6 Word Story 6/26

Boundless is another word that I had to look the definition up for and in doing so…that didn’t help me either. I understand the word but drew a blank when trying to write something. Here’s my attempt.

Prompt Word: Boundless


6 Word Story: 3/21

This is another word that I had to look up not because I didn’t know what it meant but because I didn’t know how to put the meaning into words. I know that sounds weird but I’ve learned with my CPTSD I lose words. Sometimes the capability of making a point is often lost inside my head wandering around trying to find a quick substitute. It’s like a game of tag is the best way to describe it (and yes I giggled writing that picturing words playing tag in my head). If I don’t laugh or make light of things they nag at me until I’m a puddle in bed.

Prompt Word: Boundless


Finding yourself is limitless when writing.

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