Fenton Friday: Week 4

Happy Fenton Friday everyone. I’m slowly getting back to myself. I did a lot of writing yesterday and my goals for today are posting Fenton details (and calling on ALL ideas and asking to please share the Collaborative Fenton Friday project) and to catch up on my doodle(s)washes. I finally got a new doodle book (it took so long because I couldn’t handle the anxiety of going to the store) and will catch up.

For all my new Fenton readers here are some links to catch up on:

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There are some great ideas floating in these collaborative posts even one about tunnels that we can work with. There are suggestions for names of the town and the characters as well.  I encourage anyone that has an idea of what to add or something to include in the second episode for Fenton you can leave it in the comments, pingback, or send a message.


Fenton Friday: July Week 3

I had a mini-heart attack when I was listening to a podcast that sounded like the same idea that I’m trying to do for Fenton Friday. I almost scrapped the whole project idea but decided that I really am passionate about Fenton and he has a different adventure. The difference between Fenton and the podcast is that one single author writes the next episode but with Fenton, we use a collaborative approach and use several ideas.

We have this week and next week before I put together another episode. Even though the first falls in the middle of the week I’m aiming for Friday, August 3 as the deadline to get any and all ideas in and the second episode to be posted on August 5th. I’m super excited for this episode as I would like to introduce more of the town and the setting in which Fenton is putting the desk.

My question for this week:

Is there anything specific about the town setting that we should include that is needed for future episodes?

As always you can leave a comment or send a message.

Happy Friday Everyone


Fenton Friday: July Wk 2-Collaborators WANTED

Happy Fenton Friday which is also Friday the 13th (Cue: ch ch ch ah ah ah-did you know that there is some debate about that?). With it being dark and stormy out and the date it’s almost fitting for me to leave work, go home, and horror movie it up. Nope, got to be an adult.

Last Friday I posted asking for input some things about our character(s) and the setting. The first Episode for Fenton had some holes that I just didn’t think of at the time and thought it would be great to get y’alls input with this being a collaborative writing project. Read through the previous post’s questions and chime in. There are NO WRONG IDEAS.

Kristian (I can’t get enough of his short fiction-inspiration to be found over there) offered some BRILLIANT ideas:

  • Abigail does become friends with Fenton, she knows some things about the town but like Fenton, she doesn’t know everything. However, she occasionally knows something unexpected that sets Fenton off in a different direction. Sometimes on a wild goose chase. Fenton sometimes wonders if she is actually deliberately misleading him.
  • How about Lyall’s Deeping? That’s just a suggestion. Deeping is a hollow, it is also an indicator of something hidden.
  • The town is a strange place. A lot of the big stores that blight other cities, like Walmart and Starbucks, cannot seem to get a foothold in this town. Walking into this town is a bit like going back 20 or 30 years. There are a lot of independent small stores and a quaint almost too-good-to-be-true feel of old-time nostalgia. People are neighborly and friendly, but up to a point. If outsiders try to get too close, the shutters come down hard.
  • The towns founding mother is Josephine Baker Lyall. A woman who founded the town to hide a family secret. Her father and she were great scientists who discovered some amazing things, but the cost of those discoveries had to be kept hidden. (How’s that sound?)
  • His Grandmother had a sister who disappeared in Lyall’s Deeping. She spent her life trying to find out what happened. The desk belonged to someone whose name she managed to trace. In the drawer is her sisters Diary.
  • The person who used to own the desk worked for the Lyall family.
  • How about Abigail turns out to be a Lyall. ?

So please check out the last Fenton Friday, comb through and offer up some ideas. This is a collaborative fictional writing project. I’m working (and saving) to get Fenton his own site. Something more fitting to hold episodes but for right now he has his own page here to call home. You can also help by sharing Fenton Friday’s so more artists, writers, anagram gurus and the like to chime in as well. If you would like to personally help with creating collaborative episode check out Fenton’s page and let me know what you can do to help.


Fenton Friday: July Week 1

The first episode for Fenton has been posted and I can’t thank everyone enough that has helped with contributions and ideas. We introduced Fenton and the shopkeeper, the founder of the town-a craftsman, Abigail the shopkeeper, and the desk.

Questions are:

  • Is Abigail an important character? Does she become friends with Fenton? Does she offer valuable education about the town and or desk? Does she know the true secrets of the town?
  • We need a name for Fenton’s town. Something foreboding and mysteries. A hidden secret much like the contents of the drawer. A mystery to be solved. There are many town name generators but let’s come up with something awesome! A fitting for a town holding secrets.
  • What does the town look like? Is it busy? Is it small? Is it completely being bought out by big box stores and the desk/secret society hold the key to its survival?
  • The town’s founding mother-she needs a name. Does the town’s name have her name in it? Is it an anagram?
  • And why is Fenton purchasing a desk? Does his grandmother have anything to do with it? Is his grandmother, even though passed away, hold secrets?
  • Does the desk’s previous owner have any significance to the story? Is it a generational tradition?

I still needing help constructing the written episode (writers help!), copy editor (yeah, Grammarly only does so much for free), a possible anagram expert (if we go this route), and researcher.

I would also like to add some visuals to the posts. We need a desk. Picture or painting something mysterious and possible ominous looking. I would also like to add pictures of our made up town. This means-artists, doodlers, photographers, hobbyist you name it, submit a piece and voting will commence.

As always, submit in comments, by email, or form on the Fenton’s very own page. If you would like to help in a different way please share and reblog Fenton’s Friday project.


