6 Word Story: 4/30

Wow, what a heck of a month! The A to Z challenge theme that I set for myself I not only CRUSHED it but now have almost 20 projects that will happen over the next few months. Read some awesome blogs and other 6-word stories and gained a greater appreciation for writing all around. Tomorrow is the first day of May and new 6-word story prompts and the theme, ‘FOCUS’ are coming.

Prompt Word: Picnic


The picnic of life is creativity.

6 Word Story: 2/13

I had so much joy last night from my many failures and final follow-through with the watercolor that I thought this was fitting. I am actually smiling. Not a, ‘I’m ok smile so please go away so I don’t have to explain CPTSD’ smile but a genuine smile. Something not done in a long time from being creative.

Prompt: Full Jar

Swish, scrape, swish; dip to rinse.

6 Word Story: 2/3

I am feeling very accomplished this morning considering I tossed and turned with anxiety and my son waking up at 5 am (I was up and journaling at 4 am). Today’s prompt is motivating for me at the moment. I am nostalgic for my childhood. Moments of just me, sketchbook, pencils, barefooted heading towards the woods to sketch and write all my dreams. The thought of blank pages was what I woke up for every morning. No noise or obligations. Just me and my imagination.

Prompt Word: Little Joys

Requirements: barefoot, no service, pen, paper.

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