Massive Doodle(s)wash Catch-up

I think the downward spiral was an event I can see and feel happening but I couldn’t do anything to just NOT let it happen. I have massive awards to catch-up on and hope to start on those tomorrow. I started my catch-up yesterday during a break at the festival and finished throughout the day today between chores and taking care of the family.

The Pagan Pride festival was a learning experience. My husband has had many questions and most I could answer but others he needed a more mature guidance than what I have. Then he asked, ‘How come you don’t practice at home?’ It broke my heart to answer because I knew that he would feel guilty and would try to overcompensate to make up his error in judging but I didn’t need or want that.

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February 16th, 2018


I kept myself from posting on Valentine’s and even the day after. Much disappointment overwhelmed me and I ended up in an early to bed puddle of tears and snot. No writing, no drawing, no painting, no date, no card, and I even cooked dinner to boot. Yup, my husband dropped the ball BIG TIME. We are on an extremely tight budget but there are wonderful things that can be done and made to make your significant other feel loved and special. I hand painted a card for him with watercolor (a new medium I’m really trying to hone and perfect) and was super proud of the poem that I even wrote inside. I could see his face drop as he didn’t have anything for me. I tried not to make him feel worse than he already did. He’s a man and he thinks that romance is only in movies. So yeah, I ended up with the covers over my head overthinking and sinking into the arms of depression. I just let it happen because you can only fake being strong for so long until something breaks the facade.

During the day I had to turn off my phone and didn’t turn on the TV after hearing about the shooting in Florida. My heart is breaking for the friends and loved ones of the victims. How many more mass and school shootings are going to occur before something is done? Yes, I know of the political and bureaucratic BULLSHIT that is blocking a lot of the answers but what can we do? I can keep my children home and deny them the experience of socialization. I would gladly do that if I could make money from my art and writing. But not fair to them.


So, the day after he sent flowers and a bear to where I work. I appreciated them, I did but it doesn’t make up for me feeling hurt or forgotten. It doesn’t help that morning while getting my son ready for school was him talking about his, ‘Code Red’ procedures. It made him feel better to say it out loud. His little reminder that he really knew what to do in case something happened. All I could see was a piece of his childhood, his innocence fading from my sweet little 8-year-old. I hugged him tighter than usual and told him that he will have a safe and fun day. I also reminded him when he got home that he was going to help me cook dinner. It made both of us feel that the day will go on without anything tragic happening. How do I keep the monsters at bay so he can grow up to love? While at work I wrote my first short story that was 1000 words. I decided how else am I going to get out of my writer’s shell? Left work, got gas, picked up kids, went to get dog food, got home, cooked dinner with my son, got my new phone, nightcap with the husband after and bed.


Today while we are slow here at work I’m making Origami Hawaiin shirts to go on our door for everyone to take on the companies Hawaiin Day. I thought it will bring a smile to people and even though it’s small and trivial it’s something that is created and given by me for a second of tiny fun for them. I have also decided to make them more festive I’m going to purchase cheap scrapbooking paper with bright flowers and colors for the shirts and work on them over the weekend. Tonight if everything goes to plan I will be attending my very first local film festival.

Things that I have learned about myself this week:

  • Writing 1000 words is difficult but rewarding
  • It’s ok to comment on other people’s blogs
  • It’s ok to follow other people’s blogs even though it has nothing to do with my writing content (I enjoy learning new things from other people including perspectives)
  • Need to find my writing style
  • Quitting smoking was a great idea but HARD to stick too
  • It’s ok to be critical of myself and work but not so much that I don’t complete a project
  • I really enjoy doing and giving
  • Its ok to let my son be a kid and tell him that it’s ok in this world

6 Word Story: 2/3

I am feeling very accomplished this morning considering I tossed and turned with anxiety and my son waking up at 5 am (I was up and journaling at 4 am). Today’s prompt is motivating for me at the moment. I am nostalgic for my childhood. Moments of just me, sketchbook, pencils, barefooted heading towards the woods to sketch and write all my dreams. The thought of blank pages was what I woke up for every morning. No noise or obligations. Just me and my imagination.

Prompt Word: Little Joys

Requirements: barefoot, no service, pen, paper.

Poetry Stanza Practice: A Place from Childhood

This was the stanza practice. I needed to include 2 stanzas of 5 lines and end with a couplet. I completely forgotten about where I spent most of my time as a young girl. These woods are probably gone now and housing was built on top. Sad thought but it’s probably true. Is there a place from your childhood worthy of a couple of stanzas? Try it!

The crows and woodpeckers would wake me up for a day
of playing in the woods.
I remember the slamming of the screen door behind
as I ran out into the humid sunny day.
Perfumes of morning honeysuckle tickled my nose.

The cool damp grass under my bare feet as I ran to the
green mysterious wooded wall.
Welcomed by spotted sun through through the canopy,
and I hadn’t a care for life outside or the meaning of time.
A safe haven from the humidity and heat outside the barrier.

The woods near my childhood home-
a place where I could be wild and free.

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