365 Day Project: 27

Today was a day to stay inside and trying to find something that piqued my interest to even attempt to photograph was challenging. It’s dark in the house with the sunblocking curtains and the plastic we put over the windows (obviously UNDER the curtain) before WINTER STORM BETH moves her subzero-blizzard-bringing ass to town this evening. Last minute errands are a must just in case we are snowed in. I found a sliver of light and the amber of the owl gives a nice warm ambiance. Obviously, again, I used a monochromatic palette all warm colors.


365 Day Project: 17

I think I need to make taking pictures during the daylight more of a priority after work. I thought about doing it during my lunch breaks but A. There isn’t anything interesting where I work and B. If I’m driving around I don’t get to eat my lunch and for a dieting gal like me, that’s not good. Although I did learn something about my town that I haven’t noticed in almost 7 years. Our library has a name! And a cool name at that! I think the palette is complimentary but only because of one color but the codes are listed below from left to right. Happy Thursday everyone!


365 Day Project: 16

I have never wanted to throw my phone in a field so hard and far in my life! I just wanted to try and capture a decent sunset image. I swear this small town was purposely built to not see a decent sunset from ANY corner of its boundaries! I did settle on this one and was able to get a really bright complimentary palette. Hex codes for the colors are listed in order from left to right.


365 Day Project: 5

I think I’m going to have to rearrange my calendar. Saturdays are the worst for me to try and get anything done because that is the day that my husband and I use to get chores and errands done. I’m going to start with my Day 5 of my 365-Day project. I finished the Skillshare class to help me better my cell phone photography. I have a couple more I want to watch and there are things that I would like to get. If you would like to help please buy me a coffee or search my Amazon wish list. Anything will help. Let’s move on.

So the class project wanted the students to photograph their town. This was tough because my town isn’t all that great. As in, when we get our stuff together we are moving out of this town. This image was the only one that I felt comfortable sharing. I was only comfortable going out and looking weird taking photos because my youngest daughter was there for support. The hex codes for my color palette choice is below from left to right.


365 Day Project: 4

Today I accomplished most of what I wanted to get done because I was in such a hurry to take today’s photo. I panicked because I was losing light. I have found a new excitement in this project’s objective trying to push myself to do more. Go outside my comfort zone and for this one I actually got out of the car! I took several photos but this is the one that I kept coming back to. I almost cried because what I tried WORKED! This is a puddle image!

I still have a long way to go and now I want to look into preventing graininess and better night cell photography. The hex codes are below and I think I nailed a split complementary color palette. Have a safe weekend everyone!

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365 Day Project: 3

I am more pleased with today’s photo than the first two. I found a great Skillshare class that doesn’t take to much of my time and offered some great pointers in the first few sections that I watched. Before I we headed out I made sure to download the two apps that were suggested.

I actually went outside to take this photo after the family and I had pizza at our favorite place. Just used the first one that the instructor demonstrated but WOW. I worked with lighting and composition and then did some editing in the app. I didn’t add all the extra edits because I wanted to capture pure color tones. The Hex values are listed below as I still haven’t found a way to have them added on top of the swatches. I think I even managed to pull off a triadic¬†scheme.¬† Was there improvement? I hope so. No gallery posting because WordPress is giving me a hard time.


365 Day Project: 2

I’m not happy with today’s photo one bit. It’s grainy. UGH! I used a photo editing app after capturing the image in ‘pro’ mode. From there I used the Adobe Capture app to find the colors for today’s palette.

The con that I find with the capture app is that it doesn’t allow me to add the Hex color codes right on the swatches AND I also had to do a screenshot on my phone. **Note to self** more research is needed for swatch apps. So I will include Hex codes below in order from left to right. I really REALLY need a tripod for my cell and some external lenses. I also went with the custom palette again but I’m trying to step out of my comfort zone. It’s only day two…that’s my mantra. I have 363 more days to practice and get better.

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How do I take better photos in darker lighting? Need to look into those courses ASAP!

New Year-Same Me

I rang in the New Year with a sick little one. I missed the ball drop as we both fell asleep before BUT we were up at 1:15 AM then again at 2:30 AM then again I was up at 3:45 AM and couldn’t fall back to sleep. But I realized something during the hours of sleep deprivation. I like me the way that I am. There are things that I want to improve on but I don’t want to change me as a person. It took a lot for me to be the person that I am today and I’m learning to fall in love with her all over again. Flaws and all.

I was a busy bee this morning. I created my new page for my 365-Day Project and took my day 1 photo. Learned a LOT in only one day. I can’t wait to see my improvement from day 1 to day 365. At the end of my project, I hope to have a firm grasp of color theory and mobile phone photography. Did you know there are Mobile Photography Awards (MPA) and magazines dedicated to mobile photography?! I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to get that good! I would LOVE to travel and take awesome photos. But for now, I’m going to start with my project and get better.

The color palette portion is to help me create stunning color palettes and I’ve decided to integrate them into my super easy simple quick comic that is actually due this Saturday. EEK! So I’m looking into free to extremely cheap courses in mobile photography to help me a bit and trying to get the funds together to purchase external lenses. I’m being more active in my KO-FI, Facebook, and Instagram. Maybe I’ll even start a Patreon but only if I get better. As in night photography with my phone better. I’m not asking for a new phone just some lenses and a tripod. I’ll do my best to save and hopefully get help from my reading community. Does any of my readers use external lenses? Any recommendations for brands?

I have started the traditional southern New Year’s day feast. Black-eyed peas are in the crockpot, later the collards will start cooking down for about 4 hours, then the golden cornbread. I shared this on Facebook and thought I’ll do it again here:

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What New Year’s day recipes are a tradition with your family? Do you follow your family’s tradition of have you created your own. If you’re creating your own traditions, I think New Year’s day would be perfect. I’m going down for a nap (yup even got on the treadmill this morning) and then I’ll finish getting dinner going and maybe some Havamal study. Happy New Years Y’all!


365-Day Project: 1

Already grr-ing at my project decision and kind of regretting that it’s not more artistic (hands-on artistic). Now that I have completed day one I also wished I had done a little more research into bettering certain things and gaining some basic supplies. With that being said, please look into buying me a coffee. I have a goal in place and want to be successful. Enough with the begging, this is what happened:

Day 1

I woke up super early for other reasons but then excitement set in. While the house was still I thought it would be a PERFECT time to take my first photo. So much UGH was happening. I have a cheap pair of external lenses that weren’t much help. Then the lighting was not ideal which caused me to fight with my ‘pro’ settings on my phone. Pro made me laugh because I’m anything BUT that. Took the photo and it was shakey which caused me to explore my phone’s camera settings and now all I have to say is ‘shoot’. I took the photo into Adobe Photoshop via email download and played with it. This was a little too time-consuming and did some more research and found a recommendation for Adobe Capture. I downloaded the app, signed in, and voila! I will use that for tomorrows photo.

According to the article on Color Theory, this would be a custom palette. Tomorrow I will try another easy palette and hopefully work towards something more difficult. I think since my comics are due towards the end of the week that I will pick a palette to use to for coloring. All in all my Day 1 experience was stressful but fun. Any tips on mobile photography would be greatly appreciated specifically the Samsung Note 8 but anything would be helpful to tell you the truth.

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