From a Bartender to Their Patrons:

I wrote this really quick for my customers at the bar. There is more I wanted to expand on but needed to keep it a decent length. This was a writing exercise card from boot camp.

When you come in we are excited to see you and genuinely interested in your day or week as ours aren’t that glamorous. When you need a shoulder, friend, advice, an ear to listen, to sit in peace, medical assistance, mother, sister, brother, father, or a genuine person to spend a couple of drinks with-we’re gladly there.

We hurt when you’re hurting and will cry with you. We’ll be strong for you when no one else can be. We will protect you from harm whether it be from another patron or yourself. We love seeing your kids and grand kids grow (fur babies too). And worry when we don’t see you. We’re proud of your accomplishments however big or small. Your stories both good and bad are always welcomed.

Why you may ask? You, a stranger in the beginning, has touched our families and us in ways you can never imagine. You’ve helped us put food on our tables, roofs over our heads, gas in our vehicles. Birthday gifts for our little ones, school instruments that nourish our kids dreams of the future musician. Strength to get through the day through your advice and stories. Shoes on a little one’s feet during a growth spurt. Courage to follow our passions. You’ve taught us humility, loving another human beyond our own blood, acceptance of faults, and sense of community. There’s so much that we have learned and come to love and appreciate about you, more than a patron. A friend.

So thank you for coming to your local bar, from a bartender to a patron.

Ugh....I need to really crack down on my writing! I sound like a juvenile! 

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