Flaws (advanced)-Section 3: Lecture 11

This was a difficult writing exercise. Following the lecture was a snap and completely understood the end goal. I don’t know if I’m overthinking the material and prompt or is it writer’s block? I know it doesn’t help that I have a toothache (dental appointment and tooth extraction scheduled for tomorrow). For this 10-minute writing prompt exercise, I had to pick a number 1-10 for the character and then again for the random flaw. The name of the exercise is. ‘What needs fixing?’ Find a character with some sort of unexpected flaw and give it a try. This exercise helped me realize that this can help add dimension to my characters.

A pirate (character) that hates conflict (flaw):

The last looting adventure was a complete blunder. The owners of the ship were so strong and intimidating. I know my crew thinks that I can’t run this ship and are already planning to take my vessel from me. It’ll probably be better if I just give it to them because they’re right. What kind of pirate am I to back down from a tea merchant? He was just a little man but he had a brute personality and I know he meant that he wasn’t going to give his tea to just anyone. It was better for all involved to go separate ways. Maybe the next raiding voyage we do should be at night when everyone is sleeping. We can sneak on the targeted boat, grab what we want, and quietly leave.

Writing Exercise Lesson 2: Synopsis

So, this was an optional exercise to my writing course that I opted to try. I’m supposed to write in a genre I normally wouldn’t (wasn’t going to choose erotica but would love to dabble in that much like Anne Rice) and decided on romance. It WAS DIFFICULT. I spent an hour writing then realized I was writing an entire story. I was inspired by the daily prompt hosted by Dee and Kristian, Solace. I’m supposed to keep it 500-Words or less. Grr, so frustrated with this one. I kind of want to pursue this as a longer story but I don’t know if it’s worth it. Would you want to read this story?

After the Great Fall, the war of fallen democracy and the Cleansing Of the Sects, the religious war, Darcy made a vow to her heritage after these wars to keep her bloodline as pure as possible. She wanted to carry on her family’s old ways, be madly in love, and live the simple life of a pagan. The Sect of the Eight Divines meant nothing to her as she was an outcast branded as a heathen along with the rest of her people. They only controlled every aspect of life for the rest of the population.

Life was great until she ran into Joseph at the shopping arena. Her promise to herself is stronger than her will or so she thought. Joseph, a member of the Pure Sect, the highest in the colonies, is mesmerized by the simple pagan girl. His repeated attempts to win her over are rejected by Darcy but a slow friendship forms. They believe that the other wanted to keep a friendship not knowing of the sinful love they feel for each other until one fateful decision. Both in pain, not able to be with each other was almost too much to live with.

It’s either banishment for Joseph or Cleansing rights for Darcy. The decision was made for them long before they first set eyes on each other. Solace can be found in the most unknowingly wanted forms.

Section 2: Lecture 5 – Writing Class Exercise

Someone just tap danced on my last nerve and instead of losing my temper (or rage eating) I thought I would catch up on one of my lectures. For this exercise I was supposed to pick a character in a situation and write about what they could be thinking for 10 minutes:

I think my companion forgot about me. I can’t get through the front door no matter how much I try to grasp the handle.  I’ll check the windows. Damn, can’t even see in them I’m so short. I’ll run around to the front door. Still can’t get in. The sky is really dark and the rain is starting to pelt me on my back. I think the neighbors are home, I can smell home cooked food and can hear them talking. I hope they don’t mind if I come in from the rain. I’m starting to get soaked to the bone and would like to find my companion. I’m starting to get worried that they might be in stuck in the same storm or worse.  Oh, hey, I’m glad you opened the door. Can I get some help and shelter from the storm? This is great! It’s warm in your house and thanks for letting me use this towel to dry off. I forgot! My companion’s name is on my jewelry. Can you call and let him know that I can’t get in the house?

My character was a  dog finds shelter in a rainstorm. I’m going to try this exercise again because I think it will be valuable in the Fenton Friday project.

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