Menace Doodle Bug

Last night at the event that I attended our kind host was telling me about this huge renaissance fair that happens every year and how people from all over show up to attend. It’s MASSIVE. This got me to thinking about some of the bugs that could’ve caused problems and then it hit me. The flea! I have had my dealings with these hopping little buggers from living in the south but where I live now I rarely even see them. Although, I’ve been warned about eating squirrel in these parts because of fleas. One thing that I have learned is that dawn dish soap works wonders!

Good for the Garden Doodle Bugs

I have a big day planned but was in my garden picking the last of the summer heirloom tomatoes and I noticed that something has been gnawing away at my pea plant. Ugh!! I haven’t used any chemicals on my experimental garden (nor do I plan too) and started to research destructive garden bug warfare. Ok, not really that term in particular but thought about looking at bugs that were good for the garden. Did you know you can buy insect assassins? And of course, WP isn’t allowing me to create a gallery YET again…

8/16: Lacewings are good for killing aphids, spider mites (especially red mites), thrips, whitefly, leafhoppers, some beetle larvae, eggs of pest moths, and mealybugs.
8/17: Minute Pirate Bug (OH I love that name!) they’re very very tiny and are good at destroying aphids, spider mites, and thrips.
8/18: And of course the dainty ladybug (although my sketch ended up looking like one of the evil turtles from Mario Brothers) these little bugs are good at eating aphids.

Mother Bug doodles

After feeling like a failing mother and then learning that my daughter is pregnant I thought that would be a good theme to use while I catch up on my doodles. One thing that the past few weeks have taught me is that even though I can teach them about life the best I can, I can’t control their actions. They have to learn from their mistakes.


I chose this one because from what I read they build a safe nest but when she feels that she and her family are in danger she’ll move ALL of them. She will even baby-bird them by chewing the food for them.

8/15: Earwig

The Mother Bug

I have never heard of such a thing but it looks like a normal beetle. The White-margined Burrower is considered to have maternal instincts. She will throw herself in harm’s way in the burrow if a predator is to invade their home but also brings them seeds for dinner.

8/14: The Mother Bug


8/13: Doodle Hairy Pie

I started out wanting to do doodle something that I haven’t seen before…foreign if you will. Let me just say my hats off to my readers inĀ Australia. I have seen videos online about the monstrous sized creatures of the insect kind. Normally bugs don’t bother me but this one is different. I don’t know if it’s because it looks like it’s judging me for all my bad life decisions or it’s trying to square up with me. I just googled ‘hairy bugs’ and this came across my image search. I wouldn’t mind seeing one in person as long as it doesn’t look like Mr. T and asking me if I have a problem. What are y’alls thoughts? Any weird bug images or stories you would like to share?

Hairy Backed Pie Dish Beetle

Filbert Doodle

I didn’t realize that there were so many different and unique species of weevils. I always thought of weevils as the little pests that made a home out of flour. The doodle doesn’t do the insect just but if you would like to see more search ‘Filbert Weevil’. They are uniquely cute (in my opinion). It looks like it should even own the name Filbert.

Creepy and Cute Doodling Catch-Up

It was a very trying day at work but I only snapped at one person. I could barely complete my job and there was no way in hell I was going to do another person’s job. My coworker was perfectly capable of doing so. She just wanted to stall until the break. I came home and my husband had already started dinner for me. My son joined me in some drawing fun and I think I’m all caught up still using one line and some dots. I’m hoping to do some painting tomorrow but for now, I’m laying down with a warm compress on my face.

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8/2 Doodlebug: Giraffe Weevil

Have you ever seen these creatures? I mean seriously…EVIL is in the name (giraffe weevil). I tried to make it look cute but what I created was a thing of nightmares. It looks like it has talons! I giggled at the finished creepy doodle. I’ll try for something else tomorrow as my tooth is killing me (yay appointment tomorrow) and I’m going to bed.

8/1 Doodle Bug: Bee

Once upon a time, I thought about trying to keep bees but it wasn’t for the honey. It was more to help the species thrive. Then I learned that it’s a big NO NO in our city along with collecting rainwater and having too big of a garden. I’m fascinated by the beauty of these little creatures but mine ended up looking like a menace. I think I’m going to try to incorporate some ‘cute’ bugs. Is there such a thing?

July’s Final Doodle(s)washes

I wanted to make sure that I finished this month’s challenge. The reason why it’s a late post is that I reclaimed my area in the bedroom. I won’t go into the drama of it only that I have it back. Blueberry green tea and my watercolor markers and paints was heaven.

Next month (starting tomorrow) will be the bug doodles and 3 paintings a week.

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