Fenton: Episode 1

The elderly shopkeeper greedily watched Fenton fumble around the antique furniture scoffing at his obvious lack in years of experience. From the angelic glow by his blonde hair to his thick black rimmed glasses she knew she would be able to take from his innocence double an item’s asking price.
‘That particular secretary wouldn’t suit you, dear.’ The keeper interrupted the young man thickly laying on the sweet old motherly act. He was opening drawers and pulling up a chair checking if the desk would fit his tall lanky body.
‘My grandmother had one just like this when I was growing up. She wrote some of her best letters to the family, recipes, and journal entries from her desk.’ He ran his fingers over the worn wooden top wondering if it WAS his grandmothers.
‘This secretary deserves a smart lifestyle, one befitting the wise craftsmanship. I can show you a sturdy desk that will better suit your needs within your budget.’ The shopkeep said trying to lead him to a cheaper commercial crafted desk. She thought she had him sold and would be able to get a markup from the original price.
‘No thank you, ma’am. I would like to purchase this one here.’ he said not lifting his hand from the item and before the old woman could say another word Fenton cooly said through a grin, ‘But not for the price listed. This particular piece of furniture, even though it was created by the town’s founding mother, isn’t worth the asking price. Her work is distinguished by the methods of inlaying different woods but her trademark isn’t engraved on any surface of this piece. It has obviously been neglected over the years and needs some basic restorations to bring it back to its novel glory of decades past. Do you have a certificate of authenticity?’ Fenton finished knowing he would’ve made his grandmother proud. In fact, she was the one that taught him how to haggle the best price out of the crafty antiquarians.
‘I’m sorry son, no I don’t have a certificate. It was lost through the years of passing from generation to generation. But you knowing who made the desk only proves that the price is more than adequate.’ Her voice trembled at the end now understanding her mistake of assuming the young man’s knowledge and negotiating skills. She needed to make a sale though. With the town’s younger generation moving out and it not being an awe-inspiring tourist destination, business was deathly slow.
‘I’ll purchase the desk for half the asking price. I could find one on eBay with a certificate for a better price than what I’m offering.’ Fenton said with confidence. Now if he was doing this correctly she would either call his bluff or….
‘I can’t let it go for that but what I am willing to do is take 25% off and let the matching chair go with it.’ She said more timidly this time knowing her imminent defeat. Fenton realized the shopkeeper was holding out on him.
‘May I see the chair?’ Fenton asked hiding his eagerness. The old woman disappeared into the darkness at the back of the store. The nimble woman reappears with a matching chair in obvious need of some TLC. The remnants of the red velvet cushion were holding on for dear life. When she set the chair down he noticed that the back was loose from the base of the chair. He wasn’t going to sit on it in fear of accidental demolishment.
‘How about I write up the ticket making you the new proud owner.’ She said hoping that the chair was enough to close the deal.
Fenton grinned, nodding in approval. The shopkeeper headed to her counter with the chair and he followed carrying the desk. It quietly rattled which he dismissed as it having loose legs and made a mental note to tighten those.
She quickly wrote out the ticket for the lowered price and handed it to Fenton to look over. ‘If you are not satisfied please bring the item back within 15 days.’
‘I thought there was a no return policy on items?’ Fenton said pointing to the sign behind her.
‘This desk is an exception which is written on your buyer’s ticket.’
‘I don’t think that will be an issue. He pulled cash from his wallet and the desk was his.’
‘Could you sign the guestbook? I send out flyers to customers about specials, coupons, and events.’ She asked shyly.
‘Oh, no problem.’ Fenton filled the register out with his name and address. The keeper spun the book around, ‘It was nice to meet you, Fenton.’ reading his name from the book. ‘I’m Abigail.’
Fenton shook her outreached hand.
‘Thank you. I’m glad to see this shop open. There are so few left in town. I hope to see you around. Thanks again and have a great day.
The bell chimed on the door from behind Fenton as he left the store. He carefully wrapped the desk in blankets and loaded the find in his jeep, beaming at his victory.

Episode Content Contributors:

The Ministry of Shrawley Walks

Fenton Friday Deadline Approaching

I have made the commitment for the first episode for Fenton Friday to be posted on July 1st. Am I committing to too much? I would like to think no and hope that I have more writers and artists volunteer the skills, opinions, and expertise along the way. If there are any last minute additions that would like to be added in please email or comment below. IF this is your first time following, search Fenton Fridays or Fenton and read from the beginning. I’m sure this will be the beginning of a new adventure…for everyone including our Fenton.

Got to squeeze in some writing lectures and there will be an announcement with the first Fent Episode. Happy Friday!

Fenton Friday-Week 4 Collaboration (last call)

Please be patient. I’m having to do this on my phone because of some utility worker’s mistake.

Wow, I can’t believe it’s the end of June (or the end approaching). I would like to thank everyone that has helped in the collaborative project adding a little bit of their time and imagination. My goal is to get the first ‘episode/post/installment’ of Fenton for everyone to read by July 1st.

Please read Fenton Project Updates and what was added so far to date and if you would like to add to our Fenton Project please do so either in the comments or email (really it’s whatever you are comfortable with).  Also, I’m still looking for a few individuals that would like to help put the final monthly pieces together. More explanations in previous posts listed:

I have to cut this short (utility worker talking to my husband and I’m going to go put my 2 cents in). Happy Fenton Friday everyone. I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with for Fenton’s first appearance.

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