’t know if it’s burnout or the people I work with. Of course, my commercial graphic design job doesn’t give me much leeway to be creative and that doesn’t help either. I was excited to do these challenges.

There is a field behind my house and from time to time there is a curious mouse that ends up in my kitchen. My husband can’t kill anything but spiders. I, on the other hand, having my own snakes, had NO problem killing the little suckers. I do wish we could have a cat to do the dirty work but I don’t think it would survive our dogs.

illomo Prompt: With Mouse







I haven’t seen a ladybug since I move up here but they something called an Asian beetle that looks similar to a ladybug. I was warned about them being a nuisance and have a foul odor when stepped on.

Doodlewash: Ladybug

Doodle & Doodlewash: 5/21

I often feel smaller than others whether it be in the compacity of creativity or experience to physical appearance.

illomo Prompt: With Giant









I wanted to throw this one away but instead added it to my bucket of ‘learning’ experience.

Doodlewash Prompt: Pen


Doodle & Doodlewash: 5/20

I couldn’t wait to doodle and paint today. I have a lot to do and I wanted to make sure I have time to practice painting in my ‘Travel Around Home Journal’. More will be explained later. Waking up early had its benefits so far. I cooked breakfast, cleaned the breakfast mess, got taters peeled for tater salad, and tidied up the house.

**REMINDER**: My little writing contest deadline is in 10 days! EEK! I was super excited and inspired by the 150-word entries. You guys never cease to amaze me. If you haven’t entered already there is still time. Just check out May 10ths post. 

One of the first things I do in the morning is get up and write my 6-word story. I find that I need to steer more towards a story than affirmations. I’ll get back to it…eventually.

illomo Prompt: Computer

These are actually considered poisonous in an unfamiliar cook’s hands but these Pokeweed Berries and leaves are AMAZING! My grandmother would prepare these on the weekends and I never once got sick. I use to hear my dad tell stories about how the Native American’s would use the berries as a natural dye.

Doodlewash Prompt: Berry


Doodle & Doodlewash: 5/19

Today ended up me doing all the things I didn’t want to do but needed to do. I even got herbs and vegetables to start my garden. And right now, it’s becoming more work than my husband bargained for since he didn’t want to rent a tiller. Groceries bought, dinner cooked, house cleaned, and cake baked. In between all of this, I painted for today’s prompt and a little doodle.

Now, maybe it’s because I was watching ‘Stand By Me’ and got nostalgic for a more innocent time (for me) and went the route I did.

illomo Prompt: On Phone







I don’t do well with animals all that much yet but I guess practice helps. This is my Pit Bull; Clover Bell. The other two: Dublin Rock and Bailey Pub, didn’t want anything to do with sitting still.

Doodlewash Prompt: Dog or Cat

Doodle & Doodlewash

I’m not really one myself but I am known for my bartending skills and killer gumbo around here. Oh and the southern accent in a northern state-yeah the conversations can get a little heated.

illomo Prompt: Celebrity









I was not going to paint a human baby. It would end up looking like a deranged cabbage patch doll. I opted for a cute baby duckling from a reference photo. Unfortunately, I can’t upload it to the doodlewash site but more than happy to do it here. I think tomorrow I’m going to pack a picnic and try to find the graffiti bridge to paint and the wooden bridge. Fingers crossed I can find both.

Doodlewash Prompts: Baby


Doodle & Doodlewash: 5/17

I’m not about teamwork this week one-bit thanks to my coworkers. But to make it a little easier for me I tried making it somewhat cute.

illomo Prompt: Teamwork








This prompt was a little more freeing as I got to use bright colors and was pleasantly surprised with the finished piece.

Doodlewash: Sailboat

Doodle & DoodleWash: 5/16

Here it is 1/2 way through the month and I’m surprised that I have done so much today including my challenges. I rushed through the adult chores, cooked dinner, cleaned up, defended my beliefs then sat down to paint. ZEN achieved.

My proportions are way off. I think the next time I use a reference image I should actually reference it.

illomo Prompt: Dancing









I can’t wait for one day to have my own watercolor travel journal. I guess I could start now with trying to paint what I see when we go to a park or I go for coffee.

Doodlewash Prompt: Sketchbook

Doodle & Doodlewash: 5/15

YES! I came home and I conquered…or at least I feel like I did. The kid drove to work-done. Dinner-done. Clean kitchen-done. House picked up for now (until everyone gets home)-done. My art challenges…I’m super stoked that I got those done. I do need to get a different masking fluid though. The one I have seemed to have ripped the paper.

I thought about stick figures, pinky promises, and friendship bracelets until I was reminded of a phrase my grandmother would say, ‘Go together like peas and carrots.’

illomo Prompt: Friends







I discovered lemon poppy-seed raspberry thumbprint cookies. I love a good thumbprint cookie but this was the perfect combination of lemon and poppyseed.

Doodlewash Prompt: Cookies


Doodle & Doodlewash Challenges for 5/14

Yup, Confessional. I had no plans on completing any of my artistic challenges last night. I was in a really bad place due to work. This morning, still not feeling myself but thought why not bring my supplies to work and try to get them done on my breaks. Well between my breaks and me completing all my work on my desk I finished yesterday’s prompts.

What I started out with didn’t end up in my favor. Goldfish it is. I remember I won one when I was a little girl. I was promised if I could keep it alive for a year I could get a puppy. I was the bozo on that bus. My mother knew damn good and well that orange floaty would die in a matter of weeks.
illomo Prompt: With Pet







I could just flippin’ kick myself for not grabbing my microns and white gel pens! I had fun nonetheless. I kind of also worked on this while I was supposed to be doing my regular work. Oops.

Doodlewash: Dolphin

Doodle & Doodlewash: 5/13

I have been enjoying today and watching the kids with Helen has been fun. (That is what they named her, after Helen Keller. They said even though she is blind and trying to find herself in this world she will survive it.) We are headed to the wildlife rehabilitation center-they just called and said that they are ready for her.

I remember some of the best music I ever heard came from my dad’s vinyl.

illomo Doodle Prompt: Make Music






I used to take photos ALL the time with a film camera and wait 2 weeks for development. Now everything is instant and digital. Everything seemed to have a vintage feel to it today.

Doodlewash Prompt: Camera

Doodle & Doodlewash: 5/12

I went with a good old-fashion stick figure for today’s doodle prompt.

illomo Prompt Word: Jump


As for my doodlewash challenge, the prompt was surprisingly fun to do. I didn’t think it would be fun painting food but I can’t wait to see if there are more prompts for food this month.

Doodlewash Prompt: Lunch

Doodle & Doodlewash: 5/11

Today consisted of the browbeating and expectations of my artistic ability limited by lack of a program needed to create a file but still I was to blame. I worked on the floor but luckily took my heating bad to work. In my self-destructive fashion, I took my bad day home with me that was just toxic for everyone. Luckily, I have such an understanding and forgiving family. I felt a little better when my husband offered to make things better but correctional orange isn’t his color although he said that he can make a mean jailhouse burrito. Everyone headed to bed and I turned on Transformers and watched it off and on completing my challenges. I have decided that I’m going to have both challenge images in one post. This way I’ve not inundated everyone with so many.

I LOVE flying pigs because my father used that phrase, ‘when pigs fly’ a lot! I even used it today. This poor little guy is tired of making things happen by flying around.

illomo Challenge Prompt: Fly

My watercolor challenge was something that I miss terribly. Even though it was an abusive relationship the kids and I would enjoy time at the beach together. I would look out over the vastness daydreaming about getting us in a boat and floating away.

Doodlewash Prompt: Beach


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