Weighing In on Weighing In: Wk 8

Last night began a frustrating time that encroached on my ‘me time’ and has extended itself until tomorrow. Some ‘once upon a time’ friends stopped by the house needing a place to crash. Normally, a good 7-day notice is required so I can work around the issue but last minute appearances are not appreciated. I now know my time is precious and want to spend it with the people I love and on things that I like to do. With that being said here is my weigh in experience (I try to keep the anxiety down but this morning frustrations all around).

Last week: 188lbs, This week: 188 lbs. I am trying the ssprengel plan (yes I’m a bit bloated right now for other reasons and I’m HOPING that’s the issue) and I felt SO guilty. So much so, I didn’t even eat all my weekly points for fear that I was going to go over somehow. I LOVED doing this. I got a ‘cheat’ day if you will but with discipline and moderation. The Whopper Jr I had was AMAZINGLY good. I enjoyed my usual foods but all in moderation. I also have to remind myself that the plan could take 6-8 days to show any loss and I’m praying to be a late bloomer. I will continue this for a month (3 more weigh-ins) to see if there is any more weight loss.

Great finds: Outshine bars (watermelon) are only 3 points and the Fudgsicles (no sugar added fudge pops) 2 for 3 points.

I will weigh myself tomorrow as it will be day 8 so this might be a part 1 and part 2.


January 10 (now 11th), 2018

Insomnia is a bitch…but I have been productive with it so far. I packed my lunch and prepared the coffee pot for in the morning (in 4 hours), did a little maintenance to my blog site (it needed to happen and now this – a journal entry.

The situation between my husband and I hasn’t improved by I am enjoying the bed to myself. Since his views of, ‘the kids are kids and shouldn’t have to do chores’ is already proving my argument to be true. I came home after 9 hours of work and cleaned EVERYTHING. The bathroom, kitchen, living room, vacuuming, mopping and picking up THEIR crap. He never once got up to help (like he said he would) and the kids came home, didn’t say two words to me and started to throw their belongings around. And as he said I shouldn’t yell at them to pick stuff up…I didn’t. They didn’t clean up…why should they? Mom is doing it. So after I packed my lunch tonight I picked up. The evening continued with me cooking dinner (without help) followed by dish pan hands and washing the dishes. No one said, ‘Thank you’ or ‘good dinner.’ I haven’t spoken to my kids in fear of blowing up at them and taking advantage of the situation.

I wonder how long it will take for my husband to realized the kids need to have chores to teach them responsibilities and how to earn items. Tomorrow I go and shut their phones off.

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