Eyes See the Doc

I had a hunch that my eyesight has gotten worse due to headaches and the tiredness that I feel in my sockets after a day of work. I’m writing and reading blogs in the morning, stare at a screen all day at work, then a few hours when I’m home to take my picture, write, read and deal with emails. All that added up for me to make an appointment. I was going to take this opportunity after my appointment to capture a photo. I was WRONG! I didn’t realize that you REALLY can’t see anything up close after your eyes have been dilated. This was my first time so I was scared to drive home. I made it home white knuckles and all but not photo. My husband helped later that night when I was kind of able to make out shapes and words. I looked at day 9’s photo and was SUPER happy. I need a stronger prescription as my astigmatism has gotten worse. In about a week I’ll have some new peepers.

So, anyone putting off getting to the eye doctor…do it. Your eyes will thank you.

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