Surprise, surprise. I came into work (not that I have anything to do). I thought I’d post something that was kind of interesting to me being a graphic designer and somewhat artist (unpaid and unknown but an artist nonetheless). I had received my Ancestry DNA and learned that I’m more Norwegian than Irish and more Scottish than Norwegian which is awesome because no one knows who my dad’s real father was. I like to think we have Norse ancestors that stood their ground in their beliefs.

But anywho, I wanted to see what else I could learn from my raw DNA profile and searched what else I could do with this information (for free). I came up with genmatch (that’s for another post) and impute.me. Genmatch broke down by years and certain traits such as Neandrathal. Oh, did you know that there were different types of Neandrathals? The impute.me took a few days to get back the results and I need a degree in sciences to understand the results but one I could understand was, ‘What your Kandinsky portrait might look like’. Well here’s mine:

I think it’s suitable with my scattered brain.

Happy Birthday Daddy

Today is my father’s birthday. As I get older I now understand how important it was to him for us to just be there. We didn’t have to bring gifts of cake but our presence was what he wanted. It’s what I now want with the kids getting older and having their own lives and things to do. I’m learning to let a lot go and understand that they have to grow even if it means away from me. Tonight I thought we would all go out to dinner for my dad’s birthday and then over the weekend, I’ll work on finding a Scottish or Swedish dessert recipe to take place of his birthday cake, or even better a Scottish cake. If any of my readers have a recipe of Scottish or Swedish origins to share it would be greatly appreciated.

I thought I would try my hand at poetry again but this time kind of honoring my father and my quest to understand what he unknowingly passed down to me.

I Lost Something

I lost something I’ve never known.
Obsolete and unsure,
without the guidance from a living cornerstone.
Often wondering if I belong or even where,
Identifying with no one and solitaire.

I lost something I’ve never known.
Is it there and can it be shown?
Do I ask to learn?
Is this my concern?

I lost something I’ve never known
but promise an oath to learn of seeds sown.
How do I prepare?
I’ll start with some cookware.

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