6 Word Story: 6/30

Today is the last day of June and I realized I have SO much to do. The walk this morning was overbearingly hot and I just wanted to turn around and go back home. I have to add a couple more walks to meet the activity points and I’m hoping this evening will be cooler. I wish there was an underground tunnel that I could walk in and stay cool but not a drippy, smelly one. There are quite a few definitions given for the prompt and I’m trying to find one that examples courage. The underground railroad comes to mind but that’s a lot of history to get into 6 words.

Prompt Word: Underground


6 Word Story: 6/29

This was another difficult one as I didn’t want to go completely fictional and still wanted to post a positive 6-word story that stayed within the courage theme.

Prompt Word: Dragon Slayer

6 Word Story: 6/18

I think today’s prompt should have been combined with yesterday’s. Now, the ONLY thing that I can connect this to is the court, crime, and the law. I understand where this would have to do with courage but how to turn this into something positive? Under Oath doesn’t mean something pleasant happened but the exact opposite. When seeking justice, you are often left with the law. Not my favorite prompt.

Prompt Word: Under Oath


6 Word Story: 6/17

This was another difficult prompt for me to wrap my head around. This month on Page Flutter the theme is Courage and it just doesn’t seem to fit with the prompt. I’ll try and make a connection but all I can think about is a crime mystery.

Prompt Word: On the Scene

6 Word Story: 6/16

My sliced nail bed is becoming more troublesome than I thought it could be. Typing with one hand feels foreign. I feel like a gorilla banging on the keyboard with her feet! It’s frustrating, to say the least. I have some chores and errands that need to be completed today in preparation for Father’s day tomorrow.

After everything is set up, I’m going to paint come hell or high water.

Something that I have come to learn is that there are always these invisible front lines that we have to protect or to cross to conquer something. The fact is, we have our own victories that no one else sees and sometimes we don’t acknowledge until after the fact. It could be getting out of bed and taking that shower to completing a marathon. Our front lines have their own stories and victories. Be proud.

Prompt Word: Front Line

6 Word Story: 6/13

Sometimes all you can do is be alone in a situation. And you know what? That’s ok. Sometimes it needs to happen that way so you are able to find yourself, strength, or courage.

Prompt Word: Lone Warrior

6 Word Story: 6/11

There have been countless times that I was referred to as a bitch just because I told someone the truth. I find in this day and time that’s all falling by the wayside because people can’t handle the truth (this is where we will take a moment and relive the scene from ‘A Few Good Men’). Today people are content with voicing opinions about mundane subjects rather than speaking truths and using their given rights. But this isn’t a political post and I need to get to get ready for the 8-hour hostage situation that forces me to be an adult-work.

Prompt Word: Hard Truth

6 Word Story: 6/6

I’m not sure what today’s prompt has to do with the courage theme. I looked up the definition and pictures and still not feeling the prompt. But what if be your true self without practicing an act?

Prompt: Showman


6 Word Story: 6/5

Once upon a time, I was one of the best poker face players in the tri-state area. No one had any idea of the horrors that happened behind closed doors. In that same poker face, there were times that I fooled him into believing that the bruise on my face was completely my fault and blame didn’t rest with him. In doing all of this I lost me. I didn’t know who I really was. Am I the real me? I’m getting there.

Prompt Word: Real You


6 Word Story: 6/2

I feel like I’ve been working so hard on my diet and not cheating but it feels like I’m not making any progress. The prompt today helped a lot. I do have a long way to go but I have to have faith in myself.

Prompt: Leap


6 Word Story: 6/1

Well, it’s here. June. Where has the time gone? Following Page Flutter’s 6 Word Story prompts, the theme for this month is courage. Every day waking up and doing one thing we don’t want to, that’s courage. Courage is a choice, not something you’re born with. It’s ok to be weak sometimes because that’s what helps us find courage. It’s a beautiful balance that is seen afterward. Here is her prompt list for the month:

Prompt: The Lion

Are you being stalked?

CONTENT WARNING: Content May Be Offensive or Disturbing to Some Audiences.This article or section, or pages it links to, contains information about assault, suicide, abuse, violence or murder. Reader discretion is advised.

Real quick to better understand where I’m coming from. I have C-PTSD with anxiety and depression from over a decade of abuse (mental and physical), assault, and rape. There are reasons why I’m a gun carrying, pit bull owning, very aware woman. I have learned rather recently to not apologize for my mental struggles or my reasoning for my behavior. It’s not up for discussion or debate. It happened and I’m trying to get right with a lot. My writing and art are therapeutic for me. I try to encourage others because it’s taken me a long time for me to post, comment, and recently started sharing other posts and would like others to continue with their goals.

Due to recent events, I thought that this would be a good time to post about safely blogging. If you are like me I use my writing to be creative, heal, and encourage others. Unfortunately, sometimes bloggers intended purpose behind a post or comment is taken and read in an extremely different manner. So, yes, bloggers can be stalked, harassed, threatened, gas-lighted, browbeaten, hate-campaigned (including employing other bloggers) and so forth. I did some research and found that it’s more common than what people realize. Some basics:

  • Write under a pen name (Hi guys, I’m Jo)
  • Guard your privacy (choose wisely what is shared)
  • Edit background information from pictures (Is that my license plate?)
  • Delete GPS data from photos (Umm…huh?)
  • Let other bloggers know what happened-privately (Not in the comments but contact forms are nice)
  • Save emails and screenshots in case of escalations (I’m NOT responsible for your behavior)
  • Check your ‘Offline Security’ (The local PD are aware and my dogs are too!)
  • Comments need approval (You said what?)

Some Places for Tips
Blog Stalkers
Get Safe
Web Hosting Secrets

I have included those links so you are able to recognize warning signs and where to beef up your security. Local law enforcement in your area can be contacted and there are computer crime units that can help. When I thought that removing them as a follower would help it only made things worse. Ignoring the behavior only fueled their need. I encourage a lot of people to write and follow their dreams however big or small they may be. I gave some advice. Emails were sent (under a pen name) then WHAM! My first warning sign was a statement that they don’t handle being left all that well.  After I wasn’t commenting on their posts as often I received an email. Then their emotions leaked where they weren’t supposed too. Then the final email blamed me for everything including their behavior and thought process. There is a small hate campaign started but that’s ok because I’m going to be ok. I refused to cower this time. I spoke out and taking action. I’m still going to write and share.

There is a huge list of sites that can help with cyberstalking, cyber crimes, and victim support. If you need help please reach out to someone. The help is there.

Jo/© thecreativeptsdgal.wordpress.com

6 Word Story: 4/23

I have never been to a kite festival and truth be told didn’t even know those existed. I grew up going to hot air balloon races and rodeos. After doing a little research, I learned that there is one this year the next state over. Maybe a future road trip?

Prompt Word: Kite Festival


Flying requirements: Courage, imagination and string.


Sometimes I feel like it has been stolen,
That I cannot grasp what I feel and see.
There are times I feel inspired,
and just as quickly they have left me.

I’ll sit with thoughts at the ready,
but the blank canvas allows them to escape.
Is my self-doubt that deadly?
My imagination is waiting for my surrender.

I was attempting something new and frightening all at the same time. I received advice about writing daily prompts and pinging back to the Daily Post. I figured what the hell? I already submitted writing to other places why not? My imagination has been through the ringer and with having CPTSD there are times I need to reign it in, and then there are times that I need to go searching for it.

